The Lighter Side – Day Eighteen – Lead Magnets

INTRODUCTION In this latest edition of my Lighter Side posts, I look at lead magnets. You may be wondering what these are if you are not into online marketing, lead lists, email marketing, etc. If this is the case, no worries! Today you will learn what these are, why and how to use them, and finally, be able to look at my latest lead magnet… They can help your online marketing program in a number of ways, and are worth understanding and using on a regular basis as a part of your overall strategy… Remember that it is an adage […]


INTRODUCTION Yesterday we covered part one of this two-part tutorial on branding. In that portion of training, we covered what branding was and why you need it for your online marketing effort. Today we will continue and finish up the training by discussing the social platforms in detail that are available to you and how best to use each. This will be of use to you as you plan your own branding campaign. At the end of the tutorials, you will be ready to take action and get started, or if you have started, you can use the points discussed to […]

How to Effectively Use Snapchat to Produce Awesome Marketing Results

INTRODUCTION SnapChat is yet another social platform that has come to light more recently due to the changes they have implemented  with the app. These changes are conducive to marketers using the platform more. Today I want to cover the background of SnapChat and how the changes since then have now allowed for its practical use by online marketers. Then I want to lay out some training that I have made available to you through my site that will help you get off the ground if you are totally new to SnapChat, or help you leverage the tool more effectively […]