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This is the last part of a three part series on email marketing, It is intended on giving you a broad brushstroke view of what email marketing entails, and provid guidance on how to get your program started properly and quickly.

As a reminder, the subject of email marketing may seem dull to some people, but I assure you it is a VITAL piece of your online marketing sales program, whether you are an affiliate promoting others’ products, or you are selling services, products, or whether you are selling yourself (i.e. as a mentor)…

To keep you ahead of the pack (competitors) this training will help you create a super email marketing program that will be effective in developing a relationship with your leads and making successful sales to them over a long period of time…

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Part 1 – Introduction

In the first part of this series, we introduced the subject, then covered what email marketing is, what the flow of the process that surrounds a successful program should look like, and started looking into the keys of the strategy.

We mentioned WHY it can work for you, mentioned the COST to get this useful marketing tactic up and running, and WHERE it can be effective. Lastly we wrapped that post up by letting you know what you could expect on parts 2 and 3…

If you missed it, you can go there now and read through it:


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Part 2 – Drilling down

The second part of the email marketing series went much further into the exact process of what it takes to make a site visitor become a lead, which happens as a part of the email marketing process,  then went on to clarify how using emails can turn that lead into a buying customer, again and again…

The training mentioned how the process of developing a relationship works in terms of email marketing and your online business in general.

It explained that if you understand the process how a relationship is built, you will understand the focus of your email marketing, and can then take the appropriate action to achieve this…

I also went into the some of the possible giveaway materials you can offer to your potential subscriber for the front end of the email marketing process, using a lead magnet and funnel (See more on Lead Magnets HERE)…

If you missed this part of the training, you can go here now:


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So now that we have summarized what has been covered to now, let’s move on to the last part of the training…


failing - Email Marketing Part Three “The Art of The Offer”


Today we are going to cover autoresponders and the actual writing of your email copy. At the end of the article today you will not be an expert, but you WILL have the basic knowledge to work to make your emails and your email marketing program more effective.

This means you are going to realize the following (a culmination of the three posts)

(1) What comes before and after getting a list to send the emails to,

(2) What the focus will be when you plan the email campaigns you will create,

(3) How you will get the emails out to your list, and

(4) What you will build with your email marketing program that is of chief focus with email marketing.

This includes…

(5) Rapport with your subscribers, trust and confidence in what you provide and recommend, and lastly,

(6) You will be able to offer products through your emails that YOU recommend for them that will result in sales, commissions and profits for YOU.

Does this sound good? I hope so…Let’s Roll!


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First I want to review what autoresponders are and can do…They will send YOUR emails automatically to any subscribers you get through your lead magnet or other avenue, and the email sends are triggered by a series of events that YOU determine and set up within your account.

You can have sets of emails or campaigns for:

(1) Welcoming new subscribers,

(2) When you want to alert them about new products or services,

(3) Providing them with useful and valuable information,

(4) Surveys,

(5) Sending them newletters or magazines regularly,

(6) Maybe wishiing them a happy birthday!

Using an autoresponder service, all you have to do is set up the rules for each task or campaign, as in when to send the mails out, then write your mail or series of mails, add them to that set of rules you created (campaign is a term also used), paerhaps add an opt-in or landing page link, and let the autoresponder take care of the rest. This is what they do.

Can you imagine trying to keep track of sending out thousands and thousands of emails to people, and having one set of mails for new subscribers, one for each campaign you may start, and keeping track of who has received what and when? This could really be a nightmare as your business grows.

Now I think you can understand the usefulness of autoresponders: They simply and effectively allow you to leverage the power of technology so you can do much more with less effort…

The other thing that autoresponders will do for you is to provide you statistics on what is going where and when. You can see on a live basis how your email campaigns are performing.

When you have this kind of information, you can tweak the campaigns so you can constantly improve the results and change areas that need it. A good autoresponder service will provide this.

So as you look for one to try out, focus on relevant features you will need for your business, and of course look for the the best possible price. See how easy it is to navigate and set up, and anything it may provide free of charge that you could use. The focus is on how they can help make your email marketing campaigns flow smoothly and successfully…

There are many available to you in the market, it is a simple Google search away for you to instantly having access to tons of reviews on the different options you have, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and also the variety of price plans you can choose from, depending on your requirements and your budget.

What Do You Need?

Having said this, how do you determine what you need? If you are just starting out you have no leads, while if you are a bit more experienced, you may have a sizeable list, while if you are a very experienced marketer in the business for a lengthy time,  you may have many thousands of leads you can access!

Because of these two factors (the number of leads you have currently and the varied options available), let me lay out some very basic guidelines for you:

(1) Beginner. If you are starting out, I would recommend looking at serveral options, give them a whirl (most have training on how best to use what they offer), and then select a low cost program that starts you out…

(2) Advanced. If you are a bit further along with your online marketing program, you likely already have an autoresponder service. Do some checking to see that you have access to some of the tools I describe below, and consider that value of each in your program, and switch if required…

You could also go with a free option if your budget is extremely low, but be sure that you will have the necessary tools available to you so that your emails go out seamlessly, you capture leads using pages that link properly, and that there are no other limitations, i.e. number of mails you can send, etc.

As you use whatever program you select, you will see how easy it is to set up (most have step by step guidelines), and once you are set up,  I recommend that you test the system…Is the Opt-in page working properly, are the mails confirming sign up reaching the subscriber, is the thankyou page OK, etc.

Three Options of Many  Options –  A Few Autoresponder Details for Your Use/Review

Using a reliable autoresponder service is important you now realize. The ones I describe below stand apart from the rest, from my experience, and from what I have read.

These are the three most popular and ones I hear most used by marketers, but as I stated, there are other options out there…

My recommendation: Start here, read the information below, and then see if there are any others that may work better for your program. Try before you buy!


65658fde - Email Marketing Part Three “The Art of The Offer”

This first autoresponder, AWeber from AWeber Communications, is considered by many to be one of the best such tools in the industry.

You have free access to over 600 available templates that you can use for your program. It is easy to find one that closely matches your website or branding iimage.

This  autoresponder mails they send have been tested for all the major email clients in the industry, ones like Gmail,  Hotmail, and Yahooto to ensure that YOUR email will load correctly in your subscribers’ inboxes.

They also have a set of excellent tools that track the mails when they are sent, as in who opened them, who clicked on the links you may have in the mails, the revenue that was generated, and more such useful information.

You can set up the time and days for the mails to be sent in a campaign, perhaps when it is the prime time for the subscriber to be checking his mail.

Using this tool, you can reach out to your subscribers, both the new sign ups as well as the long-term subscriber, keeping them all informed in a planned drip feed of mails, and do all this without creating a lot of extra work.


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This is another tool that has an excellent reputation in the market. iContact also has exceptional email autoresponder tools for your program.

They also offer a personal touch, in that you can use their mail merge technology, enabling you to customize each email subject line as well as within the body, adding in the subscriber’s name.

There is another option to publish your emails to other sites across the web to ensure that site visitors and other social-media followers you may have don’t miss out on your content.

This tool helps gets the word out on your content to a wider audience than otherwise possible, and allows you to tap into these ever-increasing market segments….

As with the others tools mentioned here, iContact tracks statistics for your campaigns, the normal ones such as open rates and click rates.

With a Premier Account, you will also have an option to perform split testing, which can be handy when testing different messages styles or subject lines for your campaigns, to see which is working better between two different versions of the same message.

This autoresponder service also comes with a tool they call SpamCheck™ , which helps to make sure that your emails will make it past subscribers’ spam filters into their inbox. This is a very helpful tool.



49182f81 - Email Marketing Part Three “The Art of The Offer”

GetResponse is another great autoresponder tool, I know of many marketers using it currently. It offers a very high-quality email marketing solution for their clients, and has some of the best autoresponder capabilities in the industry.

Using their service, it is easy to set up time or action-based messages that are sent out to leads as you may prescribe. This of course means it is a set and forget type service to a degree, or at least it is much less bothersome than you figuring out everything yourself regarding sending times and dates, and who has been sent the mails and who must be sent the mails.

With GetResponse, there is no daily limit on the number of mails  you can send. It has an exceptionally clean dashboard that makes it easy to access all of the information about your account.

This  includes easily accessing the statistics you now realize are so valuable, to provide you with insight into how your subscribers are receiving and responding to your mails.

You can easily duplicate and reorder campaigns, making adding new ones fast and easy, with just a few clicks or even a single click. As with some of the other autoresponder services, GetResponse also provides for split testing so you can see what subscribers are interested in, and make adjustments accordingly.


Finally, Regarding Autoresponders…

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