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It is nice to have a lighter post once in a while, one that is easy to put together and a fast read. Of course, this can have some value so although light, it can be useful.

Today I want to throw out some ideas on the kinds of posts you can use to generate engagement on your facebook fan pages or timelines. It can get quickly boring if you keep posting the same kind of subjects day after day…

One way to get increased levels of traffic to your site, your products, or to your social platforms is to post engaging content that will capture viewers attention and get them to like, share, and take action.

It can be hard to determine what to post, ideas seem to run out after a while. Then it becomes a repetitive and stale endeavor, and you find it a chore just to post anything.

To help you invigorate your program, I have prepared a list of 25 ideas that will help you from falling into the doldrums of staleness and really increase traffic if used.

At the end of this post, I ask for your input, and I hope that we get many other ideas that will help others (and me too, why not!). So let’s get started!


As stated in the title, here are 25 ideas for your use that you can use today to increase engagement and interactions with others on Facebook.

Note that if you use these ideas most effectively, you will include calls to action and links that will take the people engaging to where you want them to go.

In short, by adding fresh and new type posts that others are attracted to and will like and share, and adding in those links and calls to actions, you will get increased traffic and sales.

Here is my list…

IDEA #1 – Create a Contest Post

It seems to me that almost everyone loves a good contest…With a little research, you can find a ton of super contest apps out there that you can use to run your contest AND grab emails to add to your list! There’s nothing like a good twofer, right?

There’s nothing like a good twofer, right? 

I personally have tried “Heyo” with success. They can help run contests, promotions, and special offers. Note there are other similar apps like TabSite and ShortStack, or yet another alternative is that you can run a Facebook contest directly from your fan page.

IDEA #2 – Blog Post Excerpts

Whenever you post a link to your blog post, add a picture, a GIF, or a video. Many people do this. BUT what will make you stand out is if you also add an excerpt from the post in the Facebook post. Let your fans know what to expect when they click on the link.

IDEA #3 – Share the Results of Your Poll

If you conduct a poll you will have some collected data. It is likely that participants and other site visitors would be interested in them. Share these results using a separate Facebook post.

I have seen the strategy of business owners offering the results in a free downloadable report (in exchange for an email address, of course!).

IDEA #4 – Start a “Follow Friday”

Let the fans of your page an opportunity to share a link to their website or Facebook Page on yours; make it a special day or date, so it remains a desirable thing to fans. They get the chance to showcase their business or products, and they can meet new people and also make new connections. This is a win-win for everyone…

IDEA #5 – Fill-In-The-Blank

For some reason that I do not understand, fill-in-the-blank posts are loved by people! It is an easy type post because almost any question can be rephrased to make it a fill-in-the-blank post. Such posts often receive more engagement than a basic question. Test this out for yourself!

IDEA #6 – Fan Challenge

Try posting a group challenge for all of your fans and potential fans…Doing something as a group can build the cohesiveness of the group, feel less overwhelming than doing it alone, and may just add to your mail list.

IDEA #7 – Pose a Problem & Ask For Advice

This type of post is great on a number of different levels. People LOVE to answer questions and to help solve problems. Also, if you ask a question that may also help THEM with a problem, they will be grateful for the help!

IDEA #8 – Share Inspirational Images

If you follow me on Facebook, you know this is a strategy I use every single day! There is so much negativity in the world (and on Facebook).

I choose to encourage and inspire my fans by posting inspirational or motivational quotes and images. This works with every client we have ever had, by the way!

IDEA #9 – An Expert Tip

Share a tip from an industry expert for solving a common problem or overcoming a challenge. The expert could even be YOU!

IDEA #10 – Cross-Promote With Someone Complementary To Your Industry

Team up with a business that offers a complimentary product or service and cross-promote each other. Tag each other in posts, recommend that your fans ‘like’ each other’s Pages, or simply share each other’s content.

IDEA #11 – National  _______  Day Posts

I’m sure you have seen them in your own newsfeed, the “National Talk Like a Pirate Day” or “National Donut Day,” etc.

These are easy posts (especially since there is something for almost every day of the year), but they can get a surprisingly large amount of engagement when you create a graphic to go along with it. You can find the entire calendar here.

IDEA #12 – Link To A Tutorial

Give your fans a step-by-step guide or tutorial for how to do something. These types of posts are GREAT for getting engagement, especially more click-throughs and shares!

IDEA #13 – Run A Poll

Polls are great not only for generating discussion but for gaining valuable insights from your audience.

Here is a link that will take you directly to Facebook’s Poll app.

IDEA #14 – Share A Picture Of Your Business,  Employees, or Office

Sharing a photo of your workspace, your employees or even your customers (with their permission, of course) makes your business so much more relatable! Knowing there are real people behind your brand will go a long way to building trust and relationships.

IDEA #15 – Humor/Relatable Posts

It is no secret that people love to laugh! Throwing in a humorous or funny post every now and then is a great way to show people your funny side and get them laughing on the other side of their screen.

Relatable posts also do extremely well on Facebook! While slightly different than a personal post, relatable posts can add a human side to your brand.

IDEA #16 – A Personal Post

This is where you, as a small business owner, have an inherent advantage.

Don’t be afraid to post a personal photo or story from time to time to differentiate yourself from the big brands your fans also follow. You might be surprised by how many people connect with you not only on a business level but on a personal level.

IDEA #17 – Industry News That is Relevant To Your Followers

If you are in a particular industry and are well-known for being a thought-leader (or are interested in positioning yourself as one), then be sure to post relevant and breaking news that your audience would appreciate! Who knows? They may even come to you FIRST to get their news!

IDEA #18 – Your Own Predictions

Chances are you have a pretty good bank of knowledge about your industry stored up in that noggin of yours and people LOVE to know what new or upcoming trends you see just around the corner!

Share these predictions with your community and open up the conversation for other people’s predictions.

IDEA #19 – Fan-Only Discount

Offer your Facebook fans an exclusive discount, just for being a fan!

Use an image to promote the discount, if possible. These are better for grabbing the attention of your fans and for getting more shares.

IDEA #20 – Caption A Photo

Posting a picture and asking your fans to “caption this photo” is a great way to get some engagement! You don’t always have to be looking for the likes and shares. Sometimes some good ol’ fashioned comments and conversation can be the best way to grow a loyal following and get repeat engagement on your fan page.

IDEA #21 – Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

Featuring customers is not only a great way to inspire engagement (let’s face it, others will hope to be featured too), but it also showcases your product or service.

Additionally, these testimonials work as positive reviews to your other fans or visitors to your page. You never know when someone who was considering buying your product or service might see these testimonials and finally commit to the buy themselves.

IDEA #22 – Links to Other People’s Content

Sharing is caring…am I right? If you see someone else in your industry, or in an industry closely related to yours, post something that you think your fans would enjoy…SHARE IT!

Not only does it give you more credibility by knowing who’s who in your industry but sharing content that your fans find beneficial makes you someone they will come back to frequently in order to stay on top of what’s new!

IDEA #23 – A Video About Your Business or Your Thoughts

Video is going to be HUGE in 2015! With that said, short videos are a great way to give an inside or “first look” at something going on in your business or just expressing your own thoughts to your fans.

IDEA #24 – Ask What Pain Points They Have and Help Solve Them

Is there anything easier than just ASKING your fans what problems they have that you might be able to fix? Worst case scenario is you can’t help them yourself, but can point them in the direction of someone who can. BEST case scenario…your fans have just given you an idea for a new product or service to offer them!

It’s the best of both worlds! You get to help your fans and they have just helped YOU!

IDEA #25 – Fan Appreciation Posts

I have already mentioned customer success stories and testimonials, but fan appreciation posts take that to the next level. Fans want to know they are appreciated. If you make your fan appreciation a set or scheduled occurrence that fans know to look out for, then they are more likely to engage with you in hopes of being featured!

It also shows that you really do appreciate your fans since they are the ones keeping you in business!

IDEA #26 – Host a Facebook Live Session

Heard of Facebook Live? Well, this is just what the doctor ordered to add something interesting and new to your timeline, and you can be the star! The subject list can be endless for your live sessions, and you can have fun while you attract fans and new fans!

IDEA #27 – Pose An Open Question

Try adding a question that fans can answer or expand on, and addin their own experience or thoughts…Generating  a conversation is the goal and of course engagement…

IDEA #28 – Play A Game of Hangman

This is a game that you can get many fans to play…Easy to set up, my only advice is to have someone or be ready yourself to monitor the comments and progress…

The other bit of advice would be to have a series of posts ready as the progress and completion of these can go fast if you have a sharp crowd. Engagement? You betcha…

Here is an example:

Here’s your “Hectic Tuesday Hangman” for the week!
Category: FAMOUS PEOPLE (Hollywood, USA).
Person: __ __ __ __   __ __ __ __ __,
[Answer: John Wayne]

IDEA #29 – Make Someone Laugh

It is always a hit to add in some humor into the page and generate some engagement. Things like GIFs, Cat Videos, Bloopers, etc. will generate a laugh, some engagement, and help get things going on your site and with your IM program.

IDEA #30 – Ask for Input/Feedback

Pose a situation or a choice, ask for everyone’s feedback…The subject could be just about anything, but make it something that most people have an opinion on one way or another…

You could make this related to your business or company, and ut can become not only an engagement tool but something you and everyone can have fun with as well…


These are just a few of the thousands of ideas on good posts that will help increase your engagement, and secondarily your traffic.

Rather than go over each here, let’s agree that you likely will not want or be able to use all of them.

BUT you can use some of them I am sure, and I hope that you find more ideas below in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by today and do come again!


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As always, I ask that you provide input on this post about 25 ideas for posts on Facebook that will increase your engagement. This helps all of us because we learn when we share, and I am quite sure there are a lot more than 25 post ideas that will increase engagement! Thanks in advance for your time and effort.


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