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Hi, Everyone…

Today I am reviewing AutoWebinarX, a tool that is reasonably priced, very useful, and easy to use. It can be helpful for any online marketing business, no matter the niche, no matter the audience. In addition, I am covering the one time offers that are included in the sales funnel, and also discussing the bonuses you will get with AutoWebinarX.

At the end of the review, you should have a very good idea of what you are getting with this tool that will help your business. In preparing this review while evaluating the tool, I came away very impressed with the thought that went into the building of this tool and how well it works.

As you know, I like to focus mainly on reviewing tools that will actually work and add to your online marketing business bottom line. There are plenty of websites that will focus on either on manipulating their review for their own agenda, or ones that simply regurgitate what the sales page says, simply to make a sale and the commission.

I work a bit differently on purpose. My preference is to stay away from obviously scammy products or ones that do not deliver as promised. Why waste your time having you read about these (you will find reviews about these scammy products elsewhere).

Most of my posts for tools are recommendations based on tools I actually use or have tried. Not always, but most of the time. They are designed smartly, work well, fit into your overall online business strategy, and will help you do more in the same time. Plus most will help you make more money either directly or indirectly.

Okay, that is out of the way. Let’s get started with the review. I am excited about this one, and I think you will be too once you read what you are getting with AutoWebinarX!

First some basic information:

2018 06 24 1514 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review

Product Overview



Mario Brown

Product Name:


Launch Date:

23 – 25  June 2018 (Evergreen Thereafter)

Launch Time:

11:00 EDT

Front-End Price:

$ 31-33 (OTO Prices Below)

Final Evaluation:

Highly Recommended


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2018 06 24 1514 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review

Who Is Mario Brown?

I have purchased and used quite a few tools or products from Mario over the last three years, and have always been very satisfied with how they work. Most have been related to video creation or training about setting up sales funnels with videos in mind.

Mario also has some excellent tools that are being sold right now to online marketers such as ‘Viddictive 2.0′ and ‘Videlligence 2.0′ (I use both for creating video ads plus for my Facebook business pages and e-commerce stores. They work, are simple to use, and are reasonably priced.

This latest tool from Mario falls right into line with the other products he has created and sells. Most certainly his experience shows in the final AutoWebinarX offer as well. It simply works and saves you time and helps you make more money!

2018 06 24 1514 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review

AutoWebinarX Explainer Video:

If you have seen enough, here is the link to get your copy of this excellent tool:

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review

If you want to read more in my drill-down review, please continue..I have done just that below for you!

2018 06 24 1514 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review

What Is AutoWebinarX?

AutoWebinarX is a tool that helps you to present your audiences, cold or warm, with educational, promotional, or information type content in a format that has proven itself over and over again over the years to be one of the most effective means to communicate: webinars.

These days, of course, things have changed a LOT and the old webinars that come at high cost, limiting their use for day to day marketing to high-cost products or programs no longer applies. There are many new means of getting your live video messages out.

Think about the social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Using all these, you can run live events and capture large swaths of audiences that in earlier days you could not. So are webinars now dead? Are they passe? Remnants of yesteryear? In a word, no.

They are still used and the expensive platforms are the tried and true go-to places to run webinars. But, they come at a great expense, as mentioned, and they also do not run smoothly lots of times, as they can be complicated to set up and run.

Not to mention with the old standbys you cannot tap into the power of the platforms such as YouTube and Facebook effectively. The recordings you get with the old webinars are available for only a limited period of time, after that – they are gone forever.

AutoWebinarX breaks through a number of barriers presented by the old platforms and also incorporated some of the new tools that are out there by combining many features into one umbrella tool.

It allows you to tap into the power of quizzes, surveys, view-on-demand, scarcity, etc. while keeping some of the old tried and favored webinar features you get with the expensive platforms.

This is the power of AutoWebinarX in a nutshell. Of course, there are a lot of details that need to be covered, which we will do here, but that is it really.  With this easy to use webinar tool, you will be able to tap into a lot more traffic, present your recorded videos with a page that is set up to look like a webinar and sell more.

With the traditional webinar, you and a support staff would have to be there and at the ready when you do your webinar, you had a one or two shot chance at getting conversions, and that was it. There were no live events tools such as Facebook, or YouTube.

AutoWebinarX allows you to do all the things you can do with a traditional expensive webinar and a lot more. It does so through a dashboard in the back end that is easy to understand, navigate, and use as a customer. It has been designed to be understood by a newbie. I like that.

Up to now, if you wanted to tap into some of the other innovative tools that have been developed over the past few years, you had to piecemeal them together. Things like quizzes, surveys, live chats, timers, webinar subscribe pages, etc. all required a different tool.

Not anymore.

AutoWebinarX combines these into one place then makes them easy to manage and use for a focused campaign to sell or promote whatever it is that you are pursuing.

Not only that, using one platform you can create many formats suitable for the social platforms, meaning that your SEO juice can be enhanced, and you will get more views and people staying on the medium you are placing these versions on.

The old virtues of webinars remain too…Global reach (if you want), ability to show across many time zones (plus a new on-demand option meaning you show the webinar when the viewer has the time to see it), ability to have a chat box (populated with FAQ and answers), a medium that many people are comfortable with (video presentation), a fantastic way to get engagement, leads, and sales, etc.

The webinars that you create can also be stored on the servers that are a part of the tool platform, saving you space on your own websites. Yes, you can present your webinars directly from your website! No need for your viewer to upload any special software each time they want to attend a webinar.

2018 06 24 1514 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review

How Does AutoWebinarX Work?

There is a simple 4-step process to get a webinar set up and running. Of course, there are some tasks that you will have to complete within the steps, but I have not seen such an easy-to-use system to date for webinars. It has been simplified to the max.

Here they are:


I know this may seem like a no-brainer, but this is a step! Once you have logged in you need to add a title, a description, a name for your webinar, and the name of the host for the webinar. Simple, right?


There are a variety of types that you can select from, just click and select the one that fits the purpose of your webinar.


The next thing you will do is to select things like the date of the webinar, the time, whether it is an on-demand (evergreen) webinar, and etc.


Lastly, you will add in other details such as who all will be included in the webinar (support people), and that is it!

That is pretty easy, right?   

2018 06 24 1514 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review


There is a large list of features I could go into, but I decided to combine these into 6 main set of features for simplicity. If you have been looking around for a sensible, reasonably priced solution for incorporating webinars into your online business, read this carefully…

(1) Ease of Use.

I cannot emphasize the importance of having tools that are easy to learn how to use, but also that are in fact easy to use. I have seen far too many tools that are rich in features, but due to the complexity of using them and the learning curve required to use them effectively, they are not used.

The dashboard is easy to understand, it is easy to navigate, it is easy to set up your webinars with the parameters you need quickly. It is easy to create and add the webinar formats for Facebook and YouTube live streams. You can set up the webinars to be one-time or have them be evergreen.

(2) All Videos Can Be Turned Into A Webinar

Think about the training videos that you may have on your hard drive. How many of these could be repurposed into a webinar format to reach a much wider audience? AutoWebinarX makes this possible and moreover, easily and quickly it can be done.

The tool also makes these videos look just like a webinar, your audience will never know what you have done. The webinar will be presented in a professional manner and you will be able to run it, again and again, should you choose to.

(3) Evergreen Potential

As mentioned in the last point, being able to offer your webinars to viewers based on when they can watch them as opposed to a one-time date and time caters to the audience in a way that is sure to increase your view time, your leads and sales.

The other tools included like scarcity timers mean you will get action takers who want to see what you are showing and offering. This opens a whole new revenue stream for you that the old webinar platforms simply cannot. That is a huge selling point for me.

(4) Live Chat Feature (Modified) + Facebook Messenger Integration

As with webinars, you have the option of adding live chats to your webinars presentations. This is good as it provides a way to promote engagement. Of course, if the webinar is recorded, you may not actually be there for the showing. With the chat, you can have them add any questions, and come back to answer these questions.

This is ideal for the viewer and ideal for you, and are features I like a lot. You can also add in an FAQ section, meaning that you can provide answers to the most commonly asked questions ahead of time. That is good for you and again for the viewer too.

The other feature that I want to mention in this section is the ability to add a Facebook Messenger connection to your webinar. This is really nice, as it can be used to provide live feedback no matter when or where you happen to be. Throw in a VA, and you suddenly have some live support for the viewer. That is good.

Facebook Messenger is getting to have more and more of an impact on the way we market these days, and if you combine that platform with Chat Bots you have just opened up yet another stream of potential leads and sales for yourself. These are great days indeed, for the online marketer!

Okay, let’s move on…

(5) Usable with FB Live Streams and YouTube Live Streaming

The tool allows you to easily format the webinars you create to be seamlessly used on Facebook and YouTube. This is a huge benefit and feature that will help you massively expand your potential audience. You do not have to spend money either, there are ways to get organic (free) traffic.

(6) List Segmentation

This is possibly the number one feature that can help you make more money faster. I say this because you will be sending out targeted content to subscribers who are interested in what you are offering. People have different niches, interests, experience levels, etc. It is important that to maximize your efforts you offer them things they are looking for and need.

So there you have it. There are more features that also are nice and ones that you will appreciate as you drill down on using this tool, but these main ones are enough for me to be convinced that this is a tool that you really need in your arsenal of tools to successfully do online marketing.

The nice thing for me too about this tool is that it does so at a price that is much lower than using an industry  standard tool (webinar sites like GotoWebinar and similar) that are less effective, less flexible, and less useful in these days of new mediums, new tools, and ways to leverage them.

So now let’s cover what you get for features and tools with the different levels of offers…

2018 06 24 1514 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review

Front End and One Time Offers Review

I will go over each offer you will see in the sales funnel below, starting with the first one, the front end offer. This is where it starts, and quite simply, you will want to read through the sales page for each of the below offers and watch the videos to get a complete list of features and benefits.

Front End Offer:

I have pretty much covered what you can do with the front end off on its own above. Just getting this initial product offer will allow you to be able to do the things that will help you get more attention to your websites and social accounts, it will get you more subscribers, and help you sell more.

The ease of use and the flexibility you have means that you can use the tool for many things. For instance, I conduct IM and e-Commerce business online, and some training courses. The tool will work for all of these market segments. It will do the same for you no matter what you may be selling online.

One Time Offer 1 (OTO 1) – $37

Here are the main additional features you will gain access to with this upgrade:

  • Ability to use your own domain name to host the webinars
  • Access to a retargeting feature with functions
  • Full Facebook Commenting feature
  • Multiple social-sharing functions
  • Priority support

One Time Offer 2 (OTO 2) – $27

Here are the main additional features for the second one time offer you will see:

  • You will get resell rights for the tool
  • This means that you can promote and sell it on to other interested parties and receive the full sales cost

One Time Offer 3 (OTO 3) – $27/Year

For this upgrade, you get the following:

  • Agency rights for one year per purchase
  • You can create and host webinars for your clients
  • Charge them a monthly or one-time fee for the service

One Time Offer 4 (OTO 4) – $27

With this final upgrade, you will get access to a MasterClass training.

  • Learn more about how best to leverage the tool to maximize return for you and your business
  • Ask questions and get detailed answers right from the developer and his support team

So there you have it, a quick roll-up of what you get and at what price. You will notice that none of the levels are at the cringe level when it comes to cost to you. You can select one or more and not break the bank and start using this tool today.

My Final Thoughts and Recommendation In Regards To AutoWebinarX

Unlike many tools I see introduced too often these days, this one makes sense, it comes at a reasonable cost, it does a lot for your business, it does so with a short learning curve, and it is easily used in any niche or market segment. In short, this is a really good deal.

I highly recommend that you consider minimally the front end and OTO 1, as these two will give you the most bang for the buck for your own business. If you want or need, the other two are most certainly worth looking at too, but in my view, you can get by without them.

2018 06 24 1514 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review

Bonuses Review

Please look down near the bottom of the page to see the bonuses you will receive for purchasing this tool today. They are really useful and related to AutoWebinarX. They will help you leverage the power of the webinars and products that you promote in the market for others to take action on with the tool.

Time For Taking Action

As is usual for me when I write these reviews, this is where I provide you a CTA (call to action)…In this case, a link to the sales page so you can look for yourself at the offer and see if it may be for you.

So here goes …

Click on the green button to be taken to the front end sales page:

56a49ace13517thumbnail4 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review


Bonuses for Purchasing AutoWebinarX through my link:

There are bonuses from the creator and bonuses from me that you will gain access to. Both sets are valuable additions and totally related to webinars. They will help you do more with the tool and experience more success.

Bonuses from AutoWebinarX:

2018 06 24 1412 1 - AutoWebinarX FE, OTOs, and Bonuses Comprehensive Review