Review of Vidently, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and High Value Bonuses Available

2018 07 11 0121 - Review of Vidently, OTO1, OTO2, OTO3, and High Value Bonuses Available

Introduction Hi, Everyone… Back again with another review for you of a tool that will help you in many areas of your online marketing business. This one is a video creation tool that is simplified to help you quickly create the sales, explainer, product promotion, or other type videos that you need for online business. As you know, I am all about tools that make your life easier, that help you automate or do more in less time, and offer high value for the price. The new tool from Andrew Darius fits all these parameters and more, but before you […]


INTRODUCTION This is the eighth training post in this 10 part series of posts on generating  more free traffic to your niche website. There are only 2 more to go, and as we work our way through this various tutorials, I hope that they are generating some excitement and ideas for your own online marketing program. Taking in total, you should have a great set of marketing ideas that you  can select from to expand your current efforts. Additionally, I have added in free eBooks and other support materials for many of the posts that you can get for a […]


INTRODUCTION This is a recently introduced high-end video creation tool that has some new innovative features that represent somewhat of a disruptive leap in video creation technology capability that online marketers can use for upgrading their marketing programs. Note that this software is currently closed to taking on new customers, but it will reopen 1 March 2016 again for sales. This is a valuable tool offering a lot of very unique features NO other video creation tool has that the internet marketer can use for their program. In the meantime, while we wait for the re-opening of Vigeos, please check out […]


INTRODUCTION If you have been around my site for long, you will know that I am a HUGE fan of using video in your online marketing business. This is because, in a few words, it is effective and will bring you more success! You will see that I intersperse videos all over this site. BACKGROUND Here are my exact thoughts on video: “Using video is a POWERFUL communication tool that will help you attract MORE traffic, get you MORE leads, assist in developing STRONG business relationships with people, and of course, making MORE sales after you have trust and credibility within […]

Easy, Simple, & Effective Whiteboard Marketing Video

 INTRODUCTION You are likely familiar with the term whiteboard videos when it comes to online marketing. These simple videos are effective, fast to create, and are enjoyed and viewed by your viewers. Sometimes they can go viral and get you a LOT of attention. That is a good and desirable outcome in our business! This is why I thought a post on animated videos would be helpful for everyone. Just because you have heard of these does not mean that you know how to put them together or understand where they come from. I myself was in the dark when […]