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Welcome to my review and link for securing valuable and useful training on creating and marketing your own products. I see it all the time, people have plans and ideas, but no way to see them through to fruition.

This training is meant to provide you a blueprint that you can follow from start to finish in the product creation process, and you will have a complete kit of everything you need to get started and see it through.

This is not intended to make a master marketer out of you. Rather, it is intended to get you a product that you can call your own and sell on the market. That is where the money is ladies and gentlemen…

Affiliate marketing is certainly worth pursuing, but a second revenue stream (or more) is when you start to leverage the power of the internet. It can change your life quickly and for the better.

Of course, there is work involved. It takes effort, time, consistency, and a plan, and investing your energy and committing to the effort will pretty much guarantee your success. Again the key is to give it the time and do not abandon your effort.

Have a look at what this training will provide, and also look at the bonuses I am offering that comes with the training course. Taken together, you have everything you need to plan and execute the process for creating and selling your own product.

Enjoy and take action, get it today! 


This training will guide you the process of deciding what product to create, and show you how to deal with all the considerations you need to address as you go through the process.

It covers the entire process from the beginning to the launch and gives you lots of insider tips and tools to use to make sure you will achieve your goals.

Some of the things covered in the training are as follows:

Products To Consider Creating The training will help you narrow down what kind of products to consider creating. There are certain parameters that will either make it worthwhile or not when it comes to selecting what to create, and you need to know these so you do not waste time creating something that no one will buy.

The training will help you narrow down what kind of products to consider creating. There are certain parameters that will either make it worthwhile or not when it comes to selecting what to create, and you need to know these so you do not waste time creating something that no one will buy.

Why Do A Product Launch

The training covers the advantages that you will receive through going through a product launch as opposed to preparing some training that you post only on your site. Using a product launch plan, you  can reach a far wider audience, and leverage the power of other lists to do so.

How to Launch Your Product

You will learn the exact steps that you must go through when preparing for a launch. This is vital to make sure that all the angles are covered and so the launch will be successful.

Where to Launch Your Product

The options you have for product launches are discussed and the advantages and disadvantages of each are explained in detail. It will allow you to make an informed decision on the direction you will want to go…

Drilling Down On Ideas for Products You Can Create

Advanced training is provided on the ways to select products and ideas for products. The bonuses provided further add to this element of the training (see below) and at the end of this portion, you should have some great ideas.

Creating Your Sales Letter and Sales Funnel

This is an area that I have seen is a weakness in some of the training I have purchased in the past. The training provided here will help you go through the process of creating the sales page(s) in a logical and planned manner and then creating a sales funnel with possible upsells if you so desire.

Launch Considerations

As you prepare to launch there are a number of tasks to be completed. The training will go through these and explain why they are  important and how to get them completed on time and correctly.

Factoring In Joint Ventures

The last area of the training covers joint ventures and why you must use them. Essentially if you are promoting others’ products on your website now you are a JV partner with the developer!

It may seem like a no-brainer that you would want to have affiliates, but there are certain things you will have to prepare and do to get affiliates to want to sell your product. The training covers this, as does the bonuses (see below).

Additional Materials

In addition to a mind map, reports, and an eBook, videos are provided that cover all the subjects and more in the training package.

All in all, this is one thorough course that you can complete initially, then refer back to again and again as you may desire. It will be available to you online on my membership site.


You can certainly make significant amounts of money just with affiliate marketing, and there are many ways to do this, i.e. Amazon, eBay, through JVZoo, Clickbank, and the like…

Having your own product, however, is an entirely different level of income that is readily available to you using the internet. It does so many things for your business and dovetails nicely with other income streams…

It builds your credibility in your niche, it provides you more leads, it adds cash flow to your online marketing efforts, it leads to good relationships with others in your niche through allowing them to make some money on your product (through sales to their lists), etc.

Can you have success online without creating and selling your own products? Yes, of course, you can. I have always  been an advocate for diversification because it can help to stabilize your monthly income.

There will be times when affiliate or other sales and commissions will go through a rough patch, meaning sales will dry up. When these times come, it is nice to have other sources of income that will keeo you going. Selling

Selling your own product is one way to make sure that is the case. I also think other areas you need to concentrate on include establishing a membership site.

You can combine the efforts of all three if done correctly.  Here is what I am talking about:

Let’s say you have some strong products or services that you promote. The commissions are decent, but because it is a higher priced product, the sales are somewhat slower than what you would like to see…

What if you created a membership site, added that promoted product to it through advertising widgets on the site, and do so while you are selling your own product and charging a monthly  fee for membership?

Do you see where this can go? By making your online marketing efforts work together, suddenly you can have two or three streams of income.

Diversification. It’s where the money is long-term I believe…

This course will help you take care of one leg of that diversification, namely product creation…


The pros of this course are that you are gaining access to training that would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if a mentor or a consultant was offering it. You are paying pennies on the dollar for the same training.

The training is thorough and walks you through from start to finish in the product creation, launching, and marketing process, providing expert advice for each step.

The cons are that because it is on you to take the initiative and go through the training, take notes and action if you do not do this, you lose. That means that you have paid for something for nothing.

If you have no intention to follow through and doing something with the training, as in create a product, then this is not for you. if you are interested in learning the entire process and are ready to take action, this training is definitely for you.


There are no upsells or extras to buy with this training. One thing that I see too often are where a developer offers a Front End product and then upsells.

Once you buy the Front End, you discover that you have paid for a product that is not fully capable of doing what is advertised. To get that you must buy the upsell? That seems like a scam to me and not fair to the buyer.

This is not the case with this training. You will be immediately provided an access name and password once payment has been verified through your email, and your password will provide access whenever you want.

Here is the link to purchase the training:

COST OF TRAINING: $29.95 (One Time, Lifetime Access)


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There are three regular bonuses included with the training as follows:

First, we have the eBook called “100 Backend markting Offers”  that will help you determine directions to go for creating products. Lots of good ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

100backend - Epic Launches - Your Formula Training Program

The second eBook that is certain to lead you in the right direction is called “100 Joint Venture Marketing Secrets” and it will help you start to attract a tribe of excited affiliates that will help you leverage sales of your created products.

100jv - Epic Launches - Your Formula Training Program

The last regular bonus that you will receive is an eBook that is called “100 Product Preselling Tips.” This is a great source for you to tap into other’s experiences so you can use what they have seen over time works. Another reference library addition that you can refer to again and again over the years…

100presell - Epic Launches - Your Formula Training Program

Each of these will add more substance to the training that you will find in the training course, and you can refer to them again and again as you launch not only your first product but also subsequent products.

The value of these three eBooks?  

I have placed a $14.95 price on each so that in total, you will receive almost $45 in content for NO COST, nothing, nada…

These all come as a part of the paid training course call “Epic Product Training!”


My Additional Bonuses

I have decided that you could use some extra material that will complement the training and the bonuses you are buying to add in even more value…, so you will see once you purchase the basic product that you will be diverted to a bonus download page.

Once you purchase the basic product that you will be diverted to a bonus download page.

Here are the extras you will get today when you buy the training course:

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An excellent guide to help you through getting started and this along with the training will make it easier for you to prepare a plan, then execute the plan.

2016 02 28 1014 - Epic Launches - Your Formula Training Program

This is another resource that will provide you a huge leg up as you go about your task of creating and selling a product. It fills in some of the gaps that you may need more guidance on for marketing your product once it is created.

I am selling these at $19.95 each, so you have almost another $40 in content for free when you buy the training.

TOTAL VALUE: $39.90 

Bottom Line: These bonuses are all hugely helpful resources that will provide you a big leg up as you go about your task of creating and selling products. They fill in some of the gaps that you may need more guidance on for marketing your product once it is created.

Access to Your Bonuses: Once you purchase you will receive an email with a link to the bonus and download page for these bonuses as well as the sign location (the url link) for accessing the training.

Problem? If you have any problems, just send me an email and we will get it straight. I am sure that you will have lots of success if you listen, learn, apply yourself, ask questions, and take action throughout to get your first product together and on the market!


Today we went over the steps  you need to consider and take action on to get your own products into the market so you can start making money.

This is not the only path, but one that has proven itself over and over again through the years. Create something of true value, get it marketed properly, and pull some traffic to your sales page, and voila, you are making money!

This training provides a workable path to do just that. There is a small cost for the training, but just as when you enroll in a college course, you are investing in your future. No one can take the training away from you once you have secured it, and the knowledge will be with you forever.

Now it is time for you to take action and secure this low-cost course, then get started today!

See you on the inside, and know that I am also here to answer any questions you may have and to assist if there are any problems accessing the training.

Here once again is the link to purchase your training…You get the training plus almost $85.00 of free bonuses:

COST OF TRAINING: $29.95 (One Time, Lifetime Access)


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That is almost a wrap for today’s post…I do have one final point,  however, and hope you take the time to read that as well…


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As with all my posts, I ask you to take a few minutes and provide some feedback, whether that is your thoughts on the article, your insights with product launches, or any other related input you may have. When we share we all learn, and this is the intent of this site. Thanks in advance!


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