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2016 05 12 1049 - Entrepreneur Basics - Do YOU Have What It Takes?


This is a basic guide for learning what traits and behaviors you need to possess to successfully  establish and run your own home based online marketing business.

It is the initial guide on professional development I am posting here on the site for your use…This is a wide subject and I am sure that there will be a lot of good information that you can use in your own quest for freedom from a normal 9-5 job…

As stated, this series will be an entire niche of content that I will add to over time.  Some of the training will be free as this one is while some will be paid for courses that you can use to learn more advanced information.

I want to help you in every way possible…Basics are good but drill-down knowledge is essential for you to take your business to the next level.

This starting point on characteristics of an entrepreneur is what I consider the appropriate one for starting with online marketing, as you will be spending a lot of time where there is no boss hanging over your shoulder, and you must have the self-discipline to plan and get work done.

So…Let’s get started! 


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This eBook will cover the following subjects:

Chapter 1: Home Business Basics

Synopsis: This chapter covers some of the basic considerations when contemplating starting your own home-based business. Things like is there a market for what you want to do, do you have the space to do it from home, how much cash will be required, will it interfere with family life, etc.


Chapter 2: Decide What Equipment You Need

Synopsis: This drills down a bit more into what materials and tools you will need. Depending on the kind of business you will do, it may entail having a lot of tools that will help you create physical products, or it may be you will need digital tools only if that is the direction you are going in.


Chapter 3: Investigate Your Local Regulations

Synopsis: Having a home based business may require you to have licenses and clearances from your local government, even if you are only doing a business where NO physical products are being built, warehoused, and shipped. E-commerce is an example where you likely will have to have such licenses.


Chapter 4: Get Your Legal Documents In Order

Synopsis: Once you know what you need, you can start to work to get it all together. Applications, fees, clearances, and anything else can be completed, and stored in a manner that is organized so it is available when you need it, as in for tax purposes or when getting merchant accounts, etc.


Chapter 5: Decide If You Need Employees

Synopsis: This is part of the planning process that is a very important one. If you are going to have employees, there are a number of other regulations and laws that will come into play. Theis chapter delves into this and helps you sort out what you will need.


Chapter 6: Put Everything In Place For Having Employees

Synopsis: This chapter goes into putting together all the requirements for having employees so you are ready to proceed when the time comes. A lot of the content of this eBook concerns employees, but there is a reason…It is a vital piece of the home-based business puzzle if you are going to need them…


Chapter 7: Develop An Exit Strategy

Synopsis: This cannot be emphasized enough. Your plan for a business should have an exit strategy, as in after so long you will sell it, hand it over to the kids, sell a piece of the business, etc. The idea is not to work for the rest of your life, the idea is to make enough to where you can have more time to do things that you want to do in life, not just work…


Chapter8: The Importance Of Handling Your Home

Synopsis: This chapter covers the importance of separating your work from your other home activities when starting a home-based business. If you find that you are constantly getting distractions and cannot focus on your business during your allocated times, you will run into problems.

Remember this: Your home based business is just that – a business, NOT a hobby. Treat your endeavor as such, apply the entrepreneurial skills you have and have fun!

Bottom Line: This eBook is a good introduction to some of the things to consider when it comes to starting your own business. It is by no means complete, but it will get you thinking in the proper manner. If you are considering starting, I advise you to download this book using the link below to get started.

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Having been in settings where I was an employee for many years, I know what traits you will need to get through, and some of these will be required to have success as an online marketer as well.

The biggest difference is that you are working for yourself. I often call this sweat equity, in that a lot of the time you will spend is not going to directly get you paid or income.

Rather, your efforts over time will make result in income for you. Depending on what you focus on, this can be one-time or recurring income.

My advice: As an entrepreneur work to develop both kinds of income )active and passive) so you not only get direct payment for sales but also will have monthly income with very little work from other activities such as membership sites, subscription affiliate sales, or similar…

So now it is time to take action…


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This is just a start, but it is an important one for you as you contemplate trying to establish a business that you control and operate.

Your business can start from your laptop at home, and as you scale up, you can take it in any number of directions as you may be dreaming about…

To have success in this dream, there are certain things you need ask yourself and answer truthfully. It is just you, and who knows you better than you?

This eBook provides that starting point for you. After your read through it, ask yourself if you are ready to take on the responsibility for your own future.

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Taking Action # 1…


If the answer above is yes, I suggest you go through a mind mapping exercise (guidance on mind mapping can be found right here on the site using the below link)

===> MIND MAPPING <===

Once you have prepared a plan on how to proceed, I suggest that you get some training on setting up an effective  website or websites and learn all of the many other bits and pieces of knowledge you will need.

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Taking Action # 2…


A good place to do that can be found at the Wealthy Affiliate Educational site. Starting out is free, and there you can stand up a free website almost immediately and then start working to achieve your goals.

Here are the links to check Wealthy Affiliate out:


(1) First a review if you want to know more…


(2) If you are ready to take action NOW, here is the direct link to sign up (NO credit card required) for your 7 day trial with Wealthy Affiliate…


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Taking Action # 3…


Click on the link below to get your free eBook right now. Note I do ask that you subscribe to this site so I can send you further educational and support material for your online marketing program.

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NOTE: This is a FREE eBOOK, This button will take you to an opt-in page, where after you add your name and email, you will be automatically redirected to a download page (I have some special free bonuses there for you too!).  


“OK, good job! By taking the actions above, you are on your way to financial freedom, professional freedom, and more time for doing the things you want to do in life instead of what your boss wants you to do. Congratulations…”

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Today we covered quite a bit, and I urge you to read through the eBook several times, then start to put together ideas on what kind of home based business you may be interested in starting.

Use the tools that I have mentioned above, as in mind mapping or similar, and get a plan together on how you will get your business started.

Right now, a rough draft is OK, you can fine-tune what exactly it is you will do as you learn more about what the opportunities are, and what will fit your particular situation.

Then check out the Wealthy Affiliate Education site, because no matter what you do, likely you will require a website and a vast amount of knowledge of what to do and how to do online business…

At the Wealthy Affiliate site, you will get a VERY solid base and LOTS of help getting everything set up. I am a member and can attest to just how good it is…It is GREAT!

Look for the next tutorial in this niche, there will be more coming, so check back from time to time to see what is new, and drop a comment or two while you are here!

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I always ask for feedback on my posts and this one is no exception. What has been your experiences with being an entrpreneur, has it worked for you or not. What was hard and what was easy? Did you find the information I included valuable, or is there something lacking? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks in advance!


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