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To draw people and get them to stay on your blog page longer, your posts have to cover all of the normal and required things we all know about, i.e. keywords, pictures, infographics, videos, or pictures, original content, uniqueness, and SEO, but there is ONE more thing that is a tool, free to use, easy to plan for and implement, and it lies between your ears!

I call it “Creative Psychology.” Not a new term but one that is crucial to your success. When you write, think like your visitors. Take a step back and write the post or article as if you were the reader and build in opportunities for them to add value to where they will want to comment to get a discussion started in your comment section.

In each post try to encourage their success, and inspire them with your words and content to like or share your post using social media (these media share buttons are of course placed conveniently nearby on your web site!). This process does not have to be difficult; you just have to think “What would I like to read regarding this subject?”

OK, let’s start drilling down a bit…

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There are nine areas of your program upon which you should focus when using Creative Psychology for blogs, and depending on the type of blog you are writing, you can use some or all of them:

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   # 1 – Commitment

When you post on a subject, have this objective in mind and create your slant with this as a focus. For instance if you are doing a review, write so that at the end of the article, the visitor is ready to take your desired action. Give them something of value in addition to what you are asking them to take action on, so they feel as if their signing up or linking to another site will provide them something from you they will not get elsewhere…It gives them an incentive to take the action you are looking for. If you offer something that is not in stock, follow that up with something of value for their trouble. Your visitor likely will let others know of your attitude and responsiveness. They will also come back for more.

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   #2 Effort

Build on your posts. Try to create posts that naturally build on one another, for instance making a post for each aspect of a program or service. The reader will want to read more of your posts or will return or bookmark your site, assuming you have done your homework! Maybe make it into a series and post as such, i.e. “Part one of Three: XXXXXXXX.” When you do get these returning visitors, start to build on the relationship by acknowledging their participation either in the comments or referring to them in subsequent posts. When a visitor starts putting in the effort to visit your site, reciprocate! If they are on your list, send them a mail thanking them!

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   # 3  Persistence

Follow up with comments, questions, and requests for subjects to be covered. Let the visitor know you are paying attention and reacting to their requests or comments! Reinforce to them that you are interested in them. This should come natural, because without visitors to join your mailing list, you will never get conversions! Show them that you are involved and concerned.

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   # 4 Novelty

Is there a new innovative or highly effective product that has just been released? Let your readers know about it! Write a short review, even if it has just been released, and let them go see for themselves. They will see that you are keeping up with trends on the subject and want to provide the latest to your readers. There is nothing like this to excite readers – who does not want to part of something new and better? They will feel as if you are part of their team and keepingthem abreast of the market.

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   # 5 Reciprocity

A mind-set that is useful and effective as you write is to offer additional information or product of value – often and freely –  always try to give more than your receive. Maybe offer to send a more detailed report of a product or service, or offer a discouont code, or additional free products…something exclusive for their effort. The reason to do this is when people receive, they are more likely to give back – they will sign up, buy, and contribute…They feel a connection and perhaps psychologically even an obligation to do so.

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   # 6 Fear

This may sound negative but it really is not the way I recommend using this tool. It simply is adding the element of “missing out on something,” or “when it’s gone it’s gone.” Internally readers will want to act. Try “Last chance sale” or “almost out of stock”  or “for the next 24 hours only” are phrases that can get the readers to take action and heading to where you want them to go – i.e. to your funnel to buy before the “in demand” product disappears.

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   #7 Vanity

Compliments are sought by all…Telling people you appreciate them and their business is a real good way to reach beyond their outer self and move your words into their hearts… It also gets your products or services on their mind! Give them some positive reinforcement and let them know your appreciation for their visiting your site. Maybe do a call out for one of your leads who has had a positive experience or managed a noteworthy  achievement using the subject of your post whether a product or service. This is similar to a testimonial, but you can do this in your words. They feel better, you feel better, and the reader visiting the site will also feel better.

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   # 8 Storytelling

This is a very powerful psychological tool easily incorporated into your writing. When you write in the first person, you can write as you would speak. If you build on this, and create and weave a personal story into your article, you have the chance to open parts of yourself that you can’t, using other styles of writing, and it adds to the sense of genuineness people will feel about you when reading through your post. People will feel as if they know you a little more. This creates an environment as they read where people will feel safer and closer to you, and of course then they are more likely to buy from you.

checkmark - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!   #9 Results

You are writng for a reason I would imagine? If so, think about the result you want to get from your post, and just as you do when you think about and adding in keywords, think about what you want the outcome or result to be for your post. A lot of people forget this point, and their posts are much less effective.

All right, I think that about covers the points I wanted to include here, now let’s look at some other things…

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Knowledge and Research

Use all of the work you did to create the post in a manner that best serves your overall goals. Firstly, I mean by this be sure to share your statistics, data, or perhaps successes you may have had within the post. Secondly, let your readers know, on a personal level, how the subject affected you, either in a positive or negative manner. It is not boasting if you have had a positive experience, it lets them know you are an authority and that they can trust your thoughts and ideas.

First Person Accounting

A lot of bloggers write from a third person perspective, and leave out the most important factor: Their own experiences! It is leaving out a major piece of the information, really. It makes for a much more dull read too. If you do use this first person style, sharing your knowledge/experience puts you on a pedestal of influence!

Think Bigger

With your own experiences you can likely easily create more information materials using these same ideas, research, and experiences, then share these using other platforms. Here are some ideas of where to use or add these additional materials you create:

  • Training Guide – Use the information to create some training. This you can give away to your list or sell or use as a part of a bigger training program.
  • Explainer Video– Use the information to create an explainer video that you can post as part of your site or perhaps as a giveaway.
  • Whitepaper- You can add more content to your post or article and offer it as PLR content.
  • Webinar-You can create a script and do a webinar to convert interested attendees into buyers.
  • Newsletter series– You can break the information down into smaller chunks of information, and publish these as a series through an authority article site.
  • eBook-You can create an ebook and sell this through Amazon or Kindle, etc. so you can monetize it.
  • Infographic– You can create an interesting infographic and post it in many places on your social media network.

Make a Recommendation

Use what you have learned or know to give a recommendation visitors can take action on. Show them some example or share your personal experience for this. When you do this, using a first person style of writing to letting people know how the subject changed your thought processes and actions will help make your recommendation more effective. This will also certainly get your reader’s attention! You want to inspire the reader to take action as well, and then share with their friends too.

Cloud Light Bulb with dollar sign - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!

Why Do All This? Of Course, You Are Preparing Readers For A “Psychology Driven Conversion!”

When you know how to persuade the reader, through triggering thoughts in their minds that influence them to think or act as you want, that is power! Real power! So, you want to trigger an action or reaction on the visitor’s part. As an affiliate blogger you have to know what your customer’s problems are, know what content they want to see, and understand what triggers them into taking action. Taking the action you need!

Cloud Man Silhouette - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!


So, for each blog post, think this Creative Psychology process through and incorporate portions of it into the slant of every article you write. In my opinion this is just as important as using good keywords for driving your readers to take action, whether it is to sign up for your blog site, buy a product or service from you, or comment or share your post. Think of this process as preparing a “plan of attack.”

Alright, by now you should be thinking “What does my reader want to hear about?”, or  “How to get them to take action?”, and “Will they respond better to a scarcity tact?” Examples of scarcity tactics might be  “…only 30 left;” or maybe we can use social authority, i.e. “We have sold xxx number of units over xxx time period to happy customers,” or perhaps we should appeal to their degree of vanity, i.e. “Using this product you will be deemed an authority in your niche, won’t this feel good and create more sales for you?” I hope you get the idea here….


Another thing you can try is to make two different versions of the same article, each using a different tact. Post each on separate sites, and see which works better (i.e. list subscriptions, sales, etc.). This tactic will give you an idea what slant to use when writing follow on articles to maximize effectiveness. This is a very valuable tool and I often hear we should use it for squeeze pages, but I think in article writing it applies and is also useful, and really it does not take much more work to set this up.

Cloud Gift Box - 9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!


So bottom line, think like your reader, use Creative Psychology, as expanded on above, to develop and write your posts, see which of the possible slants would work best, then test what your readers like and respond to. Get them information in your content that will blow their minds and cause them to react/act as you intend.

Note 1: Please share in the comments section add some of your ideas on how you use/can use psychology to trigger action in your readers!

Note 2: You should also note there is a section (box) to submit a request for a subject you would like me to cover. Feel free to add one and send, this comes directly to my personal email box.

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Oh yes! Almost forgot! Please share this on your social platforms as well!! I have included them on the sidebar are as you hit the bottom of the site page! Thanks a million!

22 thoughts on “9 Ways YOU Can Use Creative Psychology to Get Attention, Leads and Conversions From Your Blogs!

  1. Hey David,
    What a fantastic article this is, I was searching on google for ways to improve my blogs and came across your site. I had never even thought about thinking what your target audience would want from a blog. I think it is a great idea to put yourself in their shoes, and that is just one of your tips I will be using from now on.

    Very informative.

    Thank you

    1. Good Day Mike!

      Wow a couple of hits/comments already (I just posted this a few hours ago)! Good this post is garnering some attention.

      The whole point was to get people to start thinking a bit more about the meat of posts…Too often the keywords and SEO etc. are what people think, when in reality what and how they say is just as important!

      If this comes across, mission accomplished! I would be interested to hear about what methods you use to plan your posts…We can all learn and of course will be making money online as well, as we persuade people to take us up on our affiliate offerings!

      Cheers and thanks fro stopping by!


  2. What are brilliantly original way to drive in sales on your website – really impressed by what you are saying here.
    Your right in that successful blogging or marketing is a thinking game – if you manage to think outside the box in terms of conversion you are bound to stand out – great read, will be trying this on for size!

    1. Thanks Chris for your feedback…

      I have not heard a lot of the psycho babble since entering the IM world, but it really comes down to best using the kind of skills mentioned above in everything you do in this sales world….

      There are a number of ways to get the job done (closing a sale), we just have to figure out which is the most effective for a particular situation!

      Often there is too much focus on the mechanics of a good post, and the “unique valuable conten” is just kind of glossed over…

      So how do we build this? There has to be a process we use, or we will just wander all over in our worfds, lose the audience, and of course the sale!

      Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, and have a great day!

      Dave : )

  3. Thanks for the article, it was interesting for me as a newbie. Where do you go to get you blog post ideas? I have a problem in that when appraoching writing I get a block sometimes. I have lots of thoughts and ideas, but can’t seem to put them down on paper…Anything you could add on this would be helpful. Thanks much!

    1. Hi Rea,

      Thanks for stopping by and having a look at the latest post here…Hmmmmm I think we all can relate to this writers block issue at times. I certainly can…

      There are so many sources to get ideas…I use Pinterest, Facebook, other blogs, latest published articles, to mention a few…Sometimes I look at my older writing to see if I could change it up or write something related but taking a new slant or adding new thoughts, etc.

      I think if you block off a bit of time and do these things, and make notes, you will quickly get a pile of potential subjects – maybe also write down the source for your ideas so you can refresh yourself on how the idea came up…

      Good luck and hang in there, it really does get easier over time!

      Dave : )

  4. That was a great article and gave me a new hint to try to consider while writing. Posting as a reader. It will be good to put myself in the reader shoe while writing.

    However, I didn’t like the fear factor and I prefer not to use it but I agree it can give more conversions.

    I also liked the reciprocity part and I like to give more than receive.

    Well written.

    1. Hi Mahmoud,

      I appreciate your feedback on the article…I think the fear factor is a powerful one, and I see it all the time in the sales pitches from software or tool authors…Fear of losing a one time offer, fear that you will miss out in a limited time offer, etc. It seems kind of underhanded?

      When we write we can get lost in all the particulars of SEO, keywords, etc. and forget the points above. I like to look at what the most siuccessful bloggers are doing and emulate. This includes the subjects they are having success at.

      Quite naturally for me is to also assess what their approach is from a psychological perspective….This is only a start point though, the real key is to take what they have done and make it 50% better, or more if possible.This way I am adding new information to the blog world, and “out page one – ing” whoever has had success…

      Note this will also get you rankings and visitors quicker I think. My site here is fairly new and there are literally millions of bloggers out there….You have to find a way to stand out and get some visitbility. Using the psycholgical tools mentioned above is a start…

      Best of luck to you and please stop by again if you like, we are always open lol!



      : )

  5. Hey Dave,
    It was a really helpful post. You’ve covered each aspect in detail and also provided some very good information.

    The most important take – away for me were to write from the perspective of the reader. I think this is one aspect that is almost always over looked.

    Also writing as 1st person and incorporating personal experience is a very good tip and I am going to try doing this more.

    The most important thing that I’ve learnt is the point you’ve covered under “Think Bigger”.

    Thank you so much for the information.

    1. Hi Josh.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, always welcomed! I am glad that you were able to get some use out of the article, I know in writing it the points were driven home to me as well.

      It is easy to throw something together and post it, but much harder to get people to read what you have posted! Using a little bit of creative psychology will help.

      Also what is helpful is the first person writing, as you say. I know that is the easiest for me, almost as if I am having a conversation woth someoone…

      All the best and please stop by anytime and give us all your thoughts, they are valued!

      Kind Regards,


  6. Thank you for an excellent blog. The whole psychology of business is a study in itself and you have summarized it well. It’s all about human interaction. Writing your blogs, posts and pages with these tips in mind can only enhance your readers’ online experience and enhance conversions. I especially like your comments on “results”.

    1. HI Mike,

      Thanks for your laudatory comments and thoughts. I really hope that people understand what I am trying to get at with the post, it is intended to focus on the triggers all people have when it comes to take action. This is why copywriters can demand so much money for what seems to be so easy of a deliverable…They know how to phrase something to give it maximum “ooompf” when it come to the reader/prospect!

      Please feel free to stop by anytime and I look forward to your ideas and tips you may be willing to share with us all…I really enjoy this online marketing world, and want to creat an environment here where we all learn from one another. It is time for me to creat another post it has been awhile! I am going to use as much creative psychology as possible to get the biggest bang for my buck so to speak!



  7. I am so happy that i found your article. there is no doubt that it is going to help me to write better on my own site since i still have very limited experience in the field of content creation. Thanks very much for the tips you’ve provided and i wish you all the best.

    1. Hi Vallery, I appreciate you stopping by and commenting on the article. Also I am glad it may be of some help for your own content writing, that is what it is all about! Using a bit of creative psychology is certainly a way to gaon effectiveness in content writing…Cheers! Dave

  8. I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a
    very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come
    here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme?
    Fantastic work!

    1. Hi Aisha,

      Glad you like the layout, it is a work in progress and I do it on my own using guidance from Wealthy Affiliate the education site where I learned online marketing. It also gave me the idea for this post, that of using creative psychology to help with leads and conversions in your online program! Cheers! Dave : )

  9. Thanks for the informative article. I can see that you are conscientous about your efforts here, it shows in the quality of the writing and your ability to persuade readers of your points. Keep it up and I will be back for more!

    1. Thanks Mark, Yes using a bit of psychology and also a bit of creativity does allow you to have stronger posts in regards to convincing people of what it is that you are trying to say. It is almost like an art, in addition to the normal grammar and other things that have to be included when you write. Stop by again and great feedback! Cheers! Dave : )

  10. Psychology is useful in so many aspects of online marketing. We use it every day as we go about our business, so why not think it through and use it in our affiliate and other sales programs that we have online! Good post and I got a lot of good tips from it!

    1. Hello Tosha, and I appreciate that you could use some of the points on using Psychology in online marketing business. Blogs are an excellent way to influence people to make moves that you want them to make. Subtle ways this can be done include your choice of words, the social proof you may offer, or testimonials you may be able to pull into the main thrust of your posts. Have fun and best of luck as you employ psychology into your online blogging! Cheers! Dave

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