How To Set Up For Mobile Commerce Sales

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INTRODUCTION Many people attempting online businesses will hear about e-commerce. They will hear about websites and Woo-Commerce. Magento, Shopify and etc. They will be confused because there is so much information out there. Today I want to look at e-commerce from a different angle – namely mobile commerce…This can be done with all the platforms you will read about, but there are some special characteristics that you need to be aware of and plan for… WHY MOBILE E-COMMERCE? To put it simply and plainly, more than half of the time spent on the internet these days is accessed through smartphones! […]

Warlord Mobile Lead Tool Review – Collect Best Lead EMail Information

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INTRODUCTION Those of you who stop by here often know that I like to find good products that help us with our online marketing programs. I generally do not review the bad ones, although it has happened. Today I review a brand new tool that is useful for capturing leads in an easy manner where the main addresses are captured and that in easy steps… Two problems these days are that people are less willing to pass out their email addresses. Often when asked for contact information they will provide a secondary email that they do not use often. The […]

Smartphones and Internet Marketing

INTRODUCTION This subject is one that may seem self-evident these days, once in a while it is worth it to look what is behind the “givens” in online marketing and see why such statements are made and accepted. Today is where I do just that. We all have heard that mobile marketing has changed the way we do business and how we must plan for business when it comes to online marketing. We will drill down briefly and see what is actually happening now in the mobile world and how it impacts our programs from top to bottom. At the […]