12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

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Hi, Everyone… Happy New Year! It is not too late to wish this, BUT time is marching on, so it  IS time to get busy for this New Year and beyond… Today, while I wait for my LLC paperwork to be completed so we can completely open the SMART IM Tool program to fellow online marketers, I wanted to add a post on ideas to create a variety of streams of passive for your online business in 2019. As stated, this is a new year, an excellent time to evaluate where you are with your online business and to start […]

Review Of HumCommerce Sales Tool for ECommerce Business

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  Introduction Hi, Everyone… Today I am going to walk you through one of the best tools that will help your e-commerce business that I have found to date. As some of you may know, I have 12 e-commerce sites, some general and some niche stores, and I have a wide variety of products. I had been looking for a long time for a tool that would allow me to quickly gather data about each of the sites to see what kind of actions my customers were taking while on the site. Heat maps in particular, but of course, I […]

Review of Dropshipper Elite Training, OTO Upgrades, and Bonuses

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  Introduction Hi, Everyone… Today I am reviewing a training program called ‘Dropshipper Elite’ that is launched today. I was given access to the training, and have recorded a video on my thoughts about the coourse. I was impressed. It is a fact that thousands and thousands of dropshipping stores are opened every day online. Unfortunately, most of them will fail for one reason or another. Either the owners have not planned well, they have not done the requisite research, or they do not know how to build the store using good SEO practices or design practices. This training is […]

Storeless eCom Tool, OTOs, and Bonuses Review

  Introduction Hi, Everyone… Today I am reviewing a tool that I can honestly say I am excited a lot about! If you have been thinking of entering into e-commerce sales, but have been hesitating because of the work involved setting up a store, adding products, doing all the other work you will have, the Storeless ECom Sales System is just the thing for you. I know the creator of the tool, Precious, and have purchased his products in the past. Most recently I bought some training and case studies that he was selling in the eCom niche (As many […]

My E-Com Journey – Setting Up Effective Online Stores

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Hi, Everyone… Today we are going to wander a bit ahead to show you some of the stores I set up and talk about them. It is my hope that you will get some ideas when you read through this and possibly ask some questions at the end of this post in the comment section. There is a lot to consider when planning for a store, as we have already gone through in earlier posts on e-commerce. Now you will see what a finished store looks like (more actually) where you will see all the things we’ve mentioned and more incorporated. […]