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Hi, Everyone…


I just wanted to make a quick post on my new SMART IM Tools brand. The intent is to give you a little background on how it came about, where it is going, and how you as an online entrepreneur can tap into all the resources that it will offer you.

I believe that after almost 4 years of being involved in one way or another, I have seen what is lacking across the niche. The intent is to fill in the gaps that are out there and help as many people as possible start having success (meaning making income) from their online efforts.

Most tools, products, services, or training you will find as you start a search for resources to tap into as you get started with trying to make money online will give you a small piece of the overall picture. This is by design, as marketers can sell you one piece, then another, and yet another over time.

Why do they do it like this? Simply stated, they make more money this way. If you look at the many products out there, many will promise you the moon, without any work, and done through pushing a button! Maybe it is not that bad ALL the time, but often the products you see are not worth anywhere near what they are asking.

What I have decided is that rather than trying to buy a piece here and a piece there, I would try to bring the tools and sites together under one umbrella where you can trust that what you are being offered is of true value, will help you make money, and is complementary with everything you see so you are working in an organized manner towards a goal that you have determined you want to achieve.

So let’s drill down on the SMART brand…


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What Is SMART and Why Include It In The Brand?

This is an acronym that has a special meaning to me and it will for you as well once you see the method behind my madness. I come from a military background, and we did a LOT of planning for everything we did, always.


Here is how that applies to the SMART acronym and to online marketers:

Firstly, you do not know where you are going nor if you get there if you do not have a plan. I believe that to have success with any endeavor you must plan for that success. What will it look like, how will you know when you have success, and how will you maintain and grow that success?

Secondly, once you HAVE a plan you need to have the resources available to you to be able to implement the plan. No matter HOW great your plan may be, without the proper resources, you will not achieve the goals of your plan. I realized this early on in my online marketing adventure – more or less what you have is a huge opportunity to make money online but it does take some legwork to pull it together.

Thirdly, you have to be able to shut out distractions that keep you from achieving your plan, No matter how great something looks and you think you could use it at some point, it is important to evaluate whatever it may be to see if it fits and is complementary to your plan.

Too many times in the quest to make money, you are confronted with promises of short-cuts that will help you make money with no work involved or promises of millions in a month, etc. These are simply not factual and can cost you delays in accomplishing your plan.

Lastly, it helps to have a central point (or a few) that you can head to when you run into problems as you execute your plan. This can be other like-minded people, ones that have more experience, or perhaps training sites where open and active discussions are taking place.

You can get answers to your questions, add to the discussion, and as a group, all will be positively affected. The online marketing business can be a lonely business. Many people operate from home (cool), beaches (cooler), or even from foreign countries on a beach (REALLY cool). But…they too have issues and could use a central point for support and discussion at times.

Although the latter two locations sound great, it can be problems at times too. Better to have a set of people that you know and trust who know what you are going through to get some feedback from so you stay moving forward in your quest to achieve your plan’s goals.

Knowing all of this has led me to create the SMART brand. The intent is twofold. It will include a set of training materials, tools, products, and a forum where people tapping into the resources available can get the support they need, and it will help those people stay focused on their plan, whatever that may be.


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So What Does SMART Stand For Exactly?

This particular acronym provides the fundamental set of traits, attributes, or characteristics that I want everything that the SMART IM Tools brand is tagged with to have. These are what I look for as I build and add new training, new products or services, or recommend products outside the SMART IM Tools family of tool to people.


So let’s list out what each letter stands for and how each tie into what we are building for online marketers:


S – Specific. By this, I mean that the purpose of the tool, training, product, or service has to state clearly what it is intended to do, and how. Too often wild claims are made, or no information is provided. People are expected to buy a dream without knowing what they are buying. You will never see that from us.

M – Measurable. The results claimed must be measurable in some manner whenever possible. This will not always be the case, but there are still certain parameters that we can see (i.e. customer feedback) that the tool is working as intended.

A –  Achievable. We do not want to sell something with a promise of some end result that most people will not be able to do. We want simple effective products that people can buy at a fair price and use to leverage their current business.

R –  Relevant. We will not sell tools that people do not need. Every product on our planning board ios something that will help the online marketer, whether they are brand new to the business or have been around for years. I do not want to sell something that is a waste of time or money for people. That is not who we are nor does that align with the SMART culture.

T – Time Specific. Lastly, we want to provide products that will get you results in a specific period of time. Often it depends on the amount of effort YOU put in, but our purpose is to look at the average user to see how long it takes to see results. This is not a 4-year college course, it is a set of tools that will get you sales and traffic and ideas on how to increase both!


Altogether, you see we now have the SMART acronym that personifies what we are trying to achieve. It permeates everything we design, build, create, and offer to people and members of the SMART IM Tools Academy Site. It is more a set of ideas than any particular identifiable trait or feature.

It is a cultural thing. By this I mean the brand helps identify who we are, why we exist, and what we do every day and with every product. It denotes a standard that we must meet or exceed daily in our actions, our outputs, with our customers, and with results.


Checklist for Online Marketing Program



How Will People Benefit From the SMART IM Tools program?

This is something that you will judge for yourself as you see the various offers that we bring on a regular basis, and as the program grows you will have more and more to select from and use in your own online business.

We aim to make sure you are getting things that follow the SMART ideal, every time. I have lined up a pretty good set of tools, products, training, and etc. already, and we will be rolling them out as quickly as they are ready. You will be able to get in and use these tools on a one-off basis, or soon via our membership site that we are working on right at this moment.


When Are You Starting To Sell These SMART IM Tool Products?

Right now. Yes, you read that right. I have a series of products that are at the roll-out stage and they will be launched on a soft basis (as in no big marketing splash, rather using WooCommerce and other product and sales pages and not on the major affiliate platforms like JVZoo or Warrior Forum, etc.).

I would rather grow this brand little by little, and let it naturally develop and spread through word of mouth along with some support from the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We want to get some success stories under our belt, help as many people as possible on a more personal level, and over time bring in more that can benefit from what we have built with our founders.


What Products Are You Selling Now?

Glad you asked! So far we have launched the SMART IM Checklists, 12 volumes of checklists covering many of the tasks that you must carry out as an online (or offline in some cases) marketer and a second called SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits.

The checklists help you stay focused on what is important, you can use them as you progress in that particular task, and you can make copious notes that you can refer to later if needed. The lead magnet kits come with the eBook in various unique formats, a sales page, and an email swipe campaign. You can quickly edit these and start them working for your business…


Promote Your Business

Let’s dive a little deeper with each so you understand the direction that we are taking the SMART IM Tools brand…


(1) SMART IM Checklists – Volumes 1-12

You can see my review on these by checking out REVIEW OF SMART IM CHECKLISTS …

These will help a lot and in total there are over 240 checklists in the 12 volumes! If you print all of them out you will need a LOT of paper! But no worries, they come in a variety of formats sio you can access and use them right online without printing them

Personally, I am still old school…I use journals, planning calendars (printed), whiteboards, etc daily. The checklists are more valuable and useful printed out, but I know these days many do not want to deal with a lot of paper.

Next, we have…


(2) SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits

The second SMART IM Tools product that you will find a review on is called our SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits. These are eBooks that have been specially designed to be used on your opt in or squeeze pages, in a pop-up on your website, or on a page on your website.

The neat thing about these is that they are ground-breaking, as in they have unique features and professional, fresh design and fresh content that you will not see anywhere else. To top that off, you also will have true scarcity, as these are all limited edition publications.

You can read more about these at MY REVIEW OF SMART IM LEAD MAGNET KITS

These two products are actually many products, as you can buy the set of checklists, a set of 3 or 6, or even one individual volume of the 12 checklists, while with the lead magnet kits, you have several options depending on your needs.


What Are The Next SMART IM Tools Product To Be Rolled Out?


Going forward it looks like we will introduce the following to the market:

  • A sales funnel course.
  • A content management course.
  • A set of video creation and editing tools (4), and then
  • Some social content tools…


All of these tie into the SMART IM Checklists in that you will be able to do more things faster you have to get done based on real things included in the tested checklists. The checklists are the cornerstone for everything else we will build. As time goes on, we will add to the body of work on the checklists as well.


To add to these tools, we are also standing up an Academy membership site…

There you will be able to commiserate with other like-minded online entrepreneurs both on our Facebook private group site as well as directly on the SMART IM Tools Academy site. We are adding in a chat tool where you will be able to chat with one another privately, pass files, make video calls, etc.

I am very excited to see that come together, and look forward to adding founding members! if you decide to join when it opens, and you will be able to grow your business as we grow our set of supporting products that you will have access to. As a founder, you will get in at rock bottom prices too!


Other Notes Regarding The SMART IM Tools brand/program…

Our membership site is being worked on now by designers, and the link is SMART IM TOOLS ACADEMY…I will update this post as we get closer to the grand opening, and send you the link to get in at the cheapest price it will ever be offered at…\

But there is STILL more coming! Read on…

We have an affiliate program that is also being completed as I write this post. You will be able to offer the tools and membership site to others and make a good amount of commission on a recurring basis for those leads that select the membership monthly option (they will save money and have access to varying levels of the tools, and you will make a commission every month as they pay us!) and yet more money for individual product sales.


We are looking at new ideas and new products to bring in under the SMART IM Tools umbrella daily. But most do not pass muster, unfortunately. As we find them, believe me, we are securing them for you! If you have some suggestions, please be sure to add them in the comment section below.


Thunbs Up for Product

Bottom Line…

I have presented to you in this short post the SMART IM Tools concept. The idea is that you will better understand what you are seeing and being offered on this and other websites as you navigate around the pages of the sites that are associated with the brand (we have 5 websites currently tied into the SMART IM Tools brand).

Our goal with this massive and growing project is nothing short of becoming a disruptive leap in the industry. There have been others that have offered similar programs, but I do not believe that any will match what we are building!

If you have any further questions, please add them below. We aim to make this Academy site and the SMART IM Tools brand as big as some of the others that are out there and make it relevant like Wealthy Affiliate and other sites are for the online marketer.

We have lofty goals and ambition that will lift us to new heights by us enabling YOU to attain new heights too. Together we can. Join with us and let’s set the standard! I am excited, can you tell? See you on the inside…


Dave : )


128 thoughts on “Dave’s SMART IM Tool Brand and Resources

  1. Hi Dave, it’s great to see all of these SMART IM tools designed to help us marketers. To-do and checklist are very effective, because I personally use it for my everyday task. Since there are upcoming IM products, do you have a plan to release all or some of them as a bundle? And do you enable affiliate for your tools? I love to try and promote your tools if they are really satisfy my needs 🙂 Thanks

    1. Hi, AiBlue!

      It has been exciting working with our team to get these products up and running over the past months, and we have a bunch more planned. There is a membership site that we have to complete (SMART Chatbot launch got in the way of finishing it), and yes there will be an affiliate and support program for all the tools.

      This is where the bundle question comes in. I plan on offering a founder’s special for the membership site and these members will have access to the tools launched and upcoming ones as well at the lowest possible price. Once the founder’s launch period is over, the prices for members will go up, but never for the first members.

      I will let everyone know when we open the doors to the membership site, and at the same time, we will open the affiliate portion as well. This will give people the opportunity to promote and make some good commissions from the products, and once the launch period is over, from the membership site as well.

      Stay tuned, and thanks for the questions!


      Dave : )  

  2. Thank you for this. It would have been so very useful to me if I had all these resources and tools available to me when I started IM a few years ago. So those who are just starting and come across your website are in for a steal of a deal. You have certainly identified what is lacking in IM and you are doing something about it. Others may have realized what is missing as well but they are not willing to provide the solutions that you are so ably doing now, and have plans to continue doing in the future. I wish you all the best with your website and with your SMART business.

    1. Hi, Coach!

      Thanks for the words of encouragement (your name fits!) and most certainly I see the gaps like you have in the tools that are out there now. There are some good ones, and some are free to use, while others are overpriced and do not work that well.

      With our focus as an online marketer ourselves, we will not fall into the trap of introducing new products that do not work just because you need to launch something to stay in the business (short term strategy and does not work over the long term). 

      Rather our focus is on having things that we all need, that others may not be offering, that is also decently priced so the new online marketers can afford to use them. I remember what it was like, as you do, and using this strategy, I am sure that we will have success while helping others have success too.

      That is what it is all about I think.


      Dave : )

  3. Thank you for sharing. I like how you shared the information on what SMART means I appreciate that you are creating tools that utilize SMART. I would be interested in the tools that are coming out about video creation and social platforms. I am stuck in my business now, trying to figure out how to utilize YouTube more effectively. Thank you again.


    1. Hi, Lee…

      Video marketing represents a great way to reach more people, and it continues to rise in popularity. I do feel your pain when it comes to how to work with video for your online business as I was in the same position not that long ago.

      For this reason, I have taken my own experiences and added in training from experts to help people like us understand what it involves and how to go about marketing with video. This includes the kinds of video to make, the tools you can use, the strategy to use (or strategies, better sais), etc.

      On top of this, we also have secured the rights to sell under our SMART Tools brands some tools that will help the likes of us do a better job of using video in our businesses. Over the next months, we will be launching these and adding them to our product line.

      Please do stop in again and tap into whatever we may add here, and if there is a particular subject that you want us to expand on we will certainly do this. Thanks for adding your input, it is valued and useful for us all.


      Dave : )

  4. First I must commend your effort in putting this article together on Dave’s Smart IM tool to share with us. Truthly speaking only few people in life are ready to inspire, motivate and push others to be successful like them in life even as far as online business is concerned. It is so disheartening that many experienced online business tycoons are just there for their selfish interests and to rip-off incoming newbies in online business rather than mentoring them to be successful. You have opened my eyes to opportunities to tap from through this Dave’s Smart IM tool to standout in the online business world. You are really a great person. Great job!

    1. Hello, Brent…

      Thanks for the kind words and support, they are appreciated. Most definitely there is room for more such like-minded people and businesses as what we are offering with our SMART IM Tools brand. In the meantime, we will just continue to do what we do, and see who wants to follow or emulate what we do.


      Dave : )

  5. This is an amazing tool that will help to solve most of the problems face in internet marketing, I love the strategies of how SMART tool will operate.  I can’t wait to get the course when it is up. I will love to follow up on  SMART IM Tool brand because am really interested in it. Going to implement it on my websites and see how it works. I already bookmark this page in other to get more of your next posts. Thanks for the beautiful write up, I must commend you for the effort you put in to come up with this points. 

    1. Hi, Labulo…

      The brand is a solid one, we feel, and of course, it will take some time to spread it far and wide as we envision. The tools, products, and services that we deploy will all have characteristics of working as advertised, being reasonably priced, and backed up by our support team and management.

      There are a number of products we have deployed already, to include SMART IM Checklists, SMART Training Courses, SMART Deals App, SMART Lead Magnet Kits, SMART Video Tools (3), and SMART IM Tools Academy. The list will grow as we test and finalize more.

      Please do stop back, as we are also opening an affiliate program for these products and there will be some good commissions to be made. 


      Dave : )

  6. Thank you for the post on Smart IM tools. I’m really excited to have these tools come out. They look like they will be the guide that you need to fill in all the gaps about internet marketing.  I was wondering if I read that right that they will all be sold separately so you can pick and choose which ones you need? or is it a whole package? Thank you for the post.

    1. Hi, Geoffrey…

      These will be sold per product and some will have options within the products. For instance, the SMART IM Unique Lead Magnet Kits can be ordered in various packages, and the SMART IM Checklists can be purchased by volume (there are 12), by a small package, or a large package (all 12 volumes)l.

      We also have added two new SMART IM Tools brand products since I published this: First, we have the SMART IM Deals app, which is to create nice look deal offers in a grid format similar to what you see on Deal Fuel or other similar sites. This app is a nice way to present your offers to prospects,

      The next new product line under the SMART IM Tools brand is our SMART IM Chatbot Service. This is a service where we will build and deploy chatbots for the small businesses that are out there that to now have not had access to this cutting edge technology.

      There are more coming in the training course arena, as we have been working on a number of things. Our SMART IM Tools Team is very busy! There are video creation tools, forums, training and more available along with access to the other tools mentioned above at a monthly subscription price.

      We will be having a launch special until we reach 1000 members in that membership site, so do stay tuned so you can get the latest and perhaps jump in of it fits for your online business when it does open. That launch and a founding member will remain as long as you remain a paying member too.

      Lastly, there is an affiliate program for all of these tools in the SMART IM Tool line of products,. The commissions will be on a par that the big platforms offer, so also check back to see how you may be able to get in and profit from this as well.

      Lots to tell you, thanks for asking the question, this is good for all people that happen by this post!


      Dave : )

  7. Thanks Dave. I understand the message within your post. First, you explained what led you to ’embark’ on offering this product. I could see genuine reasons to help online marketers. I understand the SMART concepts behind your brand and how online marketers can leverage on it to improve their online experience. The two products you offer; SMART IM Checklist and SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits, are they e-products an Online marketer can access to gain more information on online marketer?

    1. Hi, Tolu…

      Thanks for popping through and adding in your thoughts. The SMART IM Tools brand is expanding and since this was published we have two additional products that are open and ready to take on clients. The first is the SMART IM Deals App and the second is the SMART IM Chatbot Service.

      The Deas app allows the user to create deal pages that are similar to Deal Fuel and similar sites. These pages look great and good to show your array of products in a grid format that allows you to show a lot on ne or more pages. When clicked on, the link takes you to your full sales page.

      The chatbot service we have will open the door to many of the small or home businesses that are all over the world adding these neat and powerful tools to their websites. To date, the cost and time to put these together yourself or through service has been too high for many to consider.

      Our service is based on a different business model. We are focusing on bringing the chatbots to all at a reasonable price and then through a reasonable maintenance program make a small profit for our company. The up-front development cost for us means that we will break even on building them for clients.

      Getting back to the two products I expand on in this post, the SMART IM Checklists and the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits, are both digital products. This means that you will get a download link after payment, and of course ongoing support via a forum that we have within the SMART IM Tools Academy Membership Site.

      The bottom line for all these tools and others that are being readied at the moment is that we want to be a go-to source for the tools that you need to fill in the gaps that are in some of the bigger platforms that are out there. Our aim is not to replace such sites as Wealthy Affiliate, Builderall, or similar, but to augment them with tools you can use as you grow your business.


      Dave : ). 

  8. A very comprehensive blog and well listed and I appreciate the length you  took  to develop and help young  entrepreneurs. SMART to me is quite elaborate , the step by step process is fundamental to good online marketing. Your orientation and background has a huge impact on your present achievement and I salute you for this. I will continue to follow your works because enormous opportunities comes through. My question is how to incorporate  all your SMART tools to WA. I think we have to break away from our limitations and make use of viable tools to monetise our online business and I will highly recommend your site. 


    1. Hi, Stella…

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your thoughts, and they are right in line with my own. I want to complement and augment the platforms out there such as Wealthy Affiliate, Builderall, and similar. These all have many good features and tools, but there areas where what the SMART IM Tools offers will help the online marketer.

      We are looking for the gaps between what members of these platforms use regularly for their online marketing efforts. In some cases, as with the SMART IM Checklists, we are organizing the many tasks into subject areas and series of lists that will help the marketer.

      Additionally, we are adding in things like the SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits to help the members get more subscribers that they can then build a relationship with and eventually recommend or sell products to (ones that will help their subscribers).

      Two other examples include the SMART IM Deals App, which will allow marketers to place all of their offers onto one page set up in a grid format (similar to deal pages that are so popular these days) as the presentation is everything (along with having good products, of course).   

      Right now, the next offer that we are launching is chatbot services for online marketers. The new AI technologies mean that today the chat format can be used for so many tasks that can be automated and they work well 24/7. These can be difficult to design and deploy, but we have a team set up to do only these for clients.

      Lastly, we have training and other video and social tools that will be rolled out over the coming months. As we get them completed, we will launch. There really seems to be a market for these tools and services, and we look forward to helping as many people as possible.

      The biggest thing is that we will follow the SMART acronym in all things we do in our business and in our products. This way, we know we are taking care of online marketers like you, and we know we will be around for many years. We are looking at a long term relationship!


      Dave : )

  9. That ‘s good idea. Its true being a beginner is not easy especially  choosing the niche .Its always difficult. When I smart I have to spend two weeks just sereach on which nihce must if focus and time is going as well. I think should also use  to help me with my plans. Does it also help people how to write articles?

    1. Hi, Liyamb…

      I do have some training that will help you get organized and writing articles and posts easier using a template and outline that we suggest. This will not write the content for you, but it will help ensure that all the areas are covered, to include the SEO aspect. There is a lot involved with online marketing, more than people think (if you are to do it well and make money). This is where the SMART IM Tools come in..Stop by again when we open the course up for joining….

      Dave : ).

  10. I hope and anticipate for something great. Every online business starts somewhere. I hope Smart product will be a product that will not disappoint as you claimed. So many marketers come up to sell crapy products to the people because they want to make money, then leaving the customers frustrated because the product is not worth any penny purchase. 

    1. Hi, Kenechi…

      Great to have you stop by, and you are right to hope for the best. These products are what they are and deliver what they say they will. The SMART IM Tools brand is a well-thought-out approach to offering products that will help the online marketer leverage their business using automation, training, and services that work.

      It sounds like you have been burned in the past, as many have. This has happened to us as well, and we know how that feels. Our intent is to change that for whatever we are selling or promoting. Try and see for yourself, I am sure you will not be disappointed with our SMART IM Tools that we are offering!


      Dave : )

  11. Hello Dave!

    It takes having a heart of generosity to inspire and motivate people to be successful on a business either online or offline. You are really a good person. Thanks for this enlightenment with Dave’s SMART IM Tool. It’s a shame that many experienced online business men are only selfish and to scam incoming people rather than assisting them to be successful but you stood out.  With this your SMART IM TOOL you have impacted me positively and opened my eyes to what I am not aware of to be successful in online business. Would like you to be my mentor. I have bookmarked your site for easy access. Thanks Dave keep it up. 

    1. Hi there, Olalekan…

      Thanks for the kind words, and indeed this is a place where online marketers should feel at home at…Over the years I have learned that together we all are stronger and there are things we all can learn from one another, no matter if you are just starting or very experienced in an area or niche of business.

      It is with that belief that I decided that to package that into something that is easy to remember (i.e. the SMART acronym) and can encompass the many tools and services that we are working on for fellow marketers. Most definitely we can work together, pop in anytime and you are more than welcome!

      Dave : )

  12. Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.this is a very good and informative post to help business grows ,your post as always been a helpful tools for me. Every affiliates marketer needs to visit this page for learn process. I love your brand in helping people makeep money online.your post is helpful, thanks for the information 

    1. Hello, Adam…

      Thanks so much for the positive comment, it does help us all on the team to see that what we are building resonates with other online marketers, that is what we are here to do. The SMART IM Tools brand can be a game-changer for many business owners looking for tools to grow their business faster using automation and other tools we have. Please stop by again, we are adding new stuff all the time…

      Dave and the SMART IM Tools brand team…: )

  13. SMART for me is having a very detailed and concrete strategy towards your business. When make such a plan you need to know the things you need to get your business off the ground even aside your capital. Secondly you need to know who your competitors are and identify them so as to know how best to survive in that business. You also need to know how best to overcome whatever challenges may come your way. Putting this key things into consideration or having this type of planning is what I consider my SMART move

    1. Hi, Seyi…

      Yes, you have it right I think with your idea of the SMART acronym and how it fits into your online marketing business. This will keep you focused on what works and is ethical in the business and that will show through to your subscribers and website visitors.

      Your employees will also have a good compass to follow as they go about supporting your business and likely they will feel good about what they are building with you (a solid business). This attitude, of course, can and should follow through with your services or products too.

      That is the whole essence behind the SMART IM Tools brand and it is how we have worked since day one as a team while developing the tools, services, and products. So far, we have had very positive feedback from our beta testers and have been able to make further refinements to them while getting that feedback.



  14. The S.M.A.R.T IM brand really sounds like a well thought-out program. Reading your post, I can feel your genuine readiness to help entrepreneurs. It’s good that you have a plan and a course to follow in achieving this. I would love to be part of this program because I believe there’s a well thought out plan for the success of this brand. Keep up the good work Dave, I look forward to seeing how successful this becomes.

    1. Hi, Louis…

      Yes indeed, we are very serious about offering good solutions that work to fellow entrepreneurs. I know that there are too many products out there that are terrible, and some that work half-way, which is terrible still in my mind. I have been there, so know that the standard we need to meet is higher.

      Most definitely I will keep posting updates as we roll things out, just today I added a post on our latest SMART IM Tool product, our chatbot service. That program is going to be a big one I am sure, because so many websites are not using them right now, and they do use the power or AI like never before to help grow businesses at a very reasonable cost.


      Dave : )

  15. I just came across this post after reading another of your write-ups, and I’m definitely interested. It seems like quite a bit of work you’ve undertaken to get this enormous amount of info out there to people like me, and I sincerely appreciate it. Would you say that the use of SMART IM techniques is a long-term game rather than for short-term smaller gains? It seems that way to me, which is why I’m utterly fascinated. 

    I can’t wait to dig into this a bit further, and I really appreciate the time it took for you to lay it out so meticulously. 


    1. Hi Again, Buck…

      Yes indeed, you are absolutely right that what we are creating is intended to help longer-term although it can affect outcomes immediately as well, depending on the SMART IM Tool we are talking about. For instance, the new chatbot service we just launched is already taking off with our beta testers and on our own websites.

      They can help the operations immediately by providing customer support, e-commerce sales, data collection, and etc. The business owners love them, it is like having an extra employee, except without the overhead and they work 24/7!

      But some of the other tools like the SMART IM Checklists are tools that will help again and again over time. Each new project you undertake can be recorded using the checklists, and over time, as you look back on the old sheets you can get better and waste less time. They also serve as final checks before launches.

      There are some other SMART IM Tools that will help for video creation for Instagram, YouTube, and for video ads and sales pages, etc. These are template type tools that allow you to quickly get a bunch of professional videos up and published.

      These we have used with e-commerce a lot and less so with the MMO (make money online) marketing niche, but that is going to change as we continue to grow the business. Exciting times and thanks for stopping by and adding in your feedback!


      Dave : ) 

  16. Wow! this is an informative blog post.I really love the way you outlined the review on the wonderful SMART IM tool. This is a great innovation and thanks for carefully explaining how to perfectly integrate it into websites. The meaning to the acronyms are just so expository and inspiring.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Michael…

      First, let me thank you for stopping by…We always appreciate feedback for our posts…We do feel that the SMART IM Tools acronym will catch on in the industry and of course, it lays out some high goals and aspirations for what we want our tools to offer and also how we want to operate as a company. Please do stop by again as we roll out more products and tools, there may be one or more that will help you…

      Dave : )

  17. Hi Dave,I still do not understand the functioning of SMART correctly, and of course, I will have to review your other posts about the checklists. However what I like about what you propose is that it is something utterly systematic from which you can build your efforts to Make money online and not just a pack of books or videos that sound good but in the end do not tell you how to do things step by step. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Tommy…

      Thanks for your comment, and let me try to explain it a bit differently. We are developing and launching for sales products, tools, and services that all focus on the attributes mentioned in the S.M.A.R.T. acronym. These are basic functional goals for the things we offer to clients. 

      This can be with buyers of the products, with customer service, with the content we create and publish, or even the design of our pages and even the phone calls we have with people who interact with us for our business. We are doing this for several reasons.

      It shows customers that we care, it shows employees what our standard is, and it shows the industry that we are for real and to be contended with going forward. It sets the level of expectation high throughout. I like to do that, as it can push people to do more and be more than they thought they could ever be.

      Getting back to the SMART IM Checklists, these are not just a book with advice. They are lists of actionable steps to take area by area for your online business. They will make it much easier to track what has to be done. Of course, they are only going to be as good as the user makes them.

      This is the same approach we are taking with all the tools and training we create. They have to sere a purpose, not just making money for the company. That is a result, not a goal. To make that happen, we will use the attributes mentioned (SMART) in our brand daily!

      I do hope this clarifies a bit for you what the SMART IM Tools brand is all about. Please do feel free to add in any further comments or questions you may have, this is a good thread to follow up on and drill down on! Thanks for that!


      Dave : ) 

  18. Hi Dave, very good and informative post about Dave`s Smart Im Tools brand. It is very good idea to bring the tools and sites together to offer a help and ideas how to make money online. Your instructions how to apply when doing online business is good and correct, if you follow these steps I`m sure you can`t fail. I really like your idea of instructions and the first letters description of your Smart acronym, it is something unique. Your website is very professional, I need to check it out again, thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Hi, Luke…

      Thanks for the positive comments, they are appreciated. The SMART IM Tools brand is the culmination of a lot of years working around upstanding people through a bunch of careers, the last being online marketing. Of all the various pursuits I have been involved in, the last (online marketing) is the most exciting.

      I truly believe that many newbies are being misled by some of the so-called gurus out there in the internet marketing niche, and the products they are selling that do not live up to claims or even purposely mislead the traffic that lands on their sites add to the problem of credibility of the people leading the niche.

      There are some reputable sites and products out there, but they can be hard to find as you have to sift through the garbage to find them. Add to that the negative press that the less than stellar marketers throw on really good platforms, and you see the state of the market segment is in need of a correction.

      Although I cannot change the world on my own, I can certainly bring my own brand (literally) of ethics and products to the market. This small contribution will help turn the tide over time, as platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate, Builderall, ClickFunnels, etc. continue also to lead the way.

      I want to reach as many people as possible to get them heading down the right path when it comes to making money online. The SMART IM Tools brand will head the strategy, and the products that work in tandem with the platforms mentioned above will help people establish viable and ethical marketing businesses.

      Please do stop by again, we get a lot of comments and ideas floating around via the great feedback and I have learned a lot from them. It all goes to show you that there is no one expert or solution, rather there is a number that will work. It depends on the situation, the resources, and the time and effort one puts into their business. 


      Dave : ) 

  19. Hello Dave,

    Thank you for the informative post, it is really a nice post. I really learnt great ideas from it, personally. It’s quite promising the idea of yours . I am glad to see that your brand/intent is to help people become successful in making money online, that is quite commendable.I will share this article with my friends.

    1. Hi, Usman…

      I am glad that the concept of the SMART IM Tools brand is one that you think will help people. No doubt over time the products and the services we offer will grow. Feedback from fellow online marketers that we can take action on to improve what we are doing will see to that!

      Please do stop in again from time to time so we can hear from you. Your input is valuable and useful to all of us!


      Dave : )

  20. Great!!! this is one good solution to the long struggle people has been dealing with in making money online, although there many get rich quick platforms out there with false promises that are just there to scam people.It’s actually takes a planned effort to make a go of it with online business which you had already iron out for us in your ideas and the amazing SMART acronym you adopt really envelopes all that the company is all about. I will love to be part of this wonderful idea as I also anticipates SMART IM Tools. Kudos to the brain behind this great idea.

    1. Hi There, Topaz…

      You are so right that the many less than stellar programs out there seem to have the goal of making only one person or set of people money, as opposed to their customers. That is a shame, as it really is short-sighted. Why not offer quality and have a customer for life?

      The SMART IM Tools brand and all the products we are working on have the long-term outcomes in mind, and the real goal is to build a sustainable business that focuses on helping others build their sustainable business. If they are successful, we are successful.

      It can be and should be a win-win-win situation. I mean that of our clients succeed, that means they are offering products that their clients can use to succeed with, and of course, we succeed in that we also are making some level of profit because we are helping others.

      The attributes of our S.M.A.R.T. acronym truly can and should permeate through everything, I truly believe and push this. Right now, we are onboarding some new talent in the company, and these young stars are the future. It is my belief that if they can absorb the mindset I am advocating, the SMART IM Tools brand and products will have a long life well beyond the years I have left in this world!


      Dave : )

  21. I remember using SMART in one of the courses I went to and it was very helpful to determine just how productive you were being. I had almost forgotten about it until I read this article.

    Using SMART is a must when setting any goals for the future. All the terms you have explained should be able to be applied to the goal you are making and I find the A for achievable the most relevant. If you can’t achieve the goal then it’s time to reassess or break down the goal into more doable tasks.

    1. Hi, Michel…

      Thanks for stopping by and adding in your experiences with that acronym in your life and education. It certainly has been an acronym that I have applied over the years too, both in educational and professional settings. They really help keep you focused.

      That is the thrust of what we are building with the SMART IM Tools brand. We are not trying to outshine or beat the competition, rather we are trying to complement the good platforms and programs that are out there while helping marketers stay away from the stuff that is not going to help them advance their business.

      The achievable attribute you mention is certainly an important factor, I agree with you on that. Kyle in his comment asked me which I thought was MOST important, and I chose the attribute relevancy. In terms of business, I thought that without this, whatever you create or accomplish will not have a use, so will not advance the business.

      Actually, each of the terms are there for a reason, and if you bind them together and take action based on what the indicators may be for each, your chances of success are substantially higher than the poor souls who bounce from shiny object to shiny object.

      These people think that they are taking positive action when they buy the next thing that is promising them millions with 5 minutes of work a week. Emotionally, they get that ‘fix’ but it only lasts until they realize that the promised dreamland is not there, so they go out and repeat the process, again and again.

      These are also the people that I want to pull away from that endless cycle and get them started with the plan and tools that WILL lead them to success. That is what SMART IM Tools is all about, behind the scenes. Thanks for adding your input, it really added a lot to the post!


      Dave : ) 

  22. Dear Dave,

    Thanks for the informative post. It is indeed a very useful tools, SMART IM Tools. We are living a ever changing society, particularly for those of us who are actively involving with internet. Change and new technologies are developed daily and implied weekly. Somehow I feel lost and your SMART approach should help me to deal with the rapid change field. 

    When design our business, we need all SMART, for example, the T – Time Specific, we not only need to complete the business project on time, but also make sure that the business concept could pass time test, that is our business should last as long as possible.

    Very nice concept to follow and thanks!

    1. Hi There, Anthony!

      Thanks so much for stopping by, it is always great to hear from you, I respect you so much and appreciate that you have a lot on your plate (as several commenters do). I am always humbled when I get feedback from luminaries such as yourself. Of course, I appreciate ALL comments too, no matter the source!

      I totally agree with you. If there ever was an important attribute, that is one that can make a huge difference. The old adage “time waits for no one’ holds true in business, not just in life. From that perspective, it would seem to be imperative that the SMART IM Tools brand needs to offer solutions that will work within a limited amount of time.

      There are lots of examples where results are hard to measure, they may be intangible. Over time they can manifest themselves in outcomes, but up front, you may not be able to reach out and touch the outcomes (as in more money in your account from sales).

      It can be that customer support is better, leading to a better reputation, leading to more referrals, leading to more sales. This is not something that you can easily measure, not can you say exactly how many minutes, hours, days, or months it took.

      If you use these principles and create products that comply and meet these standards, you likely will have more success over time. The online business is a cumulative business. The things you do today will pay off a year from now, 5 years from now, etc.

      Starting out with a solid base, and building the business from that point on using the attributes mentioned in the SMART acronym will keep the business owner focused and pushing with all their activities and the activities of the employees, and with the products they create in that direction – if I had to use one word: excellence.


      Dave : )   

  23. How exciting, Dave!  I like your focus on presenting things that WORK rather than exploring, reiterating and downing all the stuff that does not work.  It will surely cut through the fog considerably.

    I do recognize that S.M.A.R.T. basis for your brand.  Good one!  A SMART plan of action that embraces the SMART goals strategy that has been shown to produce good results is great, I think.

    I look forward to seeing how it continues to develop.

    1. Hello, Netta!

      Thanks for the positive feedback and it most certainly is an exciting venture for me and one that I think can make a big difference in the marketplace. There are too few products that really do what they say, and that goes from big platforms down to those $9.95 make a million bucks by pushing a button product that really won’t do that.

      Rather than focus on what does not work, by focusing on creating things that DO work, we can turn the mindset around of people. They need to look at and use things that work, as a lot of energy goes into online marketing, it is an industry that holds a lot of promise going forward, but you need to have a set of tools that will allow you to maximize your efforts.

      Platforms like Wealthy Affiliate are wonderful in that they offer a complete package for the online marketer to get a start from. They can even grow their business to a 4 or 5 figure income using the training, the features, and the tools they have available…

      What our focus is with the SMART IM Tools brand is the other useful tools that can help the online marketer grow their business, scaling it up faster, and leverage the new technologies (and some old) for user’s benefits. The joy of seeing people having success with the tools is a big payback for us.

      It goes beyond selling a tool, service, or product. As with the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, we really care, and it will show through our actions and products day after day. This is starting to sound like an obsession I am sure, but if that is the case, it is a good obsession to have!


      Dave : )  

  24. Hello Dave,An interesting article indeed, It’s quite promising idea of yours. There are many thoughts which came up to the mind before getting into the earning money online. As they try to not get into any valueless project or work. i appreciate you and I’m glad with the work of yours i.e SMART Im tool brand . It is going to be great start for me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello, Tawhid…

      Thanks for stopping by first of all, and your feedback is much appreciated. This is exactly what we need to hear as we move forward in our quest to provide solutions that work for fellow online marketers in today’s markets. Any advice we can offer will come as a bonus to these products…

      Most certainly I like to surround myself with enterprising marketers that are looking for real solutions, nit half-baked or scammy products that do not work or only work half as well as promised. This has to stop as it is destroying the industry.

      Please do stop in again, there are a lot of people with different levels of experience who contribute a lot to the value we offer on this website on how to make money online. Your contribution will be welcomed as well! We also have some exciting product launches coming and affiliate opportunities abound!


      Dave : )

  25. I love your approach to the SMART brand here Dave.  Too many people don’t have a game plan when they start a business and I think that by aligning them with a simple and easy to understand game plan like S.M.A.R.T, it is going to equate to a much better focus and more consistency in a business.I do have a quick question though.  What do you think the most important aspect out of the SMART process is? Are they all equal weighted, or is one of the attributes more important than the others? 

    1. Hi, Kyle…

      I surely am hoping that the acronym will resonate with many people no matter what niche or type of selling they may be doing. There are certain precepts that really make the mission of the entrepreneur easier to accomplish, which is to create and grow their idea or dream into a viable business.

      These concepts will permeate through our products, customer support, and how we interact with ancillary agencies that we work with. Now that we are once again entering the world of the on and offline brick and mortar business, this will be key in our success.

      In regards to your question, that is a good one…There has to be a starting point for everything, a base from which to build on. Some things you can teach, others are attributes that are absolute in nature. If I had to boil it down to just one (and teach the rest), it would be relevancy (relevant). 

      If whatever you undertake or design or offer is not relevant to the target audience, all the other factors will not matter, as there is no need for whatever it is you are doing. This holds true if the intent is to create a thriving business, maybe less so if you are doing something strictly for passion and love. 

      Thanks for popping through, and your thoughts and feedback is always appreciated. As you can see, the operation is recovering from the untimely passing of Robert, my partner, over a year ago now, and I have some bright young talent that is putting me through my paces!

      We are opening new doors to realize more dreams, one product at a time, one office at a time, and even one day at a time, methodically we are setting things in place for the next generation. It is an exciting time and I am experiencing it from the other end of the continuum these days, and the view ain’t that bad!


      Dave : )

  26. Hello Dave,

    It’s quite promising the idea of yours . There are many thoughts which come up to the mind before getting into the earning money online . As they try to not get into any valueless project or work . I’m glad with the work of yours i.e SMART Im tool brand . It is going to be great start for me .

    Thank you

    1. HI, MD…

      Thanks for popping through and the SMART IM Tools are designed for online marketers for online marketers. We are creating tools and products that we use ourselves and see that have application in the broader market for other online business owners.

      Note that we are also opening the program up for affiliates at a very handsome commission so do stop by and see if you might be interested in promoting some of these tools. It can help get you a boost for your own business, and these are tools that do what they promise.


      Dave : )

  27. An interesting article indeed! One of the mistakes that people make is participating in programs that are expensive to pay only to end up dropping out of the program. One should research on what program they are spending above everything else. The Smart Tools Acronym is just a reminder that you have to work hard to be successful. Thanks for sharing!