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ebook 1 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?


I am old school and although I have written and published training manuals, field manuals, guides, newspaper articles and army regulations. I have never used Kindle, however.

Based on my research to create this tutorial and the offered training, I can say without hesitation that I would definitely consider the platform for my next publication, which is coming soon.

We will learn what Kindle is, what the market is for online publishing, how you can tap into that market, and discuss the elements to get from an idea to a published book.

At the end of the tutorial, I will offer you some additional training that you can go through and keep by your side as you build your book. It will get you through the process more easily.

So let’s get started! 


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Kindle is a phenomenon that is yet another innovation resulting from societies move to using the internet in new and helpful ways to make life easier.

As with other online shopping gateways such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or the millions of other online stores you can find, people are using Kindle to immediately buy their reading materials.

Kindle is a selling platform for those authors wanting to get access to a large reading audience fast and where the “store” is open 24/7. Such is the case with Kindle.

Of course, to make sure that certain standards are maintained and so audiences will get what they expect when they buy a book through Kindle, you will have to follow the rules that are in place to get your book published with them…

Why would you want to consider using the Kindle platform?

There are a lot of advantages for both sides of the transaction when someone buys a book through Kindle.  

Buyer Advantages:

  • The buyer can complete their purchase from the comfort of their home.
  • The buyer can have immediate access to the book after purchase.
  • There is no longer a need to go to a bricks and mortar site, spending time and fuel to select the books they want to buy.
  • The buyer has access to all purchased books at their fingertips, a click of a few buttons will show their entire library.
  • Using the Kindle format, there are options to click on links with books to access associated websites for further information.
  • The cost for the book is less than the hardcover version.
  • Less space is taken up with a digital version of the book over the hardcopy version.
  • It is just a lot more convenient.

For The Seller There Are Advantages Too:

  • You can get access to a global market quickly.
  • The platform is widely known and accepted by a large audience.
  • Target audiences will be able to find your eBook quickly using the search engines available with the Platform.
  • It is easy to complete your eBook using the guidance for preparing and publishing it through Kindle.
  • You can add your eBook to your giveaway offers, and advertise the fact that is is also offered on Kindle.
  • It is a fast and effective way to get started selling your creations.

Of course, some of the authors from the earlier days are not quite that happy with this new market center for books. They feel that too much is given up when using Kindle over more traditional means…

This is the course of the future, however. Just as with the music industry, the business model has changed and is changing rapidly. Instant access, low margins, less paper, and more selection from your internet device is the norm these days…

In that light you need to have a clear understanding of the market, how to take part in this sea-change in how books are sold and delivered to readers, and get started on grabbing a piece of the market for yourself.

Easier said than done. You can do the research yourself and over time, pick up all the tips, tricks, and shortcuts, or you can come to a site like this one and learn what you need to know in one place.

What is the market for eBooks these days? Is it worth your while to get involved? How can you get started? What things must you watch out for?

These and other questions are answered below, starting with just how big is this market… 


The market is bigger than ever, and still growing. Here are some statistics of what the market looks like:

“According to a Nielsen survey, eBooks constituted 23 percent of unit sales for the first six months of the year, while hardcovers made up 25 percent and paperback42 percent of sales.” Nielson Survey

“Based on our assumptions and estimates, we conclude that the company may be earning between $265 million to $530 million a year from e-books alone. That’s still small in comparison to its overall revenues.” Forbes Magazine 2014  ESTIMATING KINDLE SALES FOR AMAZON EBOOKS PUBLISHED JUN 2014

As you can see, there is a lot of money being made on the Kindle Platform. There are other lesser known platforms you can consider using, and most certainly hardcover book sales are not dead in the market…, but when you do your research, make sure you check their stats as well to compare to Kindle…

But as you do your own research, you will see that the eBook market is a thriving one that can offer you advantages that the traditional publishing avenues simply are not set up to match….

From the other options for publishing online your eBook, you will likely see that Kindle is at the top of the options you have due to huge number active buyers that use the service, plus the Amazon association.


LightbulbIdea - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?


Get yourself a guide to make sure that all the steps are covered in the process of going from having an idea to a published book, with marketing steps to follow that publication date to maximize your earnings…

Here are some of the basic considerations…

This is a quick overview, but it gives you an idea of just what is involved in getting your book created and published…

Why Should You Use Kindle Over Other Platforms

  • There is a huge audience available on this sales platform
  • It is owned and operated by Amazon, a trusted name in online sales and delivery
  • Quick publishing and options to offer coupons, highlighted marketing positions, etc

Picking a Niche and Select the Subject Of Your Book

  • You need to find a niche that is popular but not oversaturated
  • Once you have your niche you need an interesting  subject that needs a solution, an explanation, or additional exposure
  • Consider demographics of Kindle customers and select your niche and subject with these in mind:
    • Kindle Customers Are Generally Older
    • They are also commuters
    • They are holiday makers and like to travel
    • There is a segment that are students who read more

Writing Your Book

There are a number of ways to get your book written, and this is beyond the scope of this tutorial today. but consider the following tips when it comes to getting your book created:

  • You can outsource the whole thing (but maintain authorship)
  • You can partially outsource the project, i.e. editing or final touches
  • You can research and write the book yourself if you have the time
  • You can repackage older content, updating for the current status of the subject
  • You can also publish using the Creative Commons license, which means that your book can be used by others more easily

Formatting Your Book

Of course, you will have to follow the guidelines for formatting your book according to Kindle’s guidelines. Here are a few to consider:

  • Use HTML
  • Use H1 tags for Chapter Titles and H2 tags for Subheadings
  • Include a Table of Contents
  • Inserted images are placed centrally aligned
  • Use standard and regular fonts – no strange ones
  • Use page breaks to end chapters

The above guidelines do not seem to be too strenuous, but believe me, a tool that will do a lot of this for you will be helpful. I recommend that you use WORD or a similar word processor that has a template for Kindle publishing. It will save you hours of work!

Publishing Your Book

Once you have your book completed and ready to publish, head over to the Kindle site and get started registering if you are not a member, and go through the steps laid out to get your book published and live to the public…

Marketing Your Book Using SEO and Other Tools

The work is not over once the book is live on Kindle. There is marketing to consider and implement next!

This includes everything from making sure the SEO is taken care of on the sales page to using social networks and platforms to get the word out to potential readers.

You can use organic means (unpaid) or paid ads to get exposure, and my recommendation would be to do a combination of both.

The effort you put into this stage of the book publishing process will make or break the sales and profits…

Bottom Line:

What you have above is again, a very brief overview of the various components you must factor in to get your eBook completed, published, and marketed in today’s sales environment.

Things have changed, and anyone can now be an author and potentially make some good money selling their creations in a wide open market that Kindle is.

The ease with which you can publish using Kindle has never been available to the masses. It levels the playing field, and you can use this to your advantage as an online marketer, plus fill a void there may be on your subject.

For the readers and audiences that you can attract using the steps above, you also are providing a service and value. That is of paramount concern of course.

Therefore, it is important that you have some detailed guidance available to you to make sure that you are providing an engaging and useful experience to the readers who buy your book.

If you want to more details and drill down guidance on the elements above, I recommend that you consider the additional training I am offering you today.

This training will guide through the creation and publication process, it will help you get started properly, and the training will lessen the hassles you may have…

See what you are getting below…


I have a training course available for you to get all the details from start to finish on exactly how to create and publish your own eBook using the Kindle platform.

There are two levels of training you can secure today, the basic course which will provide all that you need, and then an upsell that provides added videos for your use.

Let’s look at what the contents are for each and also see what it is offered for (cost):


Basic Offer – Make Money With Kindle

Here is what you will get with this training package:

ebook 1 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?

  • The Training Book

This book will start you at the beginning of planning for what to write and to who. It will then walk you through the process to get to a published book on Kindle and offer suggestions on how to increase your sales through marketing and SEO.

cheat sheet 1 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?

  • Cheat Sheet For The Training

This portion of the training package is very useful in that it provides a quick synopsis without the detail that the training book has. Use it to quickly discern main training points from the package.

Next, we have…

mindmap - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?


  • Mind Map Supporting The Training

This will provide you a visual portrayal of the processes involved in creating and publishing your eBook using Kindle. It will also give you a snapshot of your overall strategy you can use.

And Yet Another Tool For You…


resources 1 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?


  • Resource Guide

This guide will add in other resources that you can refer to for additional guidance over and above the training you receive in the package. Very useful and I would recommend keeping it close-by as you move from the training stage to actually taking action.

So how much is all this going to cost you?

YOUR COST TODAY: $9.95 Only!


This is a real bargain, and if you check out what you will pay using other training sites, you will see that your price here is better. If you want to get a proper start towards building your publishing empire (or you just want to create and publish one book) this training will help you do this!


Click on the green link below to immediately complete your purchase and get access to the bonuses below!


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[link to be added asap]


The basic offer covers pretty much all you will need and there is no absolute requirement to purchase any additional materials to have success using the training provided.

Nonetheless, there are some people that learn better using visual means, and most people can add video to book training to solidify what they are learning easier.come up with

This is the reason I am adding in this upsell but keeping it separate from the basic offer. There will be some people that want or need this upgrade and some that will not want it. You have a choice!with

Of course, my recommendation is that you buy both the front end and the upgrade. That will offer you the best deal when it comes to actually getting started and on your way properly.

So let’s see exactly what you get with the Deluxe Add-On training…


bundle 1 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?

Deluxe Add-On Offer

Please look through the below information to see what additional materials that you get when you decide to go with this upgrade…

Video Upgrade To The Training Package

Here is what you will get in addition to the basic training package when you choose to upgrade to this deluxe version of the training:

ppt - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?

Videos – A Variety Of Subjects Covering All Aspects Of Using Kindle

Let’s be real. Many people would rather watch a video than go through a lot of text information. They are visual learners who can grasp ideas quicker when presented in a video format. This upgrade is for such learners.

Here is a list of the video subjects that are covered with the upgrade:


  • Why You Need To Consider Publishing On Kindle
  • What Is Kindle
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • But, I Just Wanted To Write Fiction
  • Creating Awesome Books That Will Sell
  • How To Get Content For Your Book
  • Formatting Your Book
  • Publishing Your Book 
  • Marketing Your Book and Increasing Sales
  • Conclusion and Closing Comments

329d9c5531240a18d81e511c2880a361 1451686199 cropped - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?

Quality Of The Videos

These videos are in MP4 format and responsive, so they can easily be viewed on any kind of device you may be accessing the training from.

They are also high quality in regards to the video and the audio you are getting in addition to the high-quality content you will find in the videos.

MP3 Option

Over and above the above videos, you are also getting MP3 audios recordings of each video training in the upgrade. That means you can listen to these as you want where you want, using the standard audio playing devices in the market…

Master Resell Rights

This means that you can recover the purchase price of the training by selling the training package on to just one other person that may be interested in creating their own books using the Kindle platform!

Your cost is then zero!

You will receive a license certificate with the upgrade that authorizes you to sell the training on (no changes or editing allowed)…

YOUR COST TODAY:  Only $9.95!



This offer will be presented to you after you purchase the front end training package. If for some reason it is not offered, please send an email directly to support@davesweney.com

Wait…There is MORE…

Additionally, I am adding in a few bonuses that you will be able to use as you  start going through the training…These will be available to you when you complete your purchase using the above buttons…

Bonuses You Will Receive

Here they are:

Bonus # 1 – Entrepreneur Basics

2016 05 12 1049 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?

This is a basic overview of what it takes to be an entrepreneur in today’s world. There is a host of useful information that will help you get in the right frame of mind as you start to plan for and create your eBook.


Bonus # 2 – Selling To The World

2016 02 28 1014 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?

This is a guide to developing a strategy to increase your sales, in this case for your Kindle published eBook! There are many tool available on the internet, and this training will help you tap into them for more and faster success.




With the deluxe version of the training (upgrade) you also will receive this third valuable bonus training that is worth $97 USD!

Bonus # 3 – Bulletproof Branding Commission Guerilla Bonus 2 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?

This course will help you design an effective branding strategy and then offer many good tips to implementing your strategy using campaigns and other tools.

It will help you plan on how you will market your eBook once it is live and available on the Kindle platform. Using the guidelines in this course, you can leverage your skills and efforts to maximize the potential your eBook offers you.


Bottom Line: These three bonuses complement the training and will help you to succeed when you plan and create your first eBook. They will automatically be available through my bonus page that will appear after your purchase. If there are any problems you experience in gaining access to these bonuses, please drop an email to support@davesweney.com. We will take care of you promptly.  


smile 1 - Can You Still Make Good Money Using Kindle In 2016?


As evidenced by the statistics on sales of Kindle books online, this is still an excellent avenue to consider when you want to publish and sell your written creations.

In this short tutorial, you learned some of the ins and outs of all the critical elements that you need to plan for when you want to have your book published using Kindle.

The old days of having to get through echelons of people to have your book published are gone forever. Today almost anyone can get into the game, and Kindle is a viable tool to do just that.

There are critics of the Kindle system in that control of distribution and marketing  plus the compensation package is totally different from the old days.

Overall my opinion and that of many others is that Kindle and similar online publishing platforms have leveled the playing field for people in a way that simply was not possible in the old days.

The training I have added will help you dig down and contains much more detail than what I have provided here today. Consider checking it out if you are serious about entering the book publishing business.

If you have something to say or teach or describe to the masses, this is a very good way of doing so! Note you can also use the book you create and publish as a giveaway (and claim the distribution figures).

Publishing a book can also help you and your brand establish credibility in the niche you are selling in online. Once you start getting the book out to others, your reputation will grow…

Hopefully, this short tutorial has given you some ideas and inspiration to get started right away. In all things with the online marketing business, this is the case.

Getting started is paramount! 

Work your plan today to get your very own Kindle eBook together and  published!

I wish you the best of luck!



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Please consider taking a few moments and adding in your thoughts on the Kindle book market and maybe mention your own experiences using this market to sell your eBooks. We all learn when we share, and the comment section is a great place to get this started. Thanks in advance for your participation!


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Dave has been involved in sales for 20 years with offline products and has been fortunate to have traveled the world while realizing up to $4 million USD a month in gross sales of products he promoted.

He has brought that experience to the online world and this is one of his online ventures. This site is intended to present ideas, products, tools, tips and more that will help all those seeking to make money online have success.

Subjects covered are diverse, but in totem, you can learn a lot about the things that you will need to have success with online business right here. This includes things to do and things NOT to do!