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2017 09 19 0950 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales


Conversion Gorilla is a new tool that virtually every online marketer can use. These days prospects suffer from banner blindness. This means the old way of getting attention to your offers no longer are as effective as in the past. Marketers need to find new and fresh ways to get attention to their offers.

This is such a tool that can do just that for you…

It provides an easy and practical way to organize and control all the various promotion bars you create from one central location. It gives you stats to track which are most effective and allows you to quickly edit any that are not performing as expected.

You can create bars with calls to actions, add countdown timers, adjust sizes and colors, placements, add images when and how the banners appear on your website, etc. If you want to see what one such bar looks like, check out the top of the page! I have added one here!

NAME OF PRODUCT:             Conversion Gorilla

DEVELOPER:                          Promote Labs, Inc

COST OF PRODUCT:               FE $47.00 USD/-$20 w/Coupon

MY RATING:                           9/10

SUMMARY OF RATING:        Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales


Commission Gorilla is a bar tool that allows you to draw the attention of your website visitors to your offers, promotions, sales, coupons, or any other special event that you are offering.

Based on the advanced and easy to use features and on my own experience with this tool and other Promote Lab tools/products, I can say this tool is an extremely cost effective route to more sales, leads, and attention from your website visitors at a low one time cost during the launch week.


“In my opinion, Conversion Gorilla is well worth the cost, and it performs as advertised. In fact I believe in this tool so much I have purchased the front end and all the upgrades! See that bar on the top of the page? THAT is a small example of what you get with Conversion Gorilla! How is that for proof? ” Dave Sweney, Online Marketer and Entrepreneur, 19 Sep 2017


Here is a short video explaining why you need this tool:


56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales


In case you want to know more….Please read on…

Who Are The Developers?

The developers are Promote labs, and they have a slew of useful and practical tools that I use daily. The team always comes up with a catchy name for their tools. All of them revolve around a Monkey or a Gorilla theme, as you might have noticed by the name of this tool.

With all of their products the focus is on providing online marketers exactly what they need day to day for their online marketing activity…Not to mention that they always offer lifetime access at a one-time cost during launch periods.


If you need to find new ways to get attention to your offers, look no further!


Why Do You Need Such A Tool?

Banners have been around for years now, like email marketing, and to a degree both have reached a point where saturation has been reached.

The money is still in the list, but it is getting harder and harder to get those emails and names, and harder to get the leads to open the emails.

New methods have to be sought out and used to once again get your traffic to see what you are offering, over regular banner use that has been sadly overused.

This new tool helps with this banner blindness phenomena…Let’s drill down a bit…


Key Features of Conversion Gorilla:


(1) Start and Stop Timer. You can set the bar to add a timer to create a scarcity factor. This is very effective method to get attention and spurs viewers to take action.

(2) Show Videos, Images, Features. You can add in videos to the bars, images as well, and highlight the features of whatever you want to emphasize to your audience.

(3) Unbranded Bars. You do not have to have a bar that shows the brand of the developer – with one of the upgrades available this goes away. It looks more professional and nicer on the pages you place your bars on…If you get no other upgrade, I would suggest securing this one.

(4) Use for Gaining Leads. There is an upgrade available that helps you get more potential leads too. There are times when this option is desirable, i.e. if you are doing a simple post or review…

(5) Adjust the bars in many other ways. There are a number of ways to adjust the look and feel of the bars you create.


I have added a short explainer video to show you how it works live directly below…



Remember: Early buyers during launch week will:


(1) Pay no monthly fees, this is a one time cost.

(2) Get free updates for life, as the tool is developed further.

(3) With the upgrade options, you can have unlimited banners in use at no extra expense.

(4) There is also a 30 day guarantee in case you are not satisfied for some reason.

(6) As with their other tools, with Conversion Gorilla you get VIP support from the developers.


Other considerations that are important…


(1) The tool is easy to set up and use with autoresponders, social accounts, and works on any WordPress site.

(2) There is a lot of flexibility on how your bars look with the features available. You can make yours unique and unlike others.

(3) With Conversion Gorilla, you will have central control over your bar management, and you can adjust them all right from the dashboard.

(4) Bars will be updated on the pages you use them on with no further action on your part as you adjust them from the dashboard. It saves times and means you are more organized when it comes to bar management.

(5) The statistics that you have for your bars from the dashboard will help you see what is working and what is not.

(6) You can adjust each as indicated and use the ones that are most effective for other pages through the banner duplication feature.

I believe that for the price of this tool, you are getting huge value for your money. After the initial short launch period, the front end base tool will go up by $20, which is still a good value, but securing it now during the launch makes sense.



I like to discuss pros or cons for any product I review, but in this case there are no cons. Conversion Gorilla just works, and does so beautifully. I had my first attention bar up in 2 minutes!

OK, at this point, your next question likely is this…




Yes, there are three upsells, and one downsell…The details of each are as follows:


Upsell #1 – Conversion Gorilla Lead Machine Add On

You can boost your leads using the additional features that help you maximize the leads you collect…This upgrade adds pizzazz to your banners…Cost: $27


Upsell #2 – Conversion Gorilla Pro

You get unlimited bars you can create and deploy and some additional power features. Cost: $37

Upsell #3 – Social Bars

This add on will help you tap into the power of the social platforms to get more visibility and shares, likes, and follows. Cost: $17

Downsell  – White Label

This takes the developer branding logo off the bars you create. It looks more professional, and if you had to chose just one of the upsells or downsell in the funnel, this would be my choice. I do think ALL the upgrades are worth the money long-term, and if you get the three upsells, you get this downsell as well. Cost: $10




Here’s just a few ways you can start using these ‘power bars’ today:


** Use on a  BLOG to drive traffic to new posts, encourage feedback/sharing.

**  Running a special PROMO use them to offer a coupons with a timer.

**  RECOMMENDING a product or service, use it to link to the sales page.

**  Got an ANNOUNCEMENT for your visitors or members, let them know.

**  LAUNCHING a new product?  Drive traffic (from multiple sites) to the launch.

**  Hiring?  ADVERTISE the vacancy and link to the application form.

**  Running a STORE?  Save a sale with exit intent bars offering free shipping.


The list really is ENDLESS and you’ll no doubt come up with dozens more cool ways to get Conversion Gorilla working for you and your web business.



This tool has useful and necessary features you want and need for combatting the banner blindness phenomena that you see today as you work to grow your online business.

Purchasing during the launch week makes sense, because you will save money ($20), although even without saving the $20 you still have tremendous value with this tool.

Remember this lower price is only going to be available during the launch phase.

So my advice: Save $20 by buying during 19-26 September! Comparatively, the additional features that you get with the upsells are worth a lot more than this low price.




Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales




56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales





I have created a special bonus page for this offer that I would like you to have a look at if you have any doubts (Click on the image to have a look at the bonuses I have added for you!):

2017 09 19 1052 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales


Here are some sample shots of the bonuses:


2017 09 20 1230 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales


A second sample:


2017 09 20 1235 001 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales


There are a total of 10 bonuses you will get, all top quality content or training that you can use to further develop your online marketing business!

Oh yes, I have added THREE more bonuses if you upgrade to the PRO version of Conversion Gorilla.

Here is a shot of one of the extra bonuses for getting the PRO upgrade:


2017 09 20 1237 001 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales

Last thing about bonuses:

2017 09 20 1238 001 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales





56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - Conversion Gorilla Review - A Tool To Boost Your Sales


I will see you on the inside! If you have questions, please ask below in the comment section!


Kind Regards,



2 thoughts on “Conversion Gorilla Review – A Tool To Boost Your Sales

  1. This was a great review of Conversion Gorilla. I had heard of this tool from a couple of friends, so decided to look for a review.I know of your reviews, thet are normally straight up and clear.

    From the sounds of this one, you believe that the tool will be helpful for my online business, and also based on the fact that you know of the developers and what they have launched in the past, and vouch for them, it is good enough for me!

    Thanks for another good review, you do not do that many any more. I have used your thoughts and ideas quite a bit in the past, I miss your input! Please start posting more, it is a good thing for all of us. We need more honest IM people out here!

    All The Best,


    1. Thanks so much Rea! Conversion Gorilla is a good tool that will help online marketers to increase their business, no matter if they are in ecommerce, affiliate, or another online marketing segment. These days we need all the help we can get, as it is harder to grab and keep the attention of people. They are too used to seeing the same things over and over on every website.

      I will take into consideration your comment on posting more, you are right. This is a busy time for me, I am rolling out a number of new ventures at the moment. Actually Comversion Gorilla will be an integral part of these activities, and this tool will be added to the other great Promote Labs tools I have for my business.

      Thanks for stopping by, taking the time to comment, and I will do my best to get more content on the site for you!

      Dave : )

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