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Hi, Everyone…

Today I am reviewing a training program called ‘Dropshipper Elite’ that is launched today. I was given access to the training, and have recorded a video on my thoughts about the coourse. I was impressed.

It is a fact that thousands and thousands of dropshipping stores are opened every day online. Unfortunately, most of them will fail for one reason or another. Either the owners have not planned well, they have not done the requisite research, or they do not know how to build the store using good SEO practices or design practices.

This training is intended to cut through all the misinformation that is out there, and truthfully you need to have a training like this prior to starting your own e-commerce effort. It will save you from wasting time, money, effort, and energy.

Let’s dig in deeper and find out what this training is all about!

Product Overview

2018 06 28 2135 - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses


James & Phil

Product Name:

Dropshipper Elite 

Launch Date:

7 July – 13 July 2018 

Launch Time:

09:00 AM EDT

Front-End Price:

$ 27 (OTO Prices Below)

Final Evaluation:

Highly Recommended


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2018 06 28 2135 - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses

2018 07 05 2251 - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses

Explainer Video

Get Dropshipping Elite Now

If you have seen enough to take action and secure this training, here is the link:

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NOTE: Please Also See The Bonuses In The Bonus Section Below You Get When Purchasing! 

Need To Know More?

If you would like to learn more, please continue reading this review to get an even more complete picture of what you get with this training package. I have broken the review into easy to follow sections, and of course, the comment section is also there in case you want to ask any questions or need further clarification.

Also, have a look at the bonus package that you will get. These alone are worth the price of admission. Between what I have added and what the product creators have added, you will be well on your way to having everything you need to get a viable e-commerce business started

Who Are The Creators Of This Training?

I did not know these two training creators but I must say they have put together a course for people that are wanting to learn how to drop ship. They did not add in a lot of fluff that you do not need, but a simple to follow set of training videos and supporting materials that are easy to follow and easy to implement.

Based on this first sight for me, I can only go on the training they have put together, and I must say, they do an excellent job. I would recommend at least reviewing whatever they publish, as it is obvious that they care enough to do a good job and they know what they are doing. That is more than I can say for many other product or training creators I have come across.

Who Is This Dropshipping Elite Training For?

Beginners – If you have no idea at all on how to go about starting a drop shipping business, this course is for you. It takes you through the basic necessary steps and in a logical manner leads you through advanced techniques and tips. I also liked the bonuses you get that will help you get business right away.

Intermediate level marketers – The person like myself who is already in the e-commerce business will also pick a lot up from the course and the upsells. No doubt you will have some new ideas on how to sell better, sell more, and maximize your investment of time and money in the drop shipping business.

Advanced marketers entering eCom – This is an ideal course to get you on your way quickly. It provides you the tools and the steps and since you likely already have knowledge of online activities such as creating a website and SEO, etc. you will quickly be selling online.

Seasoned eCom marketers – I consider myself to be seasoned at this point, having 12 operating online stores, but even I picked up a lot from going through the course to see if offered value and if so how much. So yes, this course is worth your money and time, even if you are like me.


How Can You Use This Training?

(1) Start your eCom business.

The whole purpose of this training is to take you by the hand and give you all the basics you will need to get a thriving e-commerce business up and running. They focus on Shopify, but indeed there are many other platforms out there (I use WooCommerce and another platform in addition to one Shopify store).

(2) Create your eCom store.

The training will explain how to set up your store, populate it with products, take and fulfill orders, and which tools to add to the store to help you sell more using the same traffic methods that get you views but perhaps not sales.

(3) Learn how to research products.

I particularly like the training in this area, as it can be hard to figure out what to sell, which niche to focus on, and the pricing and even ad strategy to follow. This training goes through all of this and more.

You will also learn how to get free traffic using the social platforms, how to prepare paid ads and how to target audiences that will be interested in what you are selling.

You will get access to free sites and apps for Chrome that will assist you in your research for niches, products, and competition’s offerings.

There is much more, but I think you get the idea…

What Are The Costs For the Front End and Upsells?

Here is a brief synopsis of what you get with the Front End offer and the two upsells (OTO 1 and OTO 2):

(1) Front End – $27

This is the basic course and it has bonuses that complement the training a lot. You get a complete set of training videos and supporting links, downloads, and PDFs that complete the training to a degree that you will be able to have your store up and selling quickly.

(2) Upsell #1 (OTO 1) – $37

This is an add-on to the training that will help you target high-ticket items successfully. Many people shy away from these type products because they think buyers will not want to spend large sums of money online with their purchases. This is not the case, and this training will take you through how to select, how to market, and how to sell these lucrative items.

(3) Upsell #2 (OTO 2) – $17 

This is the last add-on to the basic training program and it will provide training on influencer marketing. This is one of the fastest ways to get your store selling fast, and it can be less expensive than using Facebook ads or Google, Bing or Solo Ads. It provides extensive training on the exact steps you will need to take.


My Bottom Line Recommendation

I have had a chance to look through the training from top to bottom and it is a solid training course that is full of useful tips, hints, and advice to get you started properly with eCommerce using the drop shipping model of business. This is my field, I own 12 stores and have 2 more on the way.

These stores I operate offer a combination of my own products and ones from wholesalers, i.e. they support the drop shipping business model. The model is a good one, and you can make a decent living from the business. As with any business, it is HOW you set it up and operate it that will either make or break your business.

This course cuts through some of the myths that are abundant in the market segment, and you will avoid making some of the mistakes of other new entrants to the business make. You will save time and effort, and you will save money. Think of this training as an investment in yourself and your skill set.

In that light, I can heartily say that I highly recommend this training to you. I found it well worth the investment for any person trying to get better at their craft of e-Commerce marketing and sales.  Minimally I would suggest you secure the front end training, but the OTO’s are also worth a look (see my comments on them within this review).

Okay, now you have my take on the training package, now it is the time for YOU to take action!   

2018 06 28 2135 - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses

Take Action Now!

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses


Here is a list of the bonuses that you will get from the Dropshipping Elite training course:

Bonuses from Creator:

(1) Shopispy Product Research Tool

2018 06 28 2130 - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses

What You Get: This is a neat tool called Shopispy that will help you do research for hot selling products and show you what the competitors are doing in regards to pricing, descriptions, keywords, and paid advertisements they may be running to sell the products. It will give you a leg up. Information is power, and in e-Commerce, more information is good.

(2) Pinterest Profits

2018 06 28 2130 001 - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses

What You Get: This is some great training called Pinterest Profits to show you how to leverage the power of Pinterest to grow your traffic to your products and stores as well as increase sales and subscribers. Pinterest has proven to be one powerful platform and this training will teach you how to use it effectively.

(3) Social Ad Domination

2018 06 28 2131 - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses

What You Get: This third bonus is called Social Ad Domination and it too complements the Dropshipping Elite training package. These days the social platforms are a traffic source that you simply cannot ignore. If you do you are missing out on business. The training will teach you how to set up marketing campaigns that are effective and provide a decent ROI.


Bonuses from Me

I have set up a bonus that you will not get anywhere else. You can look at the bonus page using the link here:

ClickHere3a - Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses

This page explains in great detail what all you get, but I will provide some brief explanations here in case you do not want to go to that page…

(1) Bonus 1


(2) Bonus 2


(3) Bonus 3


(4) Bonus 4


(5) Bonus 5


(6) Bonus 6


(7) Bonus 7