2019 05 07 1638 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses
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Hi Everyone…

Another day, another review of a training course that is going to help you understand sales funnels. This training called Online Funnel Mastery was created by a long-time marketer who knows the business, Barry Rodgers. He is going to take the mystery out of them for you, and provide some hands-on examples that you can watch in an over the shoulder view, and get you straight on what you can do, should do, and what not to do.

This is a course that will help you understand why sales funnels are used so often today, for all kinds of online marketing niches, whether you are coaching, drop shipping, doing affiliate marketing, or selling your own products or services. It is the mainstay of how things are sold today.

Of course, this is also why I was interested in seeing what Barry had to offer, as he has a lot of experience with online marketing, and has created and used the sales funnels that he teaches you about. It will help you be a better marketer. Even some seasoned online marketers will likely get something out of the training, as Barry fills his training with tips and advice.

I like Barry as a trainer, he has an easy to understand teaching style and his lessons are on point and up-to-date. It is for these reasons that I am reviewing the course for you and you will see my final recommendation near the bottom of the page. I also am including a short explainer video recorded by Barry himself for you to look at.

So with that said, let’s get started!


2019 05 07 1640 300x46 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses


Table of Contents



Vendor: Barry Rodgers
Product: Online Funnel Mastery
Launch Date: 22 May 2019
Launch Time: 7 Days
Skill: All Levels
Front-End Price: Front End, $12 to $37 (less during launch week), OTO Prices See Below
Niche: Sales Funnel Training 
Recommend: Highly Recommended
Guarantee: Yes  30-day (see below)


2019 05 07 1640 300x46 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses


What Is Online Funnel Mastery Training All About?

To provide some great insight from the teacher himself, here is a short explainer video or as Barry calls it, a “sneak peek” that he has recorded for us all to view. You will also get an idea of Barry’s teaching style from the video, and you will see what I mean that he is a natural when it comes to teaching others how to do things related to online business…

If you have seen enough and know that Barry can teach you what you need to know about sales funnels, here is the link to buy this!


56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

Thanks and see you on the inside!

NOTE: If you want to know more, please read on, as I have drilled down on this training to give you an in-depth look at what you will be getting when you purchase this course…


2019 05 07 1640 300x46 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses


Who Is Barry Rodgers?

2019 05 07 1636 300x106 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

I want to dig down just a bit for you on who Barry is because it is helpful to know that you are not dealing with someone who only teaches but has not done the things he is teaching. Barry has been successfully using creating and selling products online for years. He’s been using sale funnels to get those sales.

In the past, I have reviewed and used several of his products and can vouch just how useful and effective they are. I agreed to promote this training because of the trust I have for his judgment and knowledge. He truly is a person that has walked the walked, not like so many other sellers out there that just talk.

He can be trusted to publish a product that is professionally put together, easy to follow, and provides a lot of valuable information and advice. This is the case with this training. If you have a need to bone up on sales funnels, or want to learn how to create effective funnels, or are just looking to brush up on them, this training is for you. It will show you the steps to get you online sales funnels done. Properly.


What Is Included In The Online Funnels Mastery Course?

Here is what you will get in the main training:

This training will go through details of 12 proven online funnel blueprints. Barry provides an overview of each, shows how the flow is created (video + pdf formats), and also has added an additional training video on “tech and tips” – which is actually showing y9u how to create the funnel components and make each funnel live.

Note that each of the sales funnels Barry walks you through also includes a downloadable “funnel map” (made using Funnelytics), This will help the student visualize how each funnel is constructed from a 10,000-foot view. These can be helpful to the student as they start creating their own funnels.

Here are some of the things you will learn inside this training:

  • How to create the pages that bring people into your funnels (quickly & easily)
  • How to create the delivery pages quickly and easily – and what you should have on ALL of them
  • Where to find the best tools for automating your funnels that save you both time & money
  • The tiny, simple giveaway that takes minutes to create and can convert better than anything (Module 3)
  • The “forgotten” tool that lets you track entire funnels without paying a monthly fee
  • How to automatically turn any blog post into an entry point to a profitable funnel with just a simple tweak (Module 9)
  • How to put together a “value funnel” that positions you as an authority and gets you a receptive audience (Module 7)
  • The “old school” funnel designed by a marketing legend that still works and converts like gangbusters today (Module 11)
  • How to create a coaching funnel that auto-evaluates responses to an application form and auto-schedules strategy calls for the successful applicants only (Module 2)
  • The easiest way to exploit a “free + shipping” funnel like the big guys do (Module 12)
  • The secret sauce for creating a continuity funnel (Module 5)
  • The funnel blueprint for affiliate sales that puts you in control of your leads (Module 1)
  • The Webinar Funnel that top marketers use that uses automation to follow up and get sales (Module 6)
  • The exact blueprint for easily transforming content to deliver massive value to bring people into a funnel (Module 8)
  • How to put a hybrid online/offline funnel together for local businesses. This can be a goldmine (Module 10)
  • Plus tips, advice and golden nuggets galore!

There are also some upsells that I talk about further down the page, and these are nice to have but are not required to have a complete grasp of sales funnels as advertised on his sales page. They are optional. You will get the bonuses I have added at the bottom of the review if you buy this training through my affiliate link whether or not you get the upsells. Don’t worry about that!


Do You Need This Course?

If you are selling products or services online, even if they are offline or physical products, you need to know how to create and piece together sales funnels. It is not rocket science, but there are a number of things that you need to be aware of and address as you are building them. This course will help you understand what is involved and get started properly with your own.

Even if you are not a beginner, this training can help you. Back when I was teaching in a school, there was what we called continuing education credits that we were required to earn by taking courses and tests that were continually improving our skill set. This may be the case on this course. You never know what you will pick up and be able to incorporate into your business.

It is for everyone too. The funnels that Barry walks you through are ones that can be adapted for any niche, for any market segment, and can be used on any platform that you may be using at the moment to create your pages or sales funnels currently. I have several tools I use and this training will make me better while using all of them.

There is a guarantee as well. Barry is offering 30-days to get your money back after you have explained to him why the training is not for you…Here is an image of the guarantee from his sales page:

2019 05 22 1440 1030x486 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses


Are There Upsells In This Offer?

Yes indeed. It would be strange I think if you were buying a training on sales funnels and the creator did not use one for his own product launch! That is not the case…


Here is what you will be offered:


The Front End…(Cost $12  to $37, during launch week it starts at the lower end!)

The front end I have described above costs during the launch week and after the price will go up to its regular price. It is best to get in during this first week to save money and also get started with the training.


The Upsells…


(1) The first is as follows – Two courses with sales funnels that you can quickly edit and publish to start making sales with… (Cost: $97 (launch) t0 $197 (after launch))

  • Email Profits Formula.

The first upsell is a superb product called “Email Profits Formula.” This is a  product created by William Fletcher and it normally costs $97.

You will get a free giveaway (lead magnet), a responsive squeeze page, a redirect page, a sales page, a bump page, and fully monetized thank you and delivery pages (the product delivery pages are also protected by password). On top of that, to complete the sales funnel package you also will get a full email sequence so you can establish authority and sell the main product to people who get the freebie.

  • The Organised Mind 

The second upsell is a mini-course elevation funnel based around a personal growth product called “The Organised Mind”. It comes complete with a mini-course delivered by email sequence (including free download), a redirect page, a sales page, an upsell page, and all fully monetized thank you and delivery pages (delivery pages protected by password).

Both of these funnels are created, fully personalized, and linked using web-based software. They will be easy to set up and start selling from.

You just have to gather the required information in “step 1” and paste it into the software in “step 2”. They then get a fully linked and personalized funnel that they can then download. Everything – even the emails – is ready to be deployed.

The Downsell for this…

You can get just one of these funnels (Email Profits Formula) at a lower price.


(2) The second upsell is as follows:

  • Lifetime Access To “Everything Rebrandable” (this is also Downsell #2) (Cost: $97)

What Is This: ‘Everything Rebrandable’ is a continuity site that Val Wilson & I have run for the last 3 years. We are moving to a fixed fee model in the near future and this will be the case for this upsell. Your customers will get full access to all of the content for one price.


(3) The third upsell is as follows:

  • The Rodgers Report Special Price (this is also Downsell #3) (Cost: $7/month or $77/year)

This is Barry’s private newsletter. This is a recurring product and there is a choice between monthly and yearly subscriptions.


NOTE: These funnels will be sold separately and as part of packs in the future for a far higher price than offered during this launch.



What Are The Pros and Cons of the Online Funnel Mastery Course

I cannot see much in the way of cons with this training. Especially for the front end offer, you are getting huge value for the money during launch week (after it still is a bargain for what you learn). In regards to the upsells, have a look at each and see if they fit into what your strategy is as an online marketer. If they will work, I would add them at the lower launch week price versus a higher price after launch.


My Final Recommendation on the Online Funnel Mastery Course

This Online Funnel Mastery Course from Barry Rodgers gets a very strong ‘YES’ from me. I know Barry and the quality of work and training he offers, and you will not be disappointed. The price is very low for the content and even after the launch week, it will be a bargain. I have paid a lot more for training that is not as good in the past.

Most certainly it does provide what is advertised, and most certainly you will come away after the training with a very good grasp on what you need to do to get your sales funnels up and running, no matter what niche or market segment you may be working at the moment. Having the proper training can save you time, money, and stress.


Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

If you have seen enough NOW and know that Barry can teach you what you need to know about sales funnels, here is the link to buy this!


56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

Thanks and see you on the inside!



In Conclusion

OK, we have covered what this new training called Online Funnel Mastery is, we have discussed who the creator is, we dug down into the upsells, and we then added in our final recommendation for you. I think you have enough information now to make a determination if this training is for you.


Kind Regards,


Dave Sweney

CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC

SMART IM Tools, Training, Services and More…


Barry’s Bonuses

Barry is adding three nice bonuses for early action takers who pick up his course as follows:


(1) Funnel Components Software Apps

2019 05 22 1438 1030x411 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses



(2) Create Info Products That Sell Like Crazy

2019 05 22 1439 1030x422 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses



(3) WP IceGram

2019 05 22 1439 001 1030x426 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses



Wait, there is more you will get from me as well…

My Bonuses

Bonuses for Buyers of The Online Funnels Mastery Course:

Here are the 3 (yes 3!!!) bonus training courses that you will get access to. Simply send me an email or comment here when you have completed your purchase, and I will send you access to all these sites. You will have lifetime access to view them again and again as you may need.


(1) Affiliate Profits Club Membership


APC250X250 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

Learn The Secrets of Choosing an Awesomely Profitable Affiliate Offer

When you’re an affiliate, you’re linking your reputation to the reputation of the product and vendor. That’s why you want to be sure your hitch your business to good, honest people and products.

Now, this may all seem like common sense, but plenty of people overlook these steps. In fact, there are a whole lot of steps aspiring affiliates overlook when they’re setting up their business – and then they wonder why they can’t seem to sell more than one or two products a month.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be sure your business is set up the right way – the profitable way – by discovering the secrets of the super affiliates at Affiliate Profits Club. Check it out now to get in on my very special offer – you’ll be glad you did!

Next up…

(2) Product Profits Club Membership


banner250x250 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

You May Have Wondered How Product Creators Design and Sell Their Products?

This course will teach you how they do it!

Each product in your sales funnel should complement every other product in your funnel, which makes it easy for you to cross-promote them.

Now here’s where a lot of business owners stumble…

They create a lot of entry-level products, but they don’t know how to create mid-level or premium products. The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think—and there even some pretty slick ways to get others to create premium products for you, for FREE.

Do you want to know these secrets?

Then check out the Product Profits Club — and do it today while you can still sneak in the back door for free. Check it out!

Lastly, you will get access to…

(3) Power Copy Club Membership


banner250x2502 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

Learn How To Write Copy That Sells!

Knowing how your prospects think and feel gives you a great head start in persuading them to buy your product. But that’s only half the battle. You also need to know the secrets of writing persuasive, cash-pulling copy. And the best way to do that is to go here to Power Copy Club.

If you sell anything online, you’ll want to grab your membership today. Check it out, and you too will know what the pros know about crafting amazing, high-converting sales copy!

Ok, we’re done…If you are still reading and NOW are ready to take action…I have you covered!

To save you from having to scroll up, here one last time is the link to buy Online Funnels Mastery!


56a49ace13517thumbnail4 300x150 - Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

Thanks and see you on the inside!



10 thoughts on “Complete Review of the Online Funnel Mastery Training Course, the OTOs, and the Bonuses

  1. For the price, this does not seem to bad a course just to learn the basics, or even relearn what you may have forgotten. 

    It seems online courses are the way of the future, and I definitely need some help with funneling as it’s a technique I have not mastered yet.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    1. Hi, Ty…

      I consider sales funnels an essential and critical skill that all online marketers need to get familiar with. There is so much to learn when you first get started with online marketing that it can be overwhelming. So I do understand that sales funnels may not be at the top of the list of things to learn.

      The Online Funnel Mastery course from Barry will help you understand and then show you some examples that he has used over the years. It is always good to learn from someone who has been there and done what he is teaching.

      As time goes on, and you have a solid base (i.e. a website, content, understanding of keywords and content) for your business in place, that is when you can start focusing on some of the other points that you will need long term. Sales funnels are likely one of those areas to touch on…

      Affiliate marketing is something where you may be able to get by without learning about sales funnels for a period of time, but by knowing how to create a post and a lead magnet, and a congruent sales page and ad, you will be able to start building an email list of subscribers.

      Then you can start developing a relationship with the people and over time recommend products that you want to promote. This is when affiliate marketing can get easier. But that too requires getting an education on how to properly conduct email campaigns, etc.  

      Courses are a good way to earn money online. People want to know what you know. That is a bit different from Affiliate marketing, but it is another stream of income that you can build online that is complementary to what you may be doing now!


      Dave  )

  2. Hello, Friend, I am very happy to read your whole article because online Funnel Mastery training is available. There is a lot of help for me in the hand you have given here. In the past, I have reviewed and used some of its products, and how effective and effective they are. I agree to campaign for this training because of his judgment and belief for knowledge. He is really a person who teaches in his hands. This is a very trusted site. Thank you very much for sharing the article.

    1. Hi, MD!

      Barry’s training is very effective for all the courses that I have purchased and attended, and this Online Funnel Mastery is no exception. Once again he has managed to package his candor, easy teaching style, and effective training into something we can all benefit from.

      I know that many people shy away from learning about sales funnels, but they really are a critical piece of the online marketing business. You may not need them immediately, but you sure will as you start to get some experience and understand how they can help you scale your business.

      If I was starting again, Barry’s training (all of it) would be on my list of people to pay attention to an learn from. This Online Funnel Mastery is no exception. Top quality at a fair price. it just does not get better than this. I have added in some bonuses for action takers too that will complement the training and the bonuses that Barry offers.


      Dave : ) 

  3. It seems that Online Funnel Mastery Training is a decent training course in building sales funnels. I believe that most businesses in any industry can and should be building out sales funnels, but so many people and companies seem to underestimate the usefulness of funnels. They should definitely check out this training. 

    1. Hi, Nate…

      Yes indeed, they can be used for almost any niche and in any size market from small to large. We have them now as a test for our e-com stores as there are times when we want to focus on a single product with some complementary cross or upsells for customers.

      That is why I am promoting this Online Funnel Mastery course. I know that many online marketers are leery about getting into them, they seem so complicated and there are already so many things to learn. This is an important element to online marketing, so it is something we all have to learn about.

      Since I have been learning and using them, I have gotten better at putting them together so they flow nicely from a customer’s perspective. These always have to be put together with them in mind. Now after some time, we are using them regularly.

      An example of where we use them a lot is with our e-com stores…

      As opposed to the complete online stores we have and sell from, we are finding that the conversion rates are higher when we use a sales funnel that has been designed specifically for e-com sales. There are certain characteristics that all sales funnels have, and that is where this training comes in.

      I know that I still have a lot to learn and every time I can listen to someone that has been doing these for years, I listen. I always pick something up, and if lucky enough to be able to ask questions, I can earn even more. This is solid training from Barry, no doubt.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding in your thoughts. You are adding to the conversation in a positive manner!


      Dave : )

  4. Dear Dave,

    Being a full-time Affiliate Marketer I continuously learn form the successful people in my niche. Two common things I noticed which made money to the successful internet marketers is… 1. Email List (Money is in the list) 2. Funnels.

    Just few months before I started learning on building my funnel. Often I do some research on building funnels I came across your review post which gave me helpful insights.

    It’s really a great news to hear that Barry is an amazing and successful internet marketer and you used many of his products. The walk-through on a look inside the course is very helpful in understanding what we gonna learn from this course. This is very helpful in making my purchase decision.

    30-day money back guarantee is just like icing on the cake so nothing to lose. How I wish I had found this product sooner when I first started! I had to go through the old way of trial and errors in building my funnel.

    Online Funnel Mastery is on my list!

    Much Success!


    1. HI, Paul…

      Yes, I too wish that I had found a training course like what Barry is offering years ago. When I was learning, there was a lot of conflicting guidance out there and you were pulled in one direction and then another. Most of the ‘trainers’ were just trying to sell me their product.

      Barry is offering something more with his training. The Online Funnel Mastery course is set up to teach anyone, whether a beginner or a veteran marketer, how to get these set up properly. He also explains how they work and why they work. 

      It is a great offer at a reasonable price. The bonuses are also useful and will complement the training nicely. I wish you well with your online business and with the sales funnels that you create. They will make a big difference in income that you earn if they are set up properly.


      Dave : )

  5. Goodness me Dave, you go into every detail I wanted to know about the online funnel mastery course. You left nothing out for me to have to guess. In particular, I like all of the pros, and it would appear, indeed, to be worth the small investment that you would have to make.

    But, as they say, there are times when “We all need a little help.” The course looks like it is what I need. So a big thank you for the helpful review.

    1. Hi, M8!

      Thanks for stopping by and adding in your thoughts…Barry is a heck of a guy and a good teacher, I put him up there with the likes of JayKay, Adam Payne, and a few others. This course is especially good for beginners, and even old guys like you and me can pick up some tips from Barry with his new Online Funnel Mastery Course. All the best and thanks for stopping by!

      Dave : )

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