Review of MeetZippy, OTOs and Bonuses – A Truly Disruptive Leap In Video Conferencing

MeetZippy Review Support Image12 - Review of MeetZippy, OTOs and Bonuses - A Truly Disruptive Leap In Video Conferencing

Hi Everyone, As usual, you know I do not like to promote tools that do not work, products that do not deliver, and platforms that are designed to make only the creator money. That is why you need to pay attention as you read through the review of a tool that is going to blow your mind called MeetZippy. A truly disruptive leap in the way video-conferencing is done… Many of you know that we offer products and services to online marketers and offline businesses  – things like SMART Chatbots, SMART IM Checklists, SMART Video, SMART Video Ads, etc. To […]

How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

Bundle 3 - How To Use Online Viral Marketing In 2019

Hi, Everyone… As we are about a third of the way through 2019 already, I know that many people are looking for ways to get things rolling for their online business as the first three months of the year may or may not have been as successful as they want. Whether it has been or not, it always is good to look at the many options that are out there to grow your business using organic (free) methods that are available. One way that many people talk about but few really know that much about is online viral marketing. This […]

SMART IM Chatbot Services – What Is This Service All About?

2019 03 08 1607 - SMART IM Chatbot Services - What Is This Service All About?

Hi, Everyone… We have launched the next SMART IM Tools branded service this week. After beta testing and taking care of our own needs and selected clients that we work with over an extended period, we now have opened up the service to the public. This is quite an exciting step for us, and an important one for all business owners whether online or offline. To date, most of the services out there either cost a lot of money up front and then a high fee based on the number of actions that the chatbots generate (i.e. leads, accesses, etc.). […]

PayPal Alternatives and Why You Should Secure One Now!

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Hi, Everyone… Today I want to talk about options to the payment gateway PayPal, ones you can use in lieu of or in addition to PayPal, and why you need to think about all this now. This is an issue that has come up recently when some of the big-time marketers have had their PayPal accounts shut down for apparently no reason. Many people in the online business may not be selling online, perhaps they are doing affiliate marketing. For even these people I would recommend reading through this post, as you need to be aware of what is going on. […]

Review Of SMART IM Checklists

2018 12 19 1229 - Review Of SMART IM Checklists

INTRODUCTION This is a different kind of review today. How so? The product I am reviewing is my own! As such, I will try to inform readers what I am offering in detail and explain why I think they should consider using this tool(s) for their online businesses. The product is called SMART IM Checklists, and they consist of 12 volumes of lists by subject, and some training to go along with the one (Canva). Right now for a limited period of time, you can get a low introductory price for this set of tools that will help you make […]