Review of Vidently, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and High Value Bonuses Available

2018 07 11 0121 - Review of Vidently, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and High Value Bonuses Available

Introduction Hi, Everyone… Back again with another review for you of a tool that will help you in many areas of your online marketing business. This one is a video creation tool that is simplified to help you quickly create the sales, explainer, product promotion, or other type videos that you need for online business. As you know, I am all about tools that make your life easier, that help you automate or do more in less time, and offer high value for the price. The new tool from Andrew Darius fits all these parameters and more, but before you […]

Secure Massive Free Traffic Easily Using Repurposed Videos

INTRODUCTION Videos continue to grow in popularity and use in 2016 by virtually everyone that is using the internet. Especially with users that access the net with mobile devices… If you are like most marketers, over time you will have gathered a mountain (OK a virtual mountain) of videos that collect virtual dust somewhere on one or more of your hard drives or somewhere in one of your cloud storage locations… Today I want to discuss why you are sitting on a cash cow, and how you can with a little effort milk that cow for jump-starting your traffic, leads acquisition, […]

What Is Facebook Live and How Can I Use It?

INTRODUCTION Facebook Live is a relatively new entry to the world of live streaming video. Because of the power that lies behind the roll out, it is a tool that we as online marketers need to pay attention to, learn about, and see how we can use it in our own marketing programs. This tutorial provides you a good solid base to start doing just that.  Included is a short history of the medium, how it came to be and who were the players that got it to where it is now… Next, some of the benefits of the medium […]


INTRODUCTION This is the eighth training post in this 10 part series of posts on generating  more free traffic to your niche website. There are only 2 more to go, and as we work our way through this various tutorials, I hope that they are generating some excitement and ideas for your own online marketing program. Taking in total, you should have a great set of marketing ideas that you  can select from to expand your current efforts. Additionally, I have added in free eBooks and other support materials for many of the posts that you can get for a […]


A Short Video Introduction… INTRODUCTION This is a unique training product offered by a truly unique internet marketer who has shown again and again that he has the vision to stay out front of trends that change the way marketing is done online. In short, it is a rare opportunity you have to get in on the start of a revolution, one that is going to change the way we think of social interaction and how we use this for our internet marketing programs. In short, it is a rare opportunity you have to get in on the start of […]