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0f7a1f8d0ead8ae88cd48fee3ac48372 1448226916 cropped - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your WebsiteINTRODUCTION

When you start a website and post articles, blog entries, and other useful information, you naturally want to get traffic coming to view it, sign up for your membership, and buy related products that you are promoting (and get a commission).

In the past the value of a viewer was negligible, specifically organic viewers. The cost to get traffic to your site was very small. Instead of focusing on good content that offered value to the reader, you would just pay to get people there and make your sales.


Organic traffic was not at all the focus, unlike today. What good were they,  and why try to attract them, when instead of providing high quality content, you could just pay very little for viewers who would be much more valuable simply due to their volume/conversions?

Paying for traffic back then was done often and in huge volumes. This was another time, when pay per view ads cost fractions of a penny per thousand views. This of course has changed, as has paid traffic. Today it is a completely different world…


Nowadays it is all about quality content that drives the organic traffic to your site, so you have to prepare your site accordingly…

This does work, but it takes time…

You  think that once you have your SEO right for the site that the problem of start getting traffic to your website is over, and to a point you are right.

If you only want to rely on the organic traffic generated from high search rankings that result from using low-hanging fruit keywords and keyword phrases you will get a certain amount of traffic.


The new website has a really tough time however,  because it takes a period of time initially to get some notice from the search engines or even the social sites…

Organic traffic is hard to come by starting out…

Sometimes, especially when the site is brand new,  all you want is to start getting traffic, and you don’t much care where it comes from.

You do not want to wait in the organic method, and want to kickstart that traffic. This is OK, it can start getting attention, a desirable thing…

So how can we speed up getting traffic?

Simple solution: We can buy some traffic…Just like in the early days of internet marketing…This leads me to how best to buy this traffic…

Today I am going to go over a some tools and sites that can help you get traffic as you start, and these can be used even as you grow your traffic and sales from your website…

We will do this is two phases…

  • First we will cover just getting traffic using some easy to access and sources.
  • Secondly we will look at the better way to use paid traffic – targeting your traffic.

Lastly, we will go over some general guidelines for low cost traffic, for both general and targeted traffic, that will save you money and increase your effective use of the paid traffic.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want quicker results regarding traffic, I suggest you pay for it, but you should do so in a smart way – use avenues that are relatively inexpensive and depending on where you are at with site authority and age, do so in two phases, as described below…


I first want to provide some possible sources for you that will not force you to spend huge amounts of money, and will start getting people to your site…

We will go through some lower cost options available (Phase One) and then, as you grow your business, you can look at slightly more expensive targeted options which still will not break the bank (Phase Two)…

Low Cost Traffic

I have done some research to find some viable low-cost sites which will feed agreed to amounts of traffic to your site for a low cost.

There should be something here for everyone’s budget at these sites…

Have a look:

checkmark - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website1 -Pro Traffic Booster

– The Site


– Home Page (screenshot)

Pro Traffic Booster - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– What They Deliver – Traffic Source & Traffic Generated

Using Pro Traffic Booster helps small business owners and online marketers get high quality, geographically targeted website traffic through their full page advertising technology. They have a high volume of website visitors and offer traffic at very reasonable prices.

They have an advertising network of thousands of websites worldwide; the network receives hundreds of thousands of website visitors, and customers’ websites are displayed to network visitors, based on the selected geographic target.

When you advertise through them, your website is displayed as a full page ad, in a full-screen pop-up or pop-under window.

All you need to setup is your URL, select a delivery speed, choose a category and preferred geographic target, and the amount of website visitors you would like to have sent to your site.

Once active, they display your site on their network where it is viewed by thousands of real people.They purport to drive high quality traffic to your websites and have good reviews from what I have seen.

– Order Page

Different packages are available at very reasonable prices…Here is a screenshot of their order page:

Pro raffic Booster Order Page - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– Reviews

They have excellent reviews and are considered one of the top providers based on reviews I have seen. Here are some from their website:

Pro Traffic Booster Reviews - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– My Rating:   +++ Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website 3/5 possible thumbs up


checkmark - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website2 – Ultimate Web Traffic 

– The Site


– Home Page (screenshot)

Utimate Web Traffic Home Page Shot - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– What They Deliver – Traffic Source & Traffic Generated

Per the description on the site you can buy quality and cheap targeted website traffic that is 100% real and from humans. The traffic is sourced from many thousands of different locations, and orders are fulfilled per the request of customers wishes as ordered.

– Order Page

Here is a screenshot of the traffic source  and order page on the site:

Ultimate Web Traffic Traffic Soureces - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

Targeted traffic is delivered from audiences sourced in more than 50 countries plus they have 300+ different categories of focus.

When you order you select the number of visitors you want, the traffic target (category), and the time span. You will be then asked for your Website URL on the next order page.

All Targeted traffic orders will start within 6 hours to 3 days of your order. They stay in the “Pending” status until the the site has tested and processed everything manually.

The sources for the traffic range from expired domains to search engine listings, and all traffic is targeted, per their page. Here is a screenshot of the traffic source and volume information from their webpage:

Ultimate Web Traffic Traffic Sources and Visitors - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

Ultimate Web Traffic Targeted Traffic - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– Reviews

From the website they have reviews posted, most are very positive from users. Here is a compilation screenshot:

Ultimate Web Traffic Reviews - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– My Rating:   +++ Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website 3/5 possible thumbs up


checkmark - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website3 – Buy Fast Web Traffic 

– The Site


– Home Page (screenshot)

BuyFastWebTraffic Home Page - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– What They Deliver – Traffic Source & Traffic Generated

They advertise that they can, better than all other competitive sites, deliver connections between real visitors and your website while considering both geographical location and targeted interests.

Their results for you will be 100% real visitors who are actually interested in learning more information that is contained in your website. They deliver the traffic via their propietary advertising network infrastructure. This network consists of publisher websites, apps, and advertising partnerships.

They also have a ‘premium traffic’ option at an additional cost. This has additional benefits to you as described in their FAQ section of their site, as follows:

Premium Traffic has a few benefits. First, it places you higher in the order queue so your order is reviewed and processed as a priority. Second, we may provide additional reviews and comments based off anything we notice that could help you improve on your campaign. Lastly, we place your ad on a higher quality advertising platform with some of our premium publishers. Think of it this way, imagine the first 3 ads you see on Google, that would be considered Premium.”

Source: FAQ page from the site 

– Reviews

There were no reviews posted on the web site, and the information was rather less detailed on the site than the Ultimate Web Traffic service above, but I went outside the site once again to see what users are saying about this traffic source.

There is a site that rates and posts reviews of the different traffic sites called Web Site Traffic Reviews, and it can be found at http://buywebsitetrafficreviews.org/trafficwebsites/…

Here is a screenshot of their rating and review of this site. This site rates them as a top 3 choice for buying targeted traffic) and service:

BuyfastWebtraffic reviews and rating - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website


– My Rating:   +++ Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website 3/5 possible thumbs up


checkmark - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website4 – TraffMagic 

– The Site


– Home Page (screenshot)

Traffic Magic Packages Home Page  - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website


– What They Deliver – Traffic Source & Traffic Generated

The site TraffMagic helps quickly get you an increased volume website traffic. There are several sets of packages to select from, and once you have placed the order, you get your desired traffic.

They have three options available to include SEO packages, email marketing packages, and website traffic packages.

Also they have different advertising platforms as follows:

The best quality network they offer is their ‘premium network.’ This network is used for web sites that have enough visitors, but are trying to grow.

The premium network is used for websites that are free from sound, videos that play on auto-pilot, and any type of browser customization such as pop-ups and frame breakers. This is their fastest network and has the widest reach.

The next system they offer is the sound system. These networks are used for websites that may contain audio, songs or movies. Websites in this system may not contain any type of web browser customization such as Java pop ups or frame breakers.

This sound system is available to most sites in the common well built up areas for the internet so it will work well even if not the top notch program they have . The distribution of visitors is a process that happens more slowly with this network than with their premium network.

Knowing this, the potential advertiser (you) will likely want to plan their traffic request accordingly, and when at all possible use  an alternative website that does not contain audio so that they can use the premium network.

The last system seems to be the least desirable. It is used for those websites that either crack out of their monitoring structure or they may contain a Java pop up.

Such websites are limited to a highest possible of 500 visitors per day. They may also only focus on worldwide viewers.

These kinds of websites cannot be targeted to a particular country. TraffMagic will inform you if your order is in breach of the other two options, and let you know your order must be targeted to this network.

You have three days to respond when this breach happens, and if the company has not received a response they will automatically run your advertisement through this worldwide market regardless of what geo-targeting is selected.

– Order Page

The website traffic packages they offer are very affordable, and start at $15 USD for 2500 unique visitors and range through 6 packages total, with the most expensive option for 100,000 unique visitors at $220 USD.

Here is a snapshot of their order page with the basic package showing:

Traffic Magic Order Page - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– Reviews

 Here are some testimonials from the site:

Traffic Magic Testimonial Page - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

From third party review and rating of the site and service, found at http://buywebsitetrafficreviews.org/trafficwebsites/. As you can see they are the second highest rated such service:

TraffMagic Rationg and Review Shot - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– My Rating:  +++  Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website 3/5 possible thumbs up


checkmark - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website5 – Revisitors 

– The Site


– Home Page (screenshot)

Revisitors Home Page  - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

– What They Deliver – Traffic Source & Traffic Generated

This site called Revisitors has a variety of traffic plans that send a number of real visitors to your website over the course of several days.

The lowest priced plan costs $19.95 for 2,500 visitors at 100 visitors a day, and goes all the way up to a 100.000 visitor plan for $349.95 at 3,500 visitors a day.

– Reviews

They have a page with many testimonials you can have a look at here:

Revisitors Testimonails Page - Free or Low Cost Traffic for Your Website

They also get a good rating from the objective review site found at http://buywebsitetrafficreviews.org/trafficwebsites/