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Two days ago I posted a tutorial on creating effective video sales letters. I started to add the entire tutorial on one post but soon realized that to cover the subject adequately I needed to split the content into two posts.

This is the second of the two posts. The first covered the following elements of video sales letters:

  • Your Headline
  • The Openings…or Beginnings…
  • Convey Authority, Credibility, and Honesty
  • Include Benefits to Inspire Prospects to Aspire
  • Educate with the Features

In that post, I expanded on each of the areas and explained how they fit into the process of creating your effective sales letters (or sales page as some would say in the IM world.

You can access the first part of this two-part tutorial here:


Today we will cover the other 5 elements that I personally use when I plan for and create my video sales letters…

Once you understand all 10 of the points I cover and begin to use them when you are preparing your own video sales letters, it will all gel and you will be much more effective, faster, and end up with a deliverable that works!

So let’s get started…




There are likely many elements that people in the business will talk about when they teach sales letters, but I have chosen to break the process into 10 steps.

I developed this 10 step method as a result of planning, then creating, my own membership site. Of course, one of the steps was determining how best to market it.

This tutorial explains exactly my steps I used. Note they can be applied to any other kind of sales letter, it is only the content that will change based on what you are trying to accomplish…

After you have read the first post on the subject using the link I have included (in case you missed it above, it is HERE), what I am adding now will make more sense…

It all fits together, and if you use my suggested steps, you will achieve a lot more success. Of course testing and refining is also part of the cycle, and cannot be underestimated when it comes to how effective you page will be…

That is another tutorial which I will expand on as I stand up my membership site and start to make changes as needed. You can follow my membership roll out right here:


Now you have a better background to this tutorial, and we are ready to expand on the last 5 elements that I factor in when creating my video sales pages…


The other 5 elements…

Element #6 – Add In Some Bonuses

I don’t know about you, but I like to get a good deal when I buy or sign up for something. I consider if what is offered will help me, what it costs me, and how much work is involved in using what is offered.

Probably everyone is similar to me. They like to think they’re getting a good deal whenever they commit. So you will want to play into this psychological factor when you plan and create your video sales page.

This means the best way you can increase the value of your offer is to add something to it so prospects will perceive it as an extremely good deal. This extra bonus will get you a conversion often.

You can see this strategy used everywhere for both online and offline businesses. Examples include fast food restaurants, gadget stores, or grocery stores. One-off coupons, combination deals, or 2 for 1 is the norm. It works.

I suggest using this same approach for your promotions and planning for these when creating video sales pages.  This will add to the enticement to take action to secure your main product or service,

Make the bonus something that is related to the main product or service you are promoting. Software or similar tools seem to work more effectively than an eBook or a report, but you determine what is right.

That extra bonus makes it harder and harder for the potential member to walk away without making a purchase. If it is something that your target audience would very likely be willing to buy makes your offer appear to be a great deal they do not want to pass on

Unless you have lots of money, try to make it something you can provide for little money or no money. You can keep your costs down, while still adding value for the customer.

By practicing this policy, subscribers will have increased levels of satisfaction while you increase your profits…

Whether you pay a lot, a little, or nothing for the bonus item, always mention a market value for the item when you add it to your sales page.

Why?  Take a look at these examples:

  • Sign up for membership today and get this special eBook for free!
  • Sign up for membership today and get this special eBook (a $49 value) for free!

If you saw this, which would compel you more to subscribe? It likely will be the second choice that works better and increases your conversions. The one with the value attached, of course.  It’s just one more way to remind your prospects that making a purchase from you is not only an excellent decision but an excellent value for their money as well.

It’s just one more way to remind your prospects that making a purchase from you is not only an excellent decision but an excellent value for their money as well.

Adding a value or dollar figure is one more way to remind your potential subscribers that they are getting something that would cost money normally so acting on your offer is an excellent decision and value for them.



Element #7 – Emphasize What A Good Deal You Have With Your Offer

I see more focus on the bonuses lots of times on video sales letters than on the main product itself. This is a mistake in my opinion. Often I am more attracted to the bonuses because of the extensive set of details they include…

I say this is a mistake because when you do that it can confuse the viewer of your page, and often they will leave without taking action. It has happened to me in the past. I have left a page just for that reason. I was not sure what to do…

The lesson is that you should be  sure to focus on the main product or service itself with the most emphasis in your content and explain clearly the benefits showing is a really great deal. Prospects are not going to be sold on bonuses alone.

Most came to your video sales page to learn about the main product so you must be sure to cover it adequately to drive them to take a buying or action decision.

Overall you want to use all available tools in your marketing arsenal build up in the viewer’s mind exactly why and how super and valuable your product or service is…

One other element you can include over and above the features and benefits is by specifically mentioning the price value of the product or service.

So you see what I mean, here are some examples:

  • Sign up for my membership site for free today and start enjoying the benefits immediately.
  • When you sign up for my membership site for free today,  you will gain access to a training course that sells for $40, $60, and even $97 elsewhere!

Do you see how a few words can make a big difference in the reaction a viewer will likely have?  In the second example, which is much stronger, it clearly lets the prospect know they are getting a great deal by subscribing. If they tried to get similar training elsewhere, they would pay a lot more…

Other tools you can add that will show the viewer that they are getting a good deal include:

  • Include a “no questions asked” satisfaction guarantee (better if promoting  a paid level membership).
  • Emphasize that what you are offering is a low introductory price, and it will go up after a period of time (be specific).
  • Add in scarcity, as in make your offer valid for only a limited time period or only until a set number of the items are taken (include a banner that shows the time or the number of items left under the offer conditions). Let them know they need to act now!

When you write your text and your video script, be sure to address the objections and explain why and how you have addressed them in your content.

Tactfully you are promoting the great value of your product or service while addressing their concerns….



Element #8 – Clearly Ask For Their Action

From sales 101 on, you may have heard this repeated many times and in many ways. It bears repeating, though, one more time! It is such an important element of sales, you simply cannot leave it out.

Some would define this as a call to action. You are providing some definite action you want the viewer to take. In this case, ask them for a subscription. It is that simple. Mention it clearly and often.

If you spend a lot of time and energy convincing a potential membership site subscriber that your product or service is unique, of high value, and a great deal, but don’t finish up by literally asking them to sign up, you’re missing out on many potential subscribers.

If you have ever gone shopping in an open market or were in the market for a car, or a phone, or almost anything, how many times were you asked for the sale? Plenty I am sure. This also happened multiple times in one visit probably.


Mention the sale many times, but also make sure that you are ready when they say “yes.”

Check that the following is working properly:

  • The links work
  • Your email responder is sending out emails properly
  • You have options ready in case there is any problem in the process 

I always ask myself “If this, what then?” and make sure I have a solution….

Remember that your subscribers are on their own as they go through this process and if the system is not working properly you will lose the sale, and worse your reputation will suffer.

So how can you go about asking for the sale and taking the order?  There are lots of great ways to do it, such as:

  • Include your “subscribe now” action buttons throughout the sales page, and be sure to add one in within the upper third (what they will see when they get to your page for the first time) if possible/practical.
  • Clarify in simple terms within the page the step-by-step to take when completing the order process
  • If payment will be involved, provide several payment options, such as credit card, PayPal, Stripe, or Credit Card and the like; and make it clear you have these options available.
  • The best way to make sure the guidance is clearly written and easy to understand is to assume the subscriber has never purchased anything on the internet before. The simpler and easier you make it, the better!
  • As mentioned above, repetition of your offer is important. Repeating the process and instructions in multiple places will increase your conversions.

One thing I love about the Internet is that I can connect instantly with potentially many thousands of prospects daily. This is a two-sided sword, however…

People have so many options (as many options as people surfing and looking for what you are offering it seems like) that if there is any glitch in your sales pitch, your ordering process, or even with what you are selling, prospects will change their minds and go to another website in the blink of an eye.

Act accordingly! 



Element #9 – The Video Sales Letter Close

Remember when we wrote about the opening act or portion of your sales page? There we introduced prospects to the product or service, then captured their attention on an emotional level.

The last portion of your video sales letter must reiterate these convincing points and move the sales page viewer to take action by subscribing.

I consider this a summary portion, where you get a chance to tell the viewer what it is you told them. Your beginning is what you are going to tell him, the body is telling them, and as stated tell ’em again.

In that summary, you can review the sales page content, picking the gems or most powerful pieces of content, and of course adding in a final call to action.

Here are some considerations as you prepare the script or written content for this portion. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What two to four features are most likely convince a potential member to sign up as a member?
  • What two to four benefits are most likely to connect emotionally with that prospect and move them to make a commitment?
  • What is the true value of this product or service to the potential member?
  • What is it exactly and in a few words that proves this product or service is such an excellent deal?

As you ask yourself these questions, write your answers down – they are the things you must touch on in the close…  

There are those marketers that find this part very easy because essentially they have the material and just must massage it a little…

Others struggle with this element because for them it’s hard to pick out those key pieces of information most important to the product…

Overall the tendency is likely to want to include way too much in this element, rather than keeping it short and succinct…

It is a stronger close if you keep it short, and you final call to action will not get lost in the words…get the emotion juices flowing one more time using the highlights and respectfully asking them to take action.

I have seen many sales pages that exclude this section entirely, but personally, I think that is a mistake. It is your final chance to remind them why they need what you have and how to get it.

Remember that the close is the last thing your potential members see and read, so make this section count – put effort into this element so you create a positive last impression!



Element #10 – Formatting For Success

This is an element that is very important. How your page looks and provides that initial impression will have a huge impact on the success of the video sales page in getting conversions.

Of course, all the work we have mentioned to now is also important, and yes the words and ideas you present also make a difference, but how they appear to the reader on the screen also matters.

The format includes a lot of factors, from layout to fonts and where things are placed.

How you can best format your video sales page is by including a combination of planning for structure while allowing creativity as you build it.

The very best sales pages use both equally from what I have seen, If there is an in-balance with one or the other having too much emphasis, it will take away from your intent, which is to convert that viewer!

So what is creativity. in the sense of the video sales letter?  This is the effort you make by being imaginative and interesting with what you do putting it together. This will affect your final product.

Things I am speaking of include:

  • The Font – Play with the style, size, and color…
  • Bullets layout and the bullet style… 
  • Where to use regular fonts, bolding of text, italics, underlines…
  • How the page aligns…
  • What kind of graphics you will use…

As you might imagine, there are millions of combinations as you use your creativity, I like to see what others are doing, and emulate what is working. There are literally thousands of different combinations you could create by combining these things in different ways.

This may seem like a cop-out, but but it saves time. You can still add your own unique touch to what works and make the successful design that is your own…I balance time with expected outcome and often use this short-cut…

Let’s just use one element so you can see what I mean…

Starting with your main headline you have to decide on the font,  the size, the color, the position on the page, and whether social share icons or a graphic, a picture, or perhaps a logo should be placed nearby…

Do you see what I mean? Unless you have a lot of experience, what works is not always what you might think. Looking at other successful pages will shorten the learning process…

You may want to use a couple of versions, test them, and then go with the best (or keep testing, which is even better)…Also time makes a difference…Review the page periodically and you will see that you missed something or could make it better…

The bottom line is that a video sales page is a work in progress fo the most part, and updating and making it fresh once in a while may help, unless you have a killer page, in which case you will be spending money from your conversions and will not have time to mess with the page further!

The second consideration is structure. Consistency and balance is important, as in use the same matched font sizes, colors and location throughout the page.

You want to project continuity with the page, orderliness, professionalism, and expertise. Paying attention to the structure will help to do this. It also makes following along with the flow of the page easier.

Unfortunately, there is no single perfect format for a video sales page.  The best I can say is have someone who does have some experience look at your creations and pay attention to their feedback. It will take some time and some effort on your part to figure out what works best for your product or service.

Be aware that it will take a period of time in most cases to figure out what works best for your product or service. Do not be alarmed, that is the nature of the business!

Once you have gone through this process a few times,you will have a good idea on how to create that successful sales page template, and you can use this as a starting point for the many other sales pages to come! It does get easier…



Today we covered the final 5 of the 10 elements that I factor in when I create video sales letters. Together they give you a very good framework from which you can plan and then create your own video sales letters.

The five we covered today include:

  • Add In Some Bonuses
  • Emphasize What a Good Deal You Have With Your Offer
  • Clearly Ask For Action
  • The Video Sales Letter Close
  • Formatting For Success

Taken together with the first five elements you now have a complete picture of the video sales letter creation process…

Note: In case you somehow missed it, here are the first five elements from part one of this tutorial (FIND IT HERE)  last time:

  • Your Headline
  • The Openings…or Beginnings…
  • Convey Authority, Credibility, and Honesty
  • Include Benefits to Inspire Prospects to Aspire
  • Educate with the Features

So now you have the tools you will need, the process, and some insight based on my own experiences creating effective video sales letters at your disposal…

It is time now to get busy and start planning and creating your own pages! If you would like to get some advice, or comment please add below so we can discuss!




In that light, I always ask that you the reader take a few moments to add in your own feedback and input on video sales letters for membership sites. This helps us all when a good discourse takes place, we all learn…Thanks in advance!