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Hi, Everyone…


I just wanted to make a quick post on my new SMART IM Tools brand. The intent is to give you a little background on how it came about, where it is going, and how you as an online entrepreneur can tap into all the resources that it will offer you.

I believe that after almost 4 years of being involved in one way or another, I have seen what is lacking across the niche. The intent is to fill in the gaps that are out there and help as many people as possible start having success (meaning making income) from their online efforts.

Most tools, products, services, or training you will find as you start a search for resources to tap into as you get started with trying to make money online will give you a small piece of the overall picture. This is by design, as marketers can sell you one piece, then another, and yet another over time.

Why do they do it like this? Simply stated, they make more money this way. If you look at the many products out there, many will promise you the moon, without any work, and done through pushing a button! Maybe it is not that bad ALL the time, but often the products you see are not worth anywhere near what they are asking.

What I have decided is that rather than trying to buy a piece here and a piece there, I would try to bring the tools and sites together under one umbrella where you can trust that what you are being offered is of true value, will help you make money, and is complementary with everything you see so you are working in an organized manner towards a goal that you have determined you want to achieve.

So let’s drill down on the SMART brand…


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What Is SMART and Why Include It In The Brand?

This is an acronym that has a special meaning to me and it will for you as well once you see the method behind my madness. I come from a military background, and we did a LOT of planning for everything we did, always.


Here is how that applies to the SMART acronym and to online marketers:

Firstly, you do not know where you are going nor if you get there if you do not have a plan. I believe that to have success with any endeavor you must plan for that success. What will it look like, how will you know when you have success, and how will you maintain and grow that success?

Secondly, once you HAVE a plan you need to have the resources available to you to be able to implement the plan. No matter HOW great your plan may be, without the proper resources, you will not achieve the goals of your plan. I realized this early on in my online marketing adventure – more or less what you have is a huge opportunity to make money online but it does take some legwork to pull it together.

Thirdly, you have to be able to shut out distractions that keep you from achieving your plan, No matter how great something looks and you think you could use it at some point, it is important to evaluate whatever it may be to see if it fits and is complementary to your plan.

Too many times in the quest to make money, you are confronted with promises of short-cuts that will help you make money with no work involved or promises of millions in a month, etc. These are simply not factual and can cost you delays in accomplishing your plan.

Lastly, it helps to have a central point (or a few) that you can head to when you run into problems as you execute your plan. This can be other like-minded people, ones that have more experience, or perhaps training sites where open and active discussions are taking place.

You can get answers to your questions, add to the discussion, and as a group, all will be positively affected. The online marketing business can be a lonely business. Many people operate from home (cool), beaches (cooler), or even from foreign countries on a beach (REALLY cool). But…they too have issues and could use a central point for support and discussion at times.

Although the latter two locations sound great, it can be problems at times too. Better to have a set of people that you know and trust who know what you are going through to get some feedback from so you stay moving forward in your quest to achieve your plan’s goals.

Knowing all of this has led me to create the SMART brand. The intent is twofold. It will include a set of training materials, tools, products, and a forum where people tapping into the resources available can get the support they need, and it will help those people stay focused on their plan, whatever that may be.


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So What Does SMART Stand For Exactly?

This particular acronym provides the fundamental set of traits, attributes, or characteristics that I want everything that the SMART IM Tools brand is tagged with to have. These are what I look for as I build and add new training, new products or services, or recommend products outside the SMART IM Tools family of tool to people.


So let’s list out what each letter stands for and how each tie into what we are building for online marketers:


S – Specific. By this, I mean that the purpose of the tool, training, product, or service has to state clearly what it is intended to do, and how. Too often wild claims are made, or no information is provided. People are expected to buy a dream without knowing what they are buying. You will never see that from us.

M – Measurable. The results claimed must be measurable in some manner whenever possible. This will not always be the case, but there are still certain parameters that we can see (i.e. customer feedback) that the tool is working as intended.

A –  Achievable. We do not want to sell something with a promise of some end result that most people will not be able to do. We want simple effective products that people can buy at a fair price and use to leverage their current business.

R –  Relevant. We will not sell tools that people do not need. Every product on our planning board ios something that will help the online marketer, whether they are brand new to the business or have been around for years. I do not want to sell something that is a waste of time or money for people. That is not who we are nor does that align with the SMART culture.

T – Time Specific. Lastly, we want to provide products that will get you results in a specific period of time. Often it depends on the amount of effort YOU put in, but our purpose is to look at the average user to see how long it takes to see results. This is not a 4-year college course, it is a set of tools that will get you sales and traffic and ideas on how to increase both!


Altogether, you see we now have the SMART acronym that personifies what we are trying to achieve. It permeates everything we design, build, create, and offer to people and members of the SMART IM Tools Academy Site. It is more a set of ideas than any particular identifiable trait or feature.

It is a cultural thing. By this I mean the brand helps identify who we are, why we exist, and what we do every day and with every product. It denotes a standard that we must meet or exceed daily in our actions, our outputs, with our customers, and with results.


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How Will People Benefit From the SMART IM Tools program?

This is something that you will judge for yourself as you see the various offers that we bring on a regular basis, and as the program grows you will have more and more to select from and use in your own online business.

We aim to make sure you are getting things that follow the SMART ideal, every time. I have lined up a pretty good set of tools, products, training, and etc. already, and we will be rolling them out as quickly as they are ready. You will be able to get in and use these tools on a one-off basis, or soon via our membership site that we are working on right at this moment.


When Are You Starting To Sell These SMART IM Tool Products?

Right now. Yes, you read that right. I have a series of products that are at the roll-out stage and they will be launched on a soft basis (as in no big marketing splash, rather using WooCommerce and other product and sales pages and not on the major affiliate platforms like JVZoo or Warrior Forum, etc.).

I would rather grow this brand little by little, and let it naturally develop and spread through word of mouth along with some support from the social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. We want to get some success stories under our belt, help as many people as possible on a more personal level, and over time bring in more that can benefit from what we have built with our founders.


What Products Are You Selling Now?

Glad you asked! So far we have launched the SMART IM Checklists, 12 volumes of checklists covering many of the tasks that you must carry out as an online (or offline in some cases) marketer and a second called SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits.

The checklists help you stay focused on what is important, you can use them as you progress in that particular task, and you can make copious notes that you can refer to later if needed. The lead magnet kits come with the eBook in various unique formats, a sales page, and an email swipe campaign. You can quickly edit these and start them working for your business…


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Let’s dive a little deeper with each so you understand the direction that we are taking the SMART IM Tools brand…


(1) SMART IM Checklists – Volumes 1-12

You can see my review on these by checking out REVIEW OF SMART IM CHECKLISTS …

These will help a lot and in total there are over 240 checklists in the 12 volumes! If you print all of them out you will need a LOT of paper! But no worries, they come in a variety of formats sio you can access and use them right online without printing them

Personally, I am still old school…I use journals, planning calendars (printed), whiteboards, etc daily. The checklists are more valuable and useful printed out, but I know these days many do not want to deal with a lot of paper.

Next, we have…


(2) SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits

The second SMART IM Tools product that you will find a review on is called our SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits. These are eBooks that have been specially designed to be used on your opt in or squeeze pages, in a pop-up on your website, or on a page on your website.

The neat thing about these is that they are ground-breaking, as in they have unique features and professional, fresh design and fresh content that you will not see anywhere else. To top that off, you also will have true scarcity, as these are all limited edition publications.

You can read more about these at MY REVIEW OF SMART IM LEAD MAGNET KITS

These two products are actually many products, as you can buy the set of checklists, a set of 3 or 6, or even one individual volume of the 12 checklists, while with the lead magnet kits, you have several options depending on your needs.


What Are The Next SMART IM Tools Product To Be Rolled Out?


Going forward it looks like we will introduce the following to the market:

  • A sales funnel course.
  • A content management course.
  • A set of video creation and editing tools (4), and then
  • Some social content tools…


All of these tie into the SMART IM Checklists in that you will be able to do more things faster you have to get done based on real things included in the tested checklists. The checklists are the cornerstone for everything else we will build. As time goes on, we will add to the body of work on the checklists as well.


To add to these tools, we are also standing up an Academy membership site…

There you will be able to commiserate with other like-minded online entrepreneurs both on our Facebook private group site as well as directly on the SMART IM Tools Academy site. We are adding in a chat tool where you will be able to chat with one another privately, pass files, make video calls, etc.

I am very excited to see that come together, and look forward to adding founding members! if you decide to join when it opens, and you will be able to grow your business as we grow our set of supporting products that you will have access to. As a founder, you will get in at rock bottom prices too!


Other Notes Regarding The SMART IM Tools brand/program…

Our membership site is being worked on now by designers, and the link is SMART IM TOOLS ACADEMY…I will update this post as we get closer to the grand opening, and send you the link to get in at the cheapest price it will ever be offered at…\

But there is STILL more coming! Read on…

We have an affiliate program that is also being completed as I write this post. You will be able to offer the tools and membership site to others and make a good amount of commission on a recurring basis for those leads that select the membership monthly option (they will save money and have access to varying levels of the tools, and you will make a commission every month as they pay us!) and yet more money for individual product sales.


We are looking at new ideas and new products to bring in under the SMART IM Tools umbrella daily. But most do not pass muster, unfortunately. As we find them, believe me, we are securing them for you! If you have some suggestions, please be sure to add them in the comment section below.


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Bottom Line…

I have presented to you in this short post the SMART IM Tools concept. The idea is that you will better understand what you are seeing and being offered on this and other websites as you navigate around the pages of the sites that are associated with the brand (we have 5 websites currently tied into the SMART IM Tools brand).

Our goal with this massive and growing project is nothing short of becoming a disruptive leap in the industry. There have been others that have offered similar programs, but I do not believe that any will match what we are building!

If you have any further questions, please add them below. We aim to make this Academy site and the SMART IM Tools brand as big as some of the others that are out there and make it relevant like Wealthy Affiliate and other sites are for the online marketer.

We have lofty goals and ambition that will lift us to new heights by us enabling YOU to attain new heights too. Together we can. Join with us and let’s set the standard! I am excited, can you tell? See you on the inside…


Dave : )


128 thoughts on “Dave’s SMART IM Tool Brand and Resources

  1. Thank you for this informative post, well detailed and mind blowing, I was able to comprehend easily everything you talked about, I love the acronyms ,it truly represents what the SMART IM stand for, I can’t wait to try the tools out and I am surely anticipating the membership academy so I can easy communicate with like minds. 

    1. Hi, Clement!

      Thanks for stopping by, I just published this so was surprised that I already received a comment on the post…This is a manifest so to speak for what is in place and what is to come for my online marketing business. By helping others achieve more success with their own online marketing business, I think it will be reciprocated in the additional business I do.

      These products are designed to be effective and in some cases will save IM people a lot of time. The time saved will come from a more efficient online operation, organization and having an orderly process, plus being able to commiserate with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are in various stages of success with their online business.

      The nice thing is that no matter what the niche you may be working in, these are tools that can potentially help you leverage your efforts. No matter is you are selling cat doors or publishing training courses for others, there are things we have that will help.

      Have a great day and be sure to stop by from time to time – we are adding a whole series of products under the SMART IM Tools label, and there are likely some that may be of interest and help you in  your own online business!


      Dave : ) 

  2. Im not going to lie this sounds very interesting.  It sounds like something myself and a lot of others will be very interested in.  I read every word on the page and understood most but there are some parts I am a bit confused about. 

    When exactly is this going out to the public and how much will it cost?  One other thing is if I understand you are going to compete against Wealthy Affiliate?

    This is just all curious to me.  Anything else you can explain would be awesome.


    1. Hi, Dale…

      No I am not going to compete against Wealthy Affiliate hehe. There are a number of other sites out there similar to Wealthy Affiliate however that offer training and some have features in addition to the training, as does Wealthy Affiliate.

      The focus of our membership site is different. I have video tools that help speed the process of creating sales videos, for instance, and ones that work specifically to quickly create Instagram stories posts. These are things that any marketer promoting their products either as an affiliate or perhaps their own with will want to use, as they save time and the templates are very professional. They simply look great!

      This is a different angle and different offer from any other site out there that I have found to date. It is essentially a center where as a member you will have access to the array of tools, training, and other resources that we are constantly adding to.

      The membership site is a way to save money from buying the SMART IM Tools individually (people can buy them here) or they will be able to sign on as a member of the SMART IM Tools Academy site and get them all for a monthly fee.

      Depending on the level of membership, more or less tools will be available to mem