Review of the SMART Video Creation Kit

Smart Logo Tools For Business resized - Review of the SMART Video Creation Kit

Today we are looking at a “kit” that contains three white-label versions of professional video software tools. These have sold thousands of copies to marketers and for a limited time, they are now available at a special sale price as indicated below. There is huge value here for the online marketer and entrepreneur. During end-of-year sales, you can often get such deals as this if you act swiftly while the offers are open. This is such a case. The kit price is starting out at an almost unheard of low-offering price and the price will rise as the number of […]

Review of AdsCrisp Video Ads Creation Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses

2019 04 21 1651 - Review of AdsCrisp Video Ads Creation Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses

Hi Everyone… Today I am doing a review on AdsCrisp, a tool that will help you if you are creating ads for any social platform. It supports quick video ads in any format for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and Google. These ads can be quite difficult to get the right format for and rather than resizing or having to do a lot of messing around, this tool is set up to quickly get the exact size you need, and has templates that help you get them created quickly. The tool is in launch week, and you can buy […]

Review of the ‘Video Drill’ Effective Ads Tool

INTRODUCTION As online marketers, we need tools that automate our operations and help us further raise our traffic, leads, and conversions. There are many avenues you can use to advance these considerations. One excellent and very low-cost ways to get that traffic is through YouTube. It is not so easy to target exactly the audience you are looking for unless you have some additional tools over the ones offered at YouTube. This tool will give you a leg up on your competition, it will keep your costs down, and it will help you quickly hone in on the target audience […]

YouTube Streaming Ad Basics That Ensure Success

INTRODUCTION Today we are looking at YouTube streaming ads. These are likely ads that you are familiar with if you use YouTube at all, they are becoming more and more common. The reason that they are being used more is that they work. If you do your homework and prepare your campaigns properly you can use this paid means of getting traffic successfully too. When you are finished with the tutorial, you will have a good basic idea of what the method is, why you should use it, how to use it, and be ready to get started… Once you […]