My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

2019 06 06 0900 - My Live Review of Content Gorilla, the OTOs, and My Bonuses

Hi, Everyone… This is a product that caught my eye because I am always interested in finding tools that help automate the many tasks that we all have to take care of day in and day out. Content is something that you can quickly fall behind on. The more websites and niches you enter, the worse it can get. Key for me is that any automation tool does what it says and not cause more work than it solves. I mean that when it comes to content, you want to provide fresh and unique information that is going to add […]

Secure Massive Free Traffic Easily Using Repurposed Videos

INTRODUCTION Videos continue to grow in popularity and use in 2016 by virtually everyone that is using the internet. Especially with users that access the net with mobile devices… If you are like most marketers, over time you will have gathered a mountain (OK a virtual mountain) of videos that collect virtual dust somewhere on one or more of your hard drives or somewhere in one of your cloud storage locations… Today I want to discuss why you are sitting on a cash cow, and how you can with a little effort milk that cow for jump-starting your traffic, leads acquisition, […]