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Cloud Businessman - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!


Today I decided to add a follow post to one I made yesterday that included an infographic on content marketing trends for  B2B agencies. Many implications or nuggets can be found for bloggers, as you will see if you check the post out here. The tie in is as follows…

Just as those B2B agencies experience more success and can better measure the degree of successes with a formal plan, I have found the same applies to affiliate marketing  or business for that matter…

From my experience there are a set of general behaviors or habits an individual or business has to practice and build around to experience a higher level of success…

Today I discuss 15 practices that I regularly incorporate/use. These have helped me immensely over the years, and provide a framework where I can further “flesh out” my entire program around. I have used these in many different settings and sectors of business around the globe.

Used individually or together, they may or may not succeed for you. I will say they have worked for me. I bring them up here to generate discussion, and to explain in detail why they have worked for me…

These are a good base from which to build and plan your business, and NOT fail in the process…Have a read, think about these points, and discuss below please. Also I  am very interested in reading about your ideas – what habits do you  use, and why. Enjoy!

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checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!  # 1 – Find a Passion

Many of us do not have a choice ,or find ourselves with limited choices, when it comes to what kind of work we will do. There are many scenarios, but basically you may find yourself in a situation where you have to work at what provides the money you need…

Pressures of family, paying bills, and trying to live a lifestyle you would like come into play here…BUT even if you have to compromise at times, do not lose site of the ball…It is there for you to reach out and grab when the time is right!

The end game can still be working at something  you love to do, as you slog through your work days. The mind set of accepting a delay of gratification now, but keeping in mind where you are going, can make the eventual realization  or achievement of your goal that much sweeter!

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!  # 2 – Work Hard

The investment you are making in your work, even for others, is in reality an investment in yourself. There is no job that is menial or unworthy of your full 100% commitment. You will learn a lot of things along the way, even from these seemingly meaningless jobs, if you open your mind and seek out lessons that are there for the taking.

Making working hard a habit will prepare you for the moment and time you ARE doing what you have a passion for. Just having a passion does not mean success. Work and effort, and plenty of each,  is normally required as well.

So pay yourself first by making hard work a part of you, a habit, no matter where you are now, what kind of job it may be, or how much you do not like it…The dividend can be realized when you make your move to the work you love.

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 3 – Educate Yourself

This comes in many different forms and settings…It may be bricks and mortar (i.e. College or University), on the job training that may be available to you, taking on more responsibility on the job you have, enrolling in online courses that are so prevelant using the internet, reading books and magazines, or blogs (hint hint hint)…

The important thing is, as technology changes, the job scene out there is changing. As economies rise and fall, always adding to your education and skill level cannot help but help you in all aspects of your life. The world is not a static place, things are changing all the time, and so should you!

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 4 – Practice Energetic Positivity

We have already mentioned working hard, and this habit sounds like it is the same, but there are differences between these two habits. One is what you do (work hard) while this habit is the attitude you have while doing the work.

Obviously there are some jobs where this is easier to practice, but in general your attitude will determine your altitude. If you are seen as a positive person, looking for ways to make things work, and work better, your chances of rising fast are increased. Not to mention the rise in your inner feelings/peace levels…

This behavior is contagious, and you will find that people are attracted to you, because this behavior is contagious. They will want to be around you, follow your actions, and learn from you. Some people call this the power of attraction, or charisma or inspirational. Using it regularly can open the next level of influence for you, which is transformation…The ability to affect positve changes, or transformations, in your workplace, and in the people around you…

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 5 – Have A Vision

When you envision yourself working at a job you have a passion for, you create a vision. When you verbalize this, write it down, think about it, massage it, and as you get more educated and have more experience, this vision will likely change over time…This is OK…You see yourself where you will be, and the actions you take will lead you there.

The point is you are using your imagination and everything you have within you at that moment to build the future “you”…No matter where you are now, where you want to be is what you are working to create.

This is hope which you are actively working on. Some would call it a dream, also ok, but unlike most people, you are taking action on your dream! Your chances of success multiplies by the amount of work you do to realize that dream…

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 6 – Tap Into Mentors

Over all the years I have been working (over 45), I have had people that I have looked up to, or who I have asked for advice from, or had detailed guidance from throughout. These are people that were experiencing success in the field I was looking for mentorship in. The value of this I cannot overemphasize….

These “guiding lights” can save you lots of trials and errors as you gain experience, can show you ways to use skills within you that you were not aware that you have, they can push you, they can console you, and generally educate you in a unique and valuable manner you will never be able to glean from a book! Make use of mentors a habit…

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 7 – Listen To Your Personality

This is a habit requiring you to do some introspection. By this I mean you need to do a self-assessment routinely. What kind of things do you like, what things not, and answer the “why” for each. How does this fit with what you are doing at this very moment? Can you make changes now or over time that will ease any dissonence you may be feeling?

In regards to work, there may be things you strongly dislike. Knowing your personality, you can determine then the best way to handle most situations you may be confronted with. Having the knowledge may help you not to make a rash decision or a mistake based on emotion rather than logic.

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 8 – Model Success

This is similar to having a mentor, but it includes a wider swath of people or systems for that matter if you are running a business. What is working around you, what things could you incorporate into your work or behaviors that would help you succeed like those successful people?

I have tried to do this always, as I have changed from job location and been assigned to increased responsibility levels, and at higher levels of management or as your business grows, you will find your focus will shift. What exactly success is today, may not be success tomorrow. You have to constantly look around you to see what success is for that moment, and emulate…

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 9 – “Disruptive Leap” Opportunities

This may seem counter-intuitive to the points above, but I assure you it is not. As you develop, and you practice all the habits I have mentioned to now, you will begin to see how things may be improved over the status quo using your ideas or plans.

Do not be afraid to break out of the mold of what everyone else is doing to make a leap from that to cutting edge…I mean that there is always a better way, those that think out of the box will likely discover them, and gain the rewards from their ingenuity.

Be one of those people! Certainly listen to the mentors, watch and practice what brings success, but there will be an “aha” moment where you will see how things could be done better, more efficiently, of just differenly to bring a rapid increase in productivity or level of services, etc.  Be aware of the moment, and when the time is right, make your move!

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 10 – Keep Competitive Advantages 

Life and business is like a race, you always will have people to your left or right following your path. You may not be at the front of the race as it progresses, but you likely are not at the back of the pack either. Keep sight of the advantages you have, look for new ones, and as much as possible keep your advantages in the “plus” column..Stay ahead in the game!

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 11 – Maintain a Sense of Humor

As hard as it may be at times, when in difficult situations or times, having a little bit of humor will make everything easier. I have been in places I would not wish my worst enemy to be confronted with, and humor was a major factor that carried me through the period.

I know this is easier to maintain when everything is going well, What isn’t there to smile about? But in the hard times, it is a safety valve for your sanity, health and stress. Everyone has a bit of humor in themselves, to a greater or lesser degree – what I would say is do not crush this trait within you, as some places would have you do, it is an invaluable tool!

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 12 –  A Hobby You REALLY Enjoy

I am not talking here of things you may be doing because it is an expectation that either the family has, the job has, or even your friends may have for you. I am talking of getting involved in something, anything, that YOU enjoy, can relax with, and that somehow stimulates you in some manner that you are looking for.

The possibilities are as varied as the number of people in this world, so I will not venture into specific examples, rather focusing on the purpose. You want to have a safety valve so to speak,  a space or activity you can lose yourself in and de-stress. This will help you focus better when the time again comes when this is important. Make time for this hobby as regularly as is practical.

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 13 – Avoid Procrastination

When I was growing up, I learned there were a number of four letter words that, if used around the wrong people or situation, would get you into a LOT of trouble. The word procrastination is not a four letter word, but it should be!

This has stopped people I have been around more often that anything else I can think of. They have the opportunity, they have the skill, they may even have the motivation, but they simply do not take action. If you are a procrastinator, get some help…

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 14 – Surround With Success

What do I mean by this? Very simple…You need to work with people that you can trust, that get the job done, and are self-starters. Running a business is hard enough without having to deal with the social games that often play out in small or large companies, and are time wasters…

Getting the right fit is not an easy thing, but well worth the extra time and effortyou likley will have to spend to get the right people. It will save you headaches, money, time, energy, and stress. Do not be in a hurry on this one….Make this  a habit….

checkmark - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!   # 15 – Margin of Safety

This is a habit that is hard to remember and use all the time. If you are passionate and love what you do, you will tend to put 110% into the effort. Often you will risk your last dollar, or worse, borrow to fulfill your quest to realize the dream, with dire consequences. This has happened to me.

Years ago I had a good set of products, a willing set of clients wanting my product, but a in-between agent/company whose sights were totally somewhere else…I believed what was told to me by that middle agent, and suffered greatly for it, financially and in many other areas of my life.

Cloud Light Bulb with dollar sign - 15 Habits I Use To Achieve Success In Making Money Online!


I urge everyone to examine themselves, their goals, their aspirations, and lay out clearly how they plan on achieving them. Include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and obstacles that may keep them from achieving the goals, and plan. Then, follow that plan and re-look at it regularly, making adjustments as the updated situation may require.

Please do not forget to let me know what you think below. I want all of the many people considering or actively involved in online marketing/sales to have the best chance of success. Having the right habits be a part of your life and business practices will go a long way towards that end! Thanks!





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  1. I found this article on 15 habits useful and have made some notes for my own use in my online marketing efforts. I want to also make money online with my own online business, and this post will help me do that. Thanks!

    1. Hello Chet, Glad you found it useful and I hope that it realy makes a difference in your online sales program. These are just a few of the habits I have that help with my online marketing, I am sure that others will be added over time as we get more feedback! Please come again to see for yourself! Cheers! Dave : )

  2. Thanks for this article it has given me lots of ideas that I can use in my own online marketing program. Do you have a background in psychology or something lol! You are very effective in getting your points across. Please keep on adding your own experiences and hints here, they are helpful to us all!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Maybell, You are more than welcome and please do come by often and catch up on the latest I am posting. I do have a background in psychology yes, but moe importantly, I have been in the field and actually working around and with people that has a lot more weight than the bricks and mortar qualification I secured so long ago lol! Thanks for commenting and please continue to add yourfeedback here, we all learn when more add to the conversation! Cheers! Dave : )

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