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Every once in a while something comes along that makes too much sense to ignore or not take action on. Such is the case with the upcoming Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Sale that runs from 24-27 November 2017. There may be a grace period as well for a couple of days (I have seen this) but focus on those dates for now.

If you have struggled to get an online business up and running to now, this is the perfect offer for you to take advantage of. Even if you are already making a bit of money from online marketing, this platform with all it offers is worth a look and your time and money.

I have been a member for 29 months now, and have to say it has provided me a solid base from which to grow my businesses faster, smarter, and more effectively. The reasons that is the case are many, but it all starts with a solid foundation, which they provide.

The cofounders of this platform started 12 years ago, and over that time, they have evolved what you can do on the platform as the ways marketing is done has evolved. By staying current and throughout these years, providing no fluff training that is easy to follow and implement, they have stayed relevant, as has the platform.

Here is a short video to explain what you get with Wealthy Affiliate (it has a couple of spelling errors, sorry!)…


Let’s dig down just a bit to look at what you get:



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The Main Point: It’s easy, and the training works…

Kyle and Carson (the owners) have put together the training in an easy to follow format that takes the beginner quickly from zero to having a website up and running with fresh and relevant content. You can sign up and try the platform free for seven days, but to get the true value you will need to upgrade to Premium.

The focus throughout the man levels of training (there are over 120 modules plus 300 tutorials and webinars, etc.) is to give the member a no fluff means of standing up their websites and monetizing them in the most efficient manner. They teach you how to create a long-term successful online business.

That is just the start…Here is the special affiliate training to teach you how to sell as an affiliate:


2017 11 23 0800 - Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Sale

Using the training, you can learn how to promote the Wealthy Affiliate platform to others. The bonus is that you can also use this for ANY product or service that you may want to promote! It also takes you step by step, and is VERY effective.

So what else do you get?

2017 11 23 0810 - Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Sale


There are many levels of support you get as a Premium member. First, you can create and run 50 websites for free using their hosting platform. The value of this benefit is huge. These are not some cheap hosting services either. You get 24/7 support, free SSL, malware and virus protection, ‘Sitespeed’ (a proprietary tool that speeds up loading times of your website), over 3000 themes to select from as you create websites, and more.

Because the platform has many thousands of members, some active and some not, as their business grows and takes up more of their time, there is a library of member created training, posts, tutorials, videos, and questions and answers you can tap into.

Some of the training has evolved over the years, of course, but some is very generic and useful. There is a search window where you can quickly find and tag all subjects and content that you may need later. Over the last 29 months, I have created a library about the library it seems! Very useful and I learn something every day.

You also can create different kinds of websites using their services. I have affiliate sites, membership sites, e-commerce sites, and video sales websites. All of these are easily set up using their platform. I have VAs (virtual assistants) that help me maintain all these websites (it would be too much otherwise)…


2017 11 23 0821 - Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Sale


They have built several features into the platform that are going to help you rank your content and posts quicker, higher, and pull in more traffic for free from the search engines like Google. First, there is the training that teaches you how to select keywords that have low competition so you can rank the content you create.

Second, they have features that will help you ‘put the best foot forward’ as we say in Minnesota. There is a SiteContent tool that helps you write your content, check it for grammar and spelling, plus it gives you the ability to add in images from over 1 million you have access to, and it has templates to use in case you need some guidance.

Once you have written and checked your content, then you can directly post that content to your websites! That is a time saver and a feature that I personally love. All the rest are likely more important, but this is a little convenience that reflects on the care Kyle and Carson have given throughout the platform for us all…

The next thing where the platform can help you is with getting reviews of your website and your posts. This feature allows you to give comments and feedback in return for getting feedback and comments. Comments are one way to get more ‘juice’ from your work, and it gets the attention of the search engines.


2017 11 23 0825 - Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Sale


One of the central pillars of marketing online successfully is knowing about and using keywords for everything you are doing online with your business. Keywords are what people are looking for as they use the internet, and of course, you want them to look for and read what you have published.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free keyword tool that gives you access to billions of keywords and keyword combinations. Not only that, you can see how many other websites are using those keywords, and what combination of words will give you the best chance of ranking high in search engine results so people click on YOUR link.

You can also do research for niches, subjects, and see what others are doing with the keywords. This is key (no pun intended) to you creating content that people will want to see. Once you have them on your website, of course, then you can start promoting products and services that will pay you a commission when viewers take action.


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This may seem like a strange feature to mention, but bear with me, you will see just how important that is as you work to get an online business up and running. By its very nature, most of the online marketing business involves working from places where you are not surrounded by a lot of people…

It can help immensely to have a group of like-minded people to communicate with on a regular basis. There are supportive posts, comments, ideas, and tips that you get every day at Wealthy Affiliate. There are over one million users at this time, and although all are not active at any one time, there is ALWAYS someone online in the community.


prize 1st - Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Sale


Permeating throughout the platform you see support. Support for your websites, your training requirements, your down periods, your questions, and your ideas. I have never experienced anything like it anywhere else. This is important, as you will go through struggles as you seek success.

prize 1st - Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Sale


I am an Ambassador. This means that of the over million members, I have achieved that rank of 8 (at the moment). That rank is just one indicator of the level of involvement I have on the site. It does NOT indicate the level of success of my business.

My time as a Premium member is 29 months as of the time of writing this quick review, and there are members who have been members for over 10 years! These members rank from Ambassadors, as I am, to way down in the numbers. Obviously, there must be something that keeps these long-time members around?

The platform offers such a solid program that the decision to stay and support it plus other members were no-brainers for me. I love helping people get started with their online businesses, and this is true of many members, Ambassador or not.

Using the training and features that are provided at Wealthy Affiliate, I have been able to set up and make money from many websites and streams of income over the last 29 months. So I can personally attest to the fact that it works.

Now, bottom line…


questions Answer 300x242 - Black Friday Wealthy Affiliate Sale



Once a year, the owners run a special on Black Friday (the Friday after the USA Thanksgiving holiday) and they slash prices for Premium membership by 50%! This means that the $49 a month you would normally pay could drop to about $25 a month.

You still get all the features and services mentioned above, and truthfully, based on what I have seen, no other platform offers this much for that price. The only downside is that you have to pay that 50% fee up front for the year.

The cost during the sale period is $299. One time payment, and you can take advantage of that price year after year, as I and many 1000s of other members do. I highly recommend that if at all possible, get in now during this sale, and start making money from your online effort!

To keep this cost in perspective, although it seems like a lot initially, think of it in terms of your daily cost. You literally have a complete package of features and training to get started for less than $1 a day! In fact, your cost is $.82 cents a day! That is less than a cup of coffee!



Very simple. Either click on the link below or the banner below. You will be taken to a sales page where you can sign up and pay using a secure payment gateway and your credit card. It is a simple and quick process. If you have ANY problems, drop me a line in the comment section below and I will help you get started.



Good question. Over and above the platform and all the benefits I have mentioned I have some special bonuses for you that are unique and will help you get started even faster. They include:

Access to 7 training programs selected especially for you and intended to help you get started even faster. They cover a variety of online tasks that you will have to learn about and use in your online business. These are not fluff training, rather ones that will really help you.

Additionally, I am offering you access to my membership site for marketing. This platform will provide you a number of tools, programs, training packages, and etc. that you can use in your online business too. You will be able to download 10 programs of qualifying products from that site for free.

Lastly, I will set up and conduct 4 one hour sessions with you, one on one, to help get you started right with your business. These can be set up between us as our schedules allow, and normally I do not do much of this as my time is limited, as is yours.



This sale starts on 24 November and runs through 27 November. You MAY have a couple of extra days, as sometimes Kyle and Carson will extend the offer for a couple of days. Do not delay though, this is NOT a given!

Much better to lock in your savings now, plus get all the great bonuses I am offering with this special sale. I am sure you will not be disappointed!




Here is the link to sign up now:



In case you would rather look at the over $1000 in bonuses first, here is a link to my bonus page:


NOTE: To get these bonuses, send me an email to support@davesweney.com with a copy of your purchase so I can track it. I will send you the download link for all the bonuses after confirmation!




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I believe in ALL of you!

Dave 🙂