This is a program that has been on the market since November 2015, and as with the other monkey family set of tools designed for the online marketer, it addresses a problem we all have in conducting our business on a daily basis almost, namely how to ramp up subscribers and commissions.

Based on the other effective and reasonably priced products offered in their repetoire, I have agreed to review this for us all, and let you know if it possibly is of some use for your own programs (Hint: It does offer a great value).

OK Enough of all that…Here is some basic info…

CG LOGO800x - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas


Commission Gorilla


Front End = $39 Lifetime Regular Account or $69 Lifetime Pro Account (multi tier pricing)

One Time Offer 1 = $97.00 Bonus Pack 25 Add on to Account + 2 Added Per Month for 12 months

One Time Offer 2 = $97.00 Black Dragon Bypass System + Advanced Affiliate Private Training Video

One Time Offer 3 = $497.00 Done For You Membership System to enhance their affiliate marketing & list building


“Best Value”  – 9/10 Score




This briefly explains what the software app is and what it can do. I pulled it from YouTube to provide a second opinion of the software. Note the software has been the market since November 2015, and it really has been selling well because it works well. My bonus page for this site was created using Commission Gorilla!

If you like what you see above, and you also know about the value the Monkey set of apps typically provide, or if you do not need to read more, because you know this would work well for your online marketing efforts, please just click on the link I have highlighted below to:

(1) Sign up for my page list *See Notes

(2) Go to the purchase page…



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(2) Do not worry, it is no problem if you do not want to subscribe, you can always opt-out on the next page or after when you receive my confirmation mail (I always use a 2-step process so I make sure only subscribers wanting to join receive information from me)…

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(5) I will make sure to do my best to provide value for your time all the time!



As you see above there are more levels of pricing with this offer than some offers. I want to explain what is included with each in detail here…

Front End Offer

$39 or $69 PRO account (multi-tiered). Both are lifetime and one time during the initial opening of the offer.  Right now buyers of either package get an “early adopter” account.

This special account offer goes for the next 4 days and 12 hours (until 15 November at 11 PM EST) for buyers of either the $39 or $69 Pro package. You will get LIFETIME ACCESS (wih no monthly fees and no rebills) PLUS exclusive bonuses and 100% FREE Promotion page hosting all included…

Here is what you get with the regular and Pro packages…

– Drag and drop bonus page preparation (Reg and Pro)

– Free Bonus Downloading Page Hosting (Reg and Pro)

– Easy to Use Drag and Drop Page Builder (Reg and Pro)

– Reporting and Performance Analytics (Reg and Pro)

– Free WordPress Integration Plugin (Reg and Pro)

– Save Bonuses in the Bonus Library (Reg and Pro)

– 20 Active Bonus Pages (Reg)

– Unlimited Active Bonus Pages (Pro)

– Built-in “Best Practices” Template (Reg and Pro)

– Instant Promote Commission Gorilla Template & Bonuses (Reg and Pro)

– Live Support (Reg and Pro)

– Regular (and Pro) Updates & Addons

– Free Early Adopter /Launch Bonuses (Pro)

– Integrated Countdown Timer (Pro)

– Integrated Attention Bars (Pro)

– Integrated Exit/Pop-Ups (Pro)

This is quite an array of services! Getting in early on either of these is a good idea…Likely they will go to a monthly pricing after the initial sale period is over.


OTO #1…

$97 USD

– You get the package selected above plus 25 Ready Made Bonuses Today…  And 2 brand new bonuses added to your library every month for a year!

– Start Using Commission Gorilla Within 10 Seconds Of Logging In To Your Dashboard – You’ll Get All The Bonuses Added To Your Bonus Library INSTANTLY!

– These bonueses are each designed to be of the same quality as a paid for product offering developers typically sell online


OTO #2…

This is priced at $97 one time and has the following advantage: You can offer other products on sales pages…

This Isn’t New! Super-Affiliates Having Been Doing This For Years – They Just Didn’t Want You To Know About It. Here’s Just One Of The Reasons This Strategy Works So Well…

We all know that scarcity sells… However on many occasions you’ll find a gem of product, perfect for your audience but it’s already launched, doesn’t use scarcity at all or has some kind of ‘leaky’ sales page you wouldn’t want to send your hard won traffic to.

Other Affiliates ignore these good products and instead create a feeding frenzy around the latest and greatest ‘shiny objects’ …Commission Gorilla however, gives you an advantage over these guys because you can move faster on big launches…

AND there is  HUGE windfalls to be had promoting thousands of these ‘neglected gems’.

“The Sales Page ByPass System Lets You Promote ANY Offer – Like A Launch Offer!”

Additionally you get video training on how to use this add on to the Commission Gorilla system…This tool can provide another huge source of sales commission as you promote products…


OTO #3 …

This is priced at $497 for a one time payment, other payment plans can be selected (3 or 5 month payment plans) at a slightly higher price.
This is a one time limited offer for the developers to provide a 10 membership sites “done for you system” covering diverse areas of online marketing.
It offers a tremendous value for the money but is not related to the Commission Gorilla app nor needed to support the intent of Commission Gorilla app…


Here are some demos of the pages that you can create. Have a look at these to see just how good this app works:
===> DEMO 1 
===> DEMO 2
===> DEMO 3
===> DEMO 7
===> DEMO 8
===> DEMO 9
===> DEMO 10
Aren’t these impressive and professional looking pages? This is why I can ethically recommend this app. It simply works as do all their products, and works well!
Read on if you still are not convinced…
If you ARE convinced:



Right now I am in several niches of the online marketing field, to include video marketing agency sales to offline businesses, affiliate marketing, offline and online marketing agency sales, and the biggest one of all, a hybrid “on” and “off” line sort of business. With the last  one I am actually selling real product packages in an online setting using my business sites.

Because of this, I am always looking for tools that will automate or simplfy the many tasks we have to take care of as online marketers. For all of these endeavors, I need apps that quickly and easily get the job done and ones that reflect who we are as a business and positively present our marketing efforts to the clients.

There are many other programs that are offered in the market, to be frank, but I know and trust these Monkey developers to always deliver more than promised with their products, and indeed because of their stellar reputation manhy of their products go “evergreen” after a year of so of more than decent sales.

This will be another one I am sure…

Read more to see why you should be swinging from the trees like I am…


Marketers and in particular affiliate marketers globally are always looking for the next best thing to kick up their conversion rates and increase their profits and commissions.

There are many things that can have an affect on the conversion rate, but here is one thing you may already have thought of, but simply did not have the time or patience to do.

That “thing” is this: Provide bonuses with your sales pitches!

The Commission Gorilla app addresses this in a big way. This may seem like a small thing, but have you ever noticed that all the super affiliates and sales sites offer bonuses of one type or the other EVERY time? I have…

In fact if you’ve been hunting for some kind of “holy grail” for your affiliate or sales marketing programs, then no need to look any further, this may be it.

Reality is that sometimes it’s the most simple things that can make the biggest difference to your sales and profits…

Here are three ways for growing your affiliate business…We all know about them, but often we just know, we do not do!

  1. You Need to Grow a RESPONSIVE LIST

Having a list that is not checking or buying your offers is useless, I think you can agree? A responsive list will be one that has subscribers that are engaged, will review and best of all, take action to buy the items you are sending offers on.

Here are some tips:

You need to state your expectation right up front. The lead page and initial emails you send to new subscribers should make it very clear what your list is all about and state emphatically why that subscriber should open EVERY email that you send.

This way subscribers will know from the get go to stay engaged because of course you are meeting  their expectations as well, starting from your commitment to them by sending them valuable emails that you let them know about in that first communication.

Speaking of that, communicate often…By staying in touch, you can build a relationship with subscribers. This is not done by dropping them a line once a month. Weekly mails at a minimum are required.

The alternative is that you cannot expect them to stay engaged and take action when they hear from you only once a month…

When you do communicate, give your subscribers your best stuff. You want people looking forward to opening your mail when they see it in their inbox.

Try to always give them the same quality of tools, products, or information that other marketers are getting paid for.

Just as with this post…I am not just providing you basic down and dirty information on this great app, I am trying to also “edutain” you!

This is a term that I had not heard before but it is so true. Keep their attention, entertain them, add value for their time spent reading or using what you provide! THAT is edutainment!

Let me tell you something you also may already know: YOur subscribers do NOT want to read more boring content…Even if it’s useful…Also they do not want to read entertaining FLUFF.

So by you EDUTAINing them, you entertain while you educate!  Using a light, conversational tone of writing will help immensely, and do not be afraid to inject a little humor where it may be appropriate.

You must also promote Interaction! Don’t make your communication a monologue or a one sided conversation, where you go on and on, and there is no feedback from your listeners or readers.

Request that they stop by your site to see the latest and greatest post or review you have added. Then, encourage them to use the comment section to generate a discussion of ideas, opinions, and tips. Get your subscribers to ask questions.

If you put the above ideas in place with your program, you won’t just have a list of warm bodies, names, and email addresses …

Instead your list will be responsive and ones that click on provided links and follow through to buy whatever you’re selling.

Next up…

  1. Work to Establish Authority

Most people are inundated with information from all sides. Over time, they tend to tune out those with nothing of significance to say.

In reality, they are looking for a leader in his or her field. They’re also looking for that leader to be an expert. They want someone that is readily perceived as an authority. This is the reason you need to show them you are all of these things. In short do things to position yourself as the authority in your niche.

Here are three tips:

Let them know of your credentials. If you have such credentials or perhaps a story that adds credence to you being an expert, let them know – flaunt it! This might include any kind of related awards, degrees, special qualifications, significant achievements and so on.

Try to put yourself in the limelight. If there are opportunities to guest author on another’s blog, or do some public speaking at events, or teach in a educational setting, do it!

Authorities are the individuals that are being interviewed on webinars, podcats or even on blogs. So get busy and submit proposals to do talk radio, podcasts, and blogs in your niche and work to secure such guest speaker spots for yourself.

Hang around with and work with credible others. Their expertise will rub off on you, and when  you create products, do webinars, and appear at events with other authorities in your niche, you’ll be seen as one too.

Last, but certainly not least…

  1. Use Commission Gorilla

You knew innately likely that adding value to offers can boost your conversion rate. All the super affiliates are doing it regularly. But it takes a lot of work to create bonuses and more to organize them on a bonus page and setting them up for downloading by clients.

What many affiliates don’t know, however, is that this strategy can put up to FIVE times more money in their pocket over not offering a bonus. Yes you read that right! This is a strategy that is WAY more powerful than people think!

But this is a strategy that also takes WAY too much time. There are so many things you need to know how to do in the affiliate and other online marketing businesses….There just is not much time for getting this in place…

From designing the web landing bonus pages in order to create a professional page to getting it added to the basic offer, etc. Oh yes, let’s not forget that you need to know how to code too for it to look right. Is it any wonder that so many affiliates skip over this powerful strategy?

So…Now that we know the problem (no time, designing, or coding skills, etc), what is the solution?

Here is mine: Use Commission Gorilla!!

This app was designed by two real life super affiliates who have developed so many other successful apps that are reasonably priced and so effective people keep buying them year after year.The usefulness of their creations just keeps on keeping on!

In this case, they recognized that there is a limit to the span of control the online marketer has, and many have other commitments such as jobs, family or other businesses they must run.

The two also could relate to the need for speed in the ffiliate marketing business…In fact it is one key when it comes to affiliate marketing, especially during a product launch.

Using Commission Gorilla, designed based on their known requirements for what it takes to be a super affiliate, you can in a short few minutes have a professional and functional bonus page(rather than spending many hours or even days getting it together).

Using their app, you don’t need to have design skills or coding skills, iin fact there is no need for your own website for hosting the bonus page, the app will do it for you!

Check this app out yourself at ===> COMMISSION GORILLA <===

I guarantee that once you have secured Commission Gorilla for your program, you will have NO more excuses for not offering bonuses! They make it easy to increase your sales and subscribers by up to 5x!

CG LOGO800x - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas


Now you know what Commission Gorilla can do and what it does, plus you understand why it works…Plus you have some ideas on how to use it…Let me put in a personal frame of reference for you…

Here is how I will use this valuable tool….You already know I am very busy between my businesses described above, plus training and participating on Wealthy Affiliate, not to mention I am entering into a mentoring program called the Business Growth System offered through a very smart man called Rich Schefren…

Well on top of all this I also continue to send out information on offers and programs here that meet my ethical standards for value to my readers, subscribers, and clients.

The bonuses I can get with Commission Gorilla means I have a way of providing even more value to them all, increasing my authority and trust. I can do this without it taking up a lot of my time. Time is a very  valuable commodity, believe me…

This is what I call yet another game changer, because it is going to improve my program with little more effort. The happy recipients will be all the segments I mentioned above.

Areas that you can go bananas for with this program include more than five I am sure, but these give you a good indication of where to start. Look at your own online marketing program and see how you can incorporate the Commission Gorilla advantage!

So as to the 5 Ways Commission Gorilla makes you go bananas? Here they are (I know you have been waiting for this for the entire review!)…

  • Super value for the price
  • Lifetime access meaning no monthly charges
  • Easy to use effective app that you can immediately use for your affiliate sales, lead building, or other online marketing businesses
  • Done for you bonus creation and easy to prepare bonus pages
  • Free hosting on the app sites versus your own, plus tracking and performance statistics to show you how the pages are performing

This is just the basic front end offer I am referring to above, look again at what you get with the upgrades. Even more ways to make me go bananas!!


This is truly an effective program that makes offering bonuses through a bonus page for affiliate sales a breeze/cinch…In a word: Easy! It is new on the market right now, and the bonuses and pages you get there are not often seen in the market. You will stand out fro your peers immediately!

If you are still having doubts, check out the sales page, and do a Google to see what the reputation is of the developers, then come back here to buy! ; )

Myself, I am thorougly convinced that this is yet another winner the two developers have come up with, and I will buy and I will start adding professional bonuses and bonus pages to affiliate sales offers I add on this site and send to my mail list.

Compared to other similar apps that are out there (I have not found one yet that exactly matches what Commission Gorilla does, they all are lesser value), this one is VERY  reasonably priced and does a LOT of work for you to get the leg up on your competition.

Thumbs Up e1405961414541 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Another BIG Thumbs UP! This app provides WAY more value than it costs! 



Note: I have added over $1000 dollars worth of bonus’ for you so get these through the above link when you buy!

Here they are in detail:



See what you will get with your purchase…Commission Bonus 3 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananasll get when you purchase Commission Guerilla through this site:

Commission Gorilla Bonus 1 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Commission Guerilla Bonus 2 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Commission Guerilla Bonus 4 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Commission Guerilla Bonus 5 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Commission Guerilla Bonus 6 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Commission Guerilla Bonus 7 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Commission Guerilla Bonus 8 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Commission Guerilla Bonus 9 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

Commission Guerilla Bonus 10 - 5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

One more time in case you missed it:



OK Thanks for your patience, I just wanted to make sure you knew what you are getting when you buy through my page….This is an excellent bonus package!


Dave : )




28 thoughts on “5 Ways Commission Gorilla Helps You Go Bananas

  1. Great post! I have been looking for a tool like Commission Gorilla for a while. It makes too much sense consolidating all the bonuses at one site, and then having that same site create the bonus pages for you easily and quickly. This is exactly what I was looking for! I am heading to your bionus page now. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi Sharyn, I am real glad that you found your way here, and also that you can appreciate the value a tool like Commission Gorilla has for an online marketer. I use this for every product I promote and it is so handy and fast! I can also set the page up so the buyer can get whatever product I am selling directly from the bonus page. This saves me from losing commissions as sometimes happens. Anyway good luck and let me know how Commission Gorilla works for you! Cheers! Dave : )

  2. Thanks for the super review of Commission Gorilla. I had not heard of this tool before seeing your page, but I can see how it would help me. I will be going to your bonus page, I am interested in these as well! You may have just made another commission lol! Cheers and have a great day. I have bookmarked this site, I can see you really are interested in helping us!

  3. I had to take some time to read this review, there is so much you have included. Undoubtedly one of the best reviews I have run into. I can see how this will help, and I am going to tell some others about it as well. Thanks much! Excellent stuff, just wonderful!

  4. Wonderful and useful review of Commission Gorilla. Lots of helpful advice and information in your post. I am sending it to several pals
    and additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your sweat! I will consider buying this tool for my online program, it seems to be an easy tool to use that will positively affect my conversions!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I do try to provide as complete review as possible. Feedback I get is also good, because sometimes new points are brought up that help all readers. Commission Gorilla is a great value for sure, and if you buy through me, I have added some bonuses that make it an even better deal! Cheers! Dave : )

  5. I’m very pleased to find this web site. I want to to thank you for your time just for this wonderful read!!
    Commission Gorilla seems like a program that I can use for my online marketing. Based on your review I am ready to buy..Thanks! Question for you…Have you used this tool much and has it made a difference in your program and sales?

    1. Hi Shanni, Yes I have used this a lot since buying it and it delivers everything that it promises, a refreshing outcome, since so often what you think you are getting with a software or tool does not deliver or perform….Give it a try and see for yourelf! Thanka also for the positive comments, please come back often, I post new info all the time! Cheers! Dave : )

  6. Hey there I am so thrilled I found your blog page, I really found you by accident,
    while I was searching on Google for something else, Regardless I am here now
    and would just like to say many thanks for a tremendous post and a all round interesting blog (I
    also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read through it all at the minute but I have saved it and also added your RSS feeds, so when I have time I will be back to
    read a great deal more, Please do keep up the superb work.

    1. Thanks so much for the positive comments, and of course you are more then welcome to stop by any time you have a moment or more lol. The articles here for the most part drill down a bit more than some other sites, but it does provide an opportunity to get some good discussion started and more ideas flowing from readers, a good thing. Cheers and have a great day! Dave : )

  7. Hi Dave,

    This is the best write-up on commission gorilla anywhere, great job. I’ve read loads over the last 3 days – this one is far superior.

    Just wondering, does the ‘made with commission gorilla’ small banner always appear on any pages that are made with the tool? I’ve noticed it on many other pages/demos. Can it be removed?

    Also, do pages made with CG look good on mobile devices?


    1. Hi Robin,

      First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to let me know of the problem with the autorespnder page, I have got them to fix it already. nest they are looking at the download links to make sure they still work, so many little things are not quite working properly after the upgrade to Windows 10 (i.e. touchpad on my laptop, WORD, Nitro, etc.)…I wish they would work out all the bugs before they ask you to upgrade!

      Secondly, I also really appreciate the compliment on the post. I really do want to provide the best info for my readers and subscribers, that is what this site is all about. I spent quite a bit of time to give as complete a picture as possible. I will be using this software (FE + OTO 1 and OTO 2) for not only affiliate marketing but some other marketing sites where I sell my own physical products)…

      I think you can remove that logo if you like, I will check and get back to you on that. If you are an affiliate (I am of course) you may want to leave it there so they can see what the pages look like…I did the same with my Landing Page Monkey landing and opt-in pages (also an affiliate lol). These guys offer some really good programs that are reasonably priced and because they are one time (now) buys, over time the marketer can save a lot of money!

      Yes the pages are mobile friendly from what I have heard…I have not tried this yet but will be soon, since a couple of sites I have are not only friendly but are set up as a Google app…I will do an update regarding both of these points once I have played with this more, how about that. I would say they likely are, this is Nov 2015, and they will know no mobile friendly, no good!

      Dave : )

  8. That was one in-depth review !! You edutained me 🙂

    I saw the commission gorilla product on another forum and i really liked it but wanted some more reviews from outsiders.

    This has been really helpful but are their any other options which do similar job? Would love to know to see more options and price comparison

    1. Hi Ankit,

      Thanks for your compliments…

      I have checked other places and they offer bonuses, but nothing like Commission Gorilla, where not only are they organized where you can quickly get them together and offer them to buyers going through your link to buy a product you may be selling, but also regarding the bonus the page itself, not to mention the tracking and performance data, the ability to use the site and bonuses for other products that may be “evergreen” meaning that they will sell again and again, because they just work…

      Nothing is out there like this…

      Cheers! Dave

  9. Commission gorilla looks like a solid product. I’ve got so much work to do on my website that I’m not sure which direction I should go in next. It’s hard to navigate which products an internet marketer should use because of the plethora of opportunities.

    Thanks for the details about this product, I’ll remember to check it out once I’m at that point.


    1. Hi Bryan,

      Yes it does appear that Commission Gorilla is the real deal. You are exactly right in that when we get started, it seems insurmountable. My advice is to keep at it day after day, and over time the big things will be done, ready to allow success with traffic, subscriptions, and conversions.

      When this is where you are, that is when this tool can leverage your time and increase your sales immensely, and your commissions. This is why I like it so much…Almost like a keyword tool, it helps you do a lot more with less.



  10. Hey Dave,
    Really liked the site there is so much in it. The layout is really easy to follow and its bursting with information . I really like the fact that you try to keep it fresh and stay current with your information it really shows true. Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks….What did you think of the Commission Gorilla app I reviewed here? I really think it is a tool that we can all use to compete with the big marketers out there that have teams of people working for them doing this kind of thing.

      When we start we most of the time are a one man band, and there are just too many things to get done in the day. A lot of times things like preparing a bonus page and bonuses goes into the “no time” column and we just lose sales because we don’t do it.

      This system solves all that, It truly is something that can easily be impolemented and make your program stand shoulder to shoulder with those that have a lot more horsepower and time under their belts, I think it is a wonderful tool that is very reasonabley priced as well.



  11. Great advice was going to try and add commission gorilla to help my website out still not sure if I will. Thanks for the post! So commission gorilla isn’t an affiliate I see? Do you usually follow up with emails as well? Like Mail CHIMP etc? Was just wondering again, great post.

    1. Hi Kody,

      Commission Gorilla is a great app from what I have seen to now and yes there is an affiliate program for it. You can find it on JVZoo, likely it is in the top seller list as it just rolled out yesterday and there was quite a frenzy of sellers out there pushing it through their email lists.

      I use an autoresponder that does this for me. When I get a referral, it send out a series of mails, depending on which campaign it happens to involve…This system works well because I am involved in many other things, so the subscriber gets immediate feedback from me even if I am not there.

      Mail Chimp is such a service yes. These developers have a whole series of great apps that can help you in your online marketing adventure. I also have a review on this site about their Landing Page Monkey app which can be found here:

      I use Get Response because it is easy to use with JVZoo and other sales sites for digital products such as Commission Gorilla. Stop by any time and thanks for your compliments! Have a look at my new CLICKS magazine that will be published shortly. There will be lots of information everyone can use. You can read about it here:



  12. This is a good website
    very informative and good reviews
    layout good but share buttons obscure the side a bit
    nice layout
    menu items font size??bit small
    reviews are good and thorough
    Something popped up at me and just disappeared at top — quite distracting
    otherwise good
    I have tried very similar thing at integral-money

    1. HI M8…

      Thanks for your compliments and other observations on the pages, fonts and site…

      What did you think of the article and review of Commission Gorilla? Anything more specific than “good and thorough?”

      – What was good and thorough?

      – Is the program useful?

      – Is it too expensive?

      – What did you think of the 10 demo pages you could go see?

      – Did you see that I do a monthly magazine you can sign up for?

      – What about the video?

      – Was it too long?

      – Did you click through to have a look at the app sales page or was that not possible or desired?

      – If not, why not?

      These are some of the questions I would like to have posed to me rather than some general comments on the site that really does not help anyone…THAT is what the site is set up to do…

      I realize that others may like to have this or that changed on a site, but I would like to hear about what you thought about the material in this post? I can ask for a web site review if this is what I was looking for…

      A good discussion on the other hand about the efficacy of an app or tool, that is priceless!



  13. ive never heard of commission gorilla but it does seem like a great way to branch into more avenues of online marketing and make onlien revenue. however, one of the most difficult task i have faced with online marketing is build a responsive list…most of the people who i have dont follow though as sales

    1. Hi Jazzy,

      Yes this Commission Gorilla is a brand new program, but the developers have been around for quite some time. They have a whole slew of other useful tools and apps they offer to the likes of you and me to help better compete with the super affiliates out there that are selling gabs of products and pulling down massive income.

      Having a responsive list is another area I will be tackling here very soon. I hear this all the time from many different sources, and it is something we can address using a variety of tools available to us. You are right in that without a responsive list we have nothing, no matter how pretty the site looks.


      Dave : )

  14. Nice site, it is filled with a lot of info. I did want to let you know that the vertical “like” bar that has FB, Twitter, etc. does cover up the information on the left side.The browser was Chrome when that bar appeard. I did open your page up with Safari, and FireFox and it was not there. It might be an extra plug in that Chrome has the others do not. But anyway, Nice site.

    1. HI Shaun,

      Thanks for your comments on the site, and also for the social button issue. What did you think of the article and the information it contained? Is Commission Gorilla something that you would use in your online marketing business?

      Many people wonder how some affiliate marketers seem to be in the top lists of selling success for digital products month in and month out. Having bonuses is one way. This app evens the playing field for a lot of us, and if you look at the one time offers, it can do even more.

      Too many marketers just ignore the bonuses and pages because it falls into the “too hard to do” category. This tool makes it now a “too easy NOT to do” decision! Remember this is a way to increase your sales by up to 5x their current levels, and this is based on hard data collected over a year!

      Think about this…


      Dave : )

  15. I really enjoyed reading your post. Your wealth of information is vast. You review the product way above and beyond. I also browsed through more of your site and there is just so much information I could learn many things from you. I look forward to reading more on your site!
    Much Success

    1. Hi Jenette!

      Thanks for stopping by and also the compliments. I really want to do good for my readers and subscribers, so I do tend to drill down lol. This Commission Gorilla app is a very useful and easy to use tool that will help us all compete with the big dogs out there.

      Good to hear that you will be back. I hope you also subscribe to my CLICKS magazine which can be delivered righ to your inbox once I have the system down! Also add your feedback as you slide in and out if the site please, it will helo all of us!


      Dave : )

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