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Hi, Everyone…

Happy New Year!

It is not too late to wish this, BUT time is marching on, so it  IS time to get busy for this New Year and beyond…

Today, while I wait for my LLC paperwork to be completed so we can completely open the SMART IM Tool program to fellow online marketers, I wanted to add a post on ideas to create a variety of streams of passive for your online business in 2019.

As stated, this is a new year, an excellent time to evaluate where you are with your online business and to start up some new things that will help you build on whatever income you may be earning at the moment from your business. The streams I will describe are all relatively easy to implement.

They also tie into the coming SMART IM Tools brand in a lot of ways, so I will provide some additional links and explain how you can use the tools to start earning more. Using just one or two of the ideas I present can help you do more with less, and that is what SMART IM Tools is all about!

Let’s drill down…


5 Important Reasons Why You Need Passive Income Streams


Here are some points I would like you to  consider:


(1) Passive income gives you the freedom to make more money.

You may be like many online marketers – you’re trading time for dollars. you write a post, you promote something, you make some money. Good, but think about this: You can only ever make money doing this when you’re actively working on your posts/reviews/offers.

There are only so many hours in a day, so you will be limited on how much you can scale the business. You also have other responsibilities like family, maybe another job, and sleep. Therefore your income potential is limited.

On the other hand, if you can set up one or more additional passive income streams, there is no cap on what you can earn. You work once to create earnings for months or years to come. That sounds good to most of us!


(2) Passive income streams will provide a much higher ROI for your time.

As mentioned, trading your time for dollars limits the amount of money you can earn for every hour you work. That may seem fair, but there are ways using passive income streams where that $10, $25, or $50 (or more) per hour can turn into twice, three times or more per hour for you.

The reason is that the same work provides you with sales and income again and again over time with little additional work.  This is the same concept people use when they look for automation tools so they can do more with the same hours of work.


(3) Passive income over time will help you build your very own “laptop lifestyle.”

Once you have set up a few passive income streams, you are not tied down to working hours for pay. You work more so when you want, from where you want, and the hours you are not working you are still earning! This opens up you being able to design your days and life in the way you have always dreamed of.

Question for you: Do you want to spend more time with the family? Take more vacations? Work from remote and beautiful locations? Try out new sports or fitness activities? Get into hobbies you only have wished to get into? These are all things that are possible if you get some passive income streams in place!

Of course, there is work involved, and you must have an idea of what kinds of passive income streams that are out there for you. This is where this post and the links I provide come in. It is not a push button solution or instant cash in your hands.

Rather, I am going to mention 12 solid passive income streams that you can get in place with some effort required on the front end that require much less effort over time to maintain. All of them will allow you to sell month after month and earn income.


(4) Passive income will allow you to scale up your online business faster.

Remember the whole concept of passive income is that you do the work once, then spend smaller amounts of time maintaining the streams (i.e. fulfilling orders, customer support, etc.). Bottom line is that you will be making more and working fewer hours.

These are hours that you can use to create MORE passive income streams or do as you with outside the business. If you DO spend some of that extra time on additional passive income development projects, you can grow even faster!

If you take some of that extra time and invest it in more passive income streams, you will see that you are able to earn a LOT more, and the free time on the other end will be even greater, because then you can use some of the extra earnings to outsource some of the mundane but important tasks like customer support.


(5) Passive income will provide you income for emergencies.

No one wishes to think about getting sick, or have some tragedy in the family, or perhaps a natural disaster that destroys your way of life. But, these things happen.

If you have established these passive income streams, in spite of the fact that you may not be able to work, you can be making money. That income will help you get through the hard times.

It is kind of like the old adage I grew up with: “Save now for a rainy day.” While you have the capabilities and the time, get these passive income streams in place. They are like creating money in the bank for you.

This can really lower your stress levels when you do have times when you cannot spend the hours with your online business. It just makes sense.

Now let’s have a look at my passive income ideas I have for you…


My 12 Passive Income Stream Ideas for 2019

First, a quick view for you (click to enlarge)

2019 01 10 0943 300x286 - 12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

There are 12 that I will cover in this post, but of course, there are a ton more that you could also consider…The important thing is to get started!

(1) Create a Fixed Term/Monthly Membership Site

  • Fixed Term: Set up a 3-month course, drip feed content, prerecord sessions.
  • Fixed Term: Set up a 6-month course the same way, add in a few live sessions (i.e. 1 x month).
  • Fixed Term: Set up a 12-month course with yet more content, add in support groups.
  • Monthly Subscription: Set up a training or content site that people can download from as they wish.
  • Monthly Subscription: Set up a services site that members can access and use as they need for their online business.
  • Monthly Subscription: Set up a tools site that members can access and use as they need for their online business.

(2) Create An Email Evergreen Campaign

  • Create a series of emails that support a product you are promoting, have links and downloads set up to automatically provide the product/collect the leads.
  • Focus your posts and articles on these products, add lead magnets that complement the products, and add in opt-in and download pages with further links/products.
  • In tandem with your membership sites, create an email campaign that will funnel your subscribers to that site.

(3) Launch a Crowd-Sourced Blog

  • Look for experts in your niche and ask them to post on your blog. Provide them reasons to do so, like backlinks, advertising, links to their products or services, etc.
  • Let it be known that your blog accepts guest bloggers, and you can charge if you have the traffic and authority for this.
  • Hire freelancers to create content and use this to create massive amounts of content using keywords that are in demand from the search engines, promote your products in the content.

(4) Sell Licenses for Lead Magnets

  • Create and sell lead magnets for members of your niche.
  • Make the content unique and up-to-date so it will attract other niche members.
  • Offer up-sell services such as adding logos, links, and authorship to the lead magnets.
  • Sell complete kits as opposed to only the main lead magnet. Include opt-in page, email swipes, various versions of the lead magnet, other graphics.

(5) Promote Your Own Resell Products

  • Look for high-quality resell products that niche members can use.
  • Offer them at reasonable prices.
  • Offer complete marketing kits as opposed to the main content.
  • Offer package deals for multi-product bundles.
  • Offer a monthly service of x number of reselling products for x dollars per month.

(6) Create Your Own eCourse

  • Tap into your expertise, create a course, sell it using various platforms (social, paid, etc.)
  • Use resell products to break up and repurpose into your ecourse.
  • Add video training modules you record.
  • Add in other supporting materials such as PDFs, checklists, mind maps.

(7) Publish a Kindle or Other eBook

  • Use your experience and skills to document in a book and sell the book.
  • Have someone write the book for you, edit it prior to publishing.
  • Outsource the design and the publishing.

(8) Set Up An Affiliate Program for Your Products

  • Offer a great affiliate program to kick off your program.
  • Consider 100% commission for the Front End product, collect leads, and make money on the upsells.
  • Run contests for best affiliate results, add in special commission for best performers.
  • Advertise your affiliate program on the social sites.

(9) Partner With Another for an eCourse

  • Offer to help promote, work on one area of e-course another person may have created for a portion of profits.
  • Buy rights to resell a course that is selling well in the niche you are working in.
  • Do a JV with another creator that may have more experience, learn and earn, ongoing.

(10) Develop WordPress Plugins or Tools

  • Develop tools that will help bloggers or store owners using WordPress as a platform for their websites.
  • Outsource the creation of WordPress plugins that people are looking for.
  • Develop themes or templates that niche members are looking for.

(11) Start An Outsourcing Service

  • Determine what services that niche members are looking for, offer these services.
  • Use international sources for VAs.
  • Charge 2-5 x your cost for services offered.

(12) Open A Digital Store

  • Sell your own products, tools, or services.
  • Sell digital or physical products for more than your cost, pocket the difference (i.e. drop-shipping)
  • Offer videos, intros, outros, apps, or products using an online store.


Why These Passive Ideas Over Others?

I have selected ones that are quick to get in place, ones that have proven track records, and ones that anyone can do, whether they are new to online marketing or seasoned veterans. Many of these I am involved in myself, actually!

If you work on one or more in addition to whatever else you may be doing with online marketing (i.e. affiliate marketing), you will see the fruits of your labor within a short time. It will help you stay motivated and also help you give up the day job!

Resources for You:

Here are some resources I have for you that will help you get started or get more ideas. I do hope one or more will be ones you will want to tap into!

(1) Membership Training Sites

If you are wanting to explore these ideas more, please have a look at some of these free membership sites I have for you where you can get more quality training. You will have to provide your name and email so I can add you to membership sites, but there is no cost involved.


Note that these courses will help you plan on just how you will deploy your passive income stream…


  • Affiliate Profits Club 

2019 01 08 2027 300x128 - 12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

(Click To Enlarge)


Synopsis: Good insight on getting a viable affiliate marketing business off the ground. Normal price $27.


  • Membership Marketers Club

2019 01 10 1050 300x109 - 12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

(Click To Enlarge)


Synopsis: Great course on all things membership. You will have a clear idea on how to proceed! Normal price $27.


  • Product Profits Club

2019 01 10 1051 001 300x127 - 12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

(Click To Enlarge)


Synopsis: Great course on how you can create and sell your own products quickly. Normal price $27.


  • eMarketers Club

2019 01 10 1052 300x133 - 12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

(Click To Enlarge)


Synopsis: This will provide you new insights into marketing online. Lots of ideas and tips. Normal cost $27.


  • Power Copy Club

2019 01 10 1053 300x139 - 12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

(Click To Enlarge)


Synopsis: Learn how to write good copy. This is a skill that can be learned, but many are reluctant to get started. This course will help to teach the important points. Normal cost $27.


  • Success Upgrade Training

2019 01 10 1053 001 300x132 - 12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

(Click To Enlarge)


Synopsis: Learn how you can generate success faster. There is a mindset that will help you cut to the chase and avoid pitfalls that others must deal with. Normal cost $27.


  • Traffic Generation Club

2019 01 10 1053 002 300x151 - 12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

(Click To Enlarge)


Synopsis. A great course chock full of tips, tools, and training on how to generate more traffic to your pages, offers, and blogs or posts. Normal cost $27.

Next, we have…


(2) SMART IM Checklists

If you are already set on one or more passive income sources, consider the training and checklists I have available for you. Here is a review of what we have that will definitely help you get started and stay on track:


(3) SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits

Perhaps you want to speed up the growth of your passive income program? If so, we have some lead magnet kits that may be of interest to you here (I and my team author and publish these kits):


(4) Wealthy Affiliate Platform

If you are looking for affiliate marketing learning and deployment platforms where you can learn and have access to numerous features and tools to include 25 free websites that are secure and fast, check this site out (I am a member). You can try it out for FREE for 7 days (no credit card required):


(5) Builderall Online Business Platform

Lastly, perhaps you are looking for a platform where you can quickly create sales pages, videos, have access to an unlimited autoresponder, and training, see this tool (I use it too):


These resources should be more than enough to generate a LOT of ideas and provide you some useful tools to get started with your passive income streams in 2019.


Bottom Line…

I have given you some ideas in this post and I do hope that they will help you have more success in 2019. There are so many ways to make a living online, but it helps to have some good sources to speed the process up. Also scams and etc. are prevalent still and I want you to be led in the right direction.

We have a membership site called SMART IM Tools Academy that is opening soon. I will include the link when it opens, please also check that out when added. It will provide a whole arsenal of useful tools that will help you get some passive income streams in place at a very reasonable price!

Cheers and all the best for the New Year! Let me know below what your choices are for passive income streams, and also ask any questions you may have! I check the site a few times a day and get notified no matter where I am or what I may be doing when I get a new comment!


Dave : )

42 thoughts on “12 Passive Online Streams of Income You Can Quickly Implement for 2019

  1. Hi dave

    good informative article. i have been blogging for 7 months now and still havent seen a dime and you have listed some really good alternatives to affiliate marketing.

    i really like the idea of Partner With Another for an eCourse and Create Your Own eCourse. With the latter I would know where to begin. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions?

    1. Good Day, Tarun…

      Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my suggestions in this post on 12 passive online streams of income. It can be helpful to get some ideas for new income streams you can quickly implement. 

      The 7-month period seems like a long time, I know. My suggestion is to keep at it, making sure that you are doing the keyword research and creating content that centers around what people are searching for…

      Income will come over time, as long as you have planned to promote products (or sell your own) that are related to the content/niche…

      Add in the social angle too, as that will get you attention and followers who will want to have a look at your content, and take action on your recommendations…

      Now on to alternate sources of passive income that you can create and start earning some income while you wait for the blogging/affiliate marketing to take off…

      Partnering up with someone that has some experience makes a lot of sense, as you will learn as you contribute to the partnership, plus earn some income as well…

      To determine what kind of a training course might work well, I suggest that you do some research to see what the needs are, then get the expertise to be able to teach or train the niche members on that subject…

      If there is someone you know within the niche that you could approach, you could send an email requesting consideration for working in a JV status, or perhaps offering some other relationship, i.e. selling their training with your addition to it…

      You could also look for done for you solutions out there (high-quality) where you add your logo, edit the content a bit, then offer it on your blog, and promote it on the social platforms…

      I have a free course you can sign up for, look at the resources I mention in the post near the bottom. Sign up and get started with that (it is free)…It will help you get a plan together…

      Also, there is a volume of checklists I have on offer (link is also in the resources portion of this post) that will help you go through the process of creating a product…

      Let me know how this goes, we can have a dialogue here and all will be helped too!


      Dave : )     

  2. Thank you for this much needed and very useful post. Passive income is everyone’s dream, but to achieve that we must either choose to work hard now for a brighter future, or have loads of money lying around that you can invest and earn passive income in the form of interest.

    The builder all system attracted me, as I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but need to start thinking about getting an autoresponder. I this feature alone on the Builder all system worthwhile in comparison with other autoresponders out there.

    1. Hi, Michel…

      Thanks for the kind words…At the start of the year, it is so easy to look at where you are and where you want to be with your online business, then determine what steps you can take to get to the desired end state by the end of the year…

      Yes, the Builderall platform is a good one and complements Wealthy Affiliate perfectly. You can take the training and the training, tools, plus features within Wealthy Affiliate and build out sales funnels, opt-ion pages, etc. that are fast loading (not WordPress based) plus have the autoresponder tool that is fantastic and included with Builderall.

      There is also a marketplace within Builderall where you can promote your own products. That is a great way to market your products to others plus with the affiliate program, it can be done for free with a little work to get a review in place, where you refer other prospects to the platform, as with Wealthy Affiliate…

      Let me know how things go, and best of luck for your online business growth in 2019!


      Dave : )

  3. This is some very good information! Passive income has always been a passion of mine, and fresh passive income ideas is exactly what I needed, so for that, thanks! I really love the membership site idea, that is (in my opinion) the best way to create passive income online, as long as the content is up-to-date and very informative. 

    Just one question though, how exactly can I earn passive income with Wealthy Affiliate? I’ve been doing a little research on it, but how can it become passive income?

    But thanks again this is what I needed!

    1. Hi, Terrence…

      Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year! I appreciate the kind and positive words…This post is intended to jar people’s creative juices and get them thinking of what they can do to generate some additional passive streams of income over and above what they may be doing now…

      If you like the membership idea, I would suggest taking the free membership training course I have added to the resource section of this post. It is easy to sign up, and you will have access to the videos and materials that will show you some tips and ideas…

      In regards to making passive income from Wealthy Affiliate, I would add a review of the platform and then promote that on the social platforms and perhaps locally or through some forum sites (be careful on the last method, you do not want to be perceived as a spammer)…

      Once you have content out there that people are searching for using the keywords you use and they are adding into their searches, you will get traffic, and eventually, passive income…


      Dave : ) 

  4. Thanks for the recommendations Dave, I like the idea of starting my own eCourse and rolling it out over time, I think a lot of people assume that others have the same knowledge they have but that jsut isn’t the case, sometimes something you do daily is very complicated but easy for you and you can pass on those tips at a cost. That being said, my first love is affiliate marketing. What do you think about publishing evergreen content to create a form a passive income?

    1. Hello, Marvin!

      I think your idea for publishing evergreen content is a super idea that works. This includes reviews of generic tools that all online marketers use such as autoresponders, web creation sites, video editing, and creation tools, etc. in the online marketing niche.

      There is no doubt that the affiliate marketing market segment is a form of passive income. Many people I know use sites such as Wealthy Affiliate to get the training and tap into the many features and resources found on that platform to get this passive income in place…

      There are those that would like to add to the streams of passive income, even affiliate marketers, so I think generating some fresh ideas will be helpful for these folks. It sounds like you’re on the right track to me!. 

      Since you love affiliate marketing, I am sure that you have some tricks, tips, or advice that would help others out in their quest to become a successful affiliate marketer. Why not tap into this skill set and make some money on the side from your expertise? 

      It would not be that hard to do, and the product does not have to look like a Udemy course. It can be a 5-day email course, it can be a video course that you record using free tools, and you can develop materials and checklists that support the training.

      Once you have done that once, you then can offer it on your site or elsewhere (i.e. on other platforms where you can sell it for whatever cost), or you might be able to use it as a lead magnet to get more subscribers (at nop additional cost).

      I wish you the best of luck in 2019, it sounds like you are ready to hit it hard this year! Please do stop by again as we are introducing a LOT of new things this year (we are ready to hit it hard too this year!)…


      Dave : )

  5. Hi David,

    Some of these sound very difficult for me. I wouldn’t know where to begin to start a membership site with courses on it, or writing an eBook and publishing on kindle. Can you suggest anything that might work for beginners? I also haven’t heard of IM before – can you please explain that a bit more? I clicked on the links but I still don’t understand the reference. Perhaps affiliate marketing would work for me, that sounds achievable for me at this stage. 

    Thanks for your resources, I will have a lot of work to do this year to start earning passive income.

    1. Hello, Melissa!

      Thanks for popping through, I always like to see some interest in my meanderings here on the website! In regards to your concerns that some of these sound too hard to do, with a little planning and guidance all are possible. If I can do them, anyone can hehe! 

      I have added some free training for membership sites in the resource section of the post, it is easy to sign up and get started. I sell these normally for $27, so you also are saving some bucks for some excellent training. On writing copy and publishing an ebook, there is also a free training site available. Sign up for them all if you would like and save a couple hundred dollars!

      Secondarily, I have added links to our SMART IM Checklists that I personally use in my online work to keep me on track. These provide step-by-step tasks for each area of a major task i.e. video marketing, or email marketing, etc. These will help you get the things done that are required and keep you from wasting time on things you really do not need to be doing.

      Your question on IM is a good one. I am an old military guy, and we use acronyms and shortcuts all the time in our work. This has carried through to the online marketing world, and this is one you see often used by others too. It stands for internet marketing. 

      There are others that many people will use, such as MMO (making money online), or AR (autoresponder), and even the old WP (WordPress)…No biggie on this, over time you will become familiar with all these terms and more. Please do stop in and ask more questions, I do not mind answering or finding the answers!

      I am glad that you stopped in, and do have a look at the resources that include the free training. This is another way for you to get more familiar with the online marketing niche, and of course I and others are here too to help get you on the right track!


      Dave : ) 

  6. Hey David,

    Great article and very informative! Your proposed 12 Passive Income Stream provides me with additional options on how to add another income revenue to my web business. I like the ideas of setting up a membership training site selling my own course which l can leverage what l have learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you for sharing the resources which definitely will help me in starting another passive income stream. l am looking forward to your launching your  SMART IM Tools Academy.

    Much success to you.

    1. Goo Day, Zayn!

      Thanks for stopping by first of all, and Happy New Year! Yes I am chomping at the bit to finally be able to fully open the SMART IM Tools site plus add the new payment gateways for all the SMART IM Tools that are in place and ready to roll out.

      it can be frustrating when the weather gets in the way of getting things done, but this is a fact of having an online business using an offline office and setup. I found this necessary though, because I need to keep the branches of the online marketing separated.

      Some of the business is involving e-commerce, while another portion is the making money online niche. I was using the same PayPal account for both, the same company for both, and the same books for both. It got quite confusing, since a part of the business was international and some mainly in North America.

      Anyway, to make a long story short, I decided it was time to open an LLC in the USA again. That is what we are waiting on now. We have an office, the LLC is underway (registration, etc.) and once that is complete and approved we will open bank accounts and add new and more payment gateways.

      Getting back to your point on membership sites, they are an excellent way to offer something of value to your subscribers who are saving money and getting lots of value for their monthly membership fee. Just as with Wealthy Affiliate, Builderall, or even ClickFunnels, you are giving value in return for a small subscription cost.

      I wish you te best of luck for 2019, and if you want to get some specialized training on membership sites (for free), have a look at the resource section of the post, you will see a link to go and sign up. Again, it is free, and lots of good content in that training for you (normally costs $27)…


      Dave : )  

  7. It sounds like it is easy but how do you promote stuff and hope it makes you money?  I have recently been battling my online monster niche and I am starting to think I’m not good enough. I would like to change that around and use some passive options.

    making money online is surely a commitment and this year I will figure out how to successfully use affiliate marketing.

    1. Hi there, Kira…

      I know that frustration of feeling like you are adding lots of content and following guidelines for keywords, SEO, and etc. but nobody is listening. It does take time to build a following and the traffic that will lead to the second half of the equation, namely monetizing the effort to garner sales and commissions.

      Perhaps a good way to get some recognition in the niche is to start interacting on the Facebook groups and forums so people get to know you. I am thinking of the many groups you will find, plus a site such as Warrior Forum or Reddit. 

      I would not spam, just start answering questions, and asking questions, making comments, and then in a subtle way, refer people to your website and content. You might consider adding a lead magnet or two as well, using some valuable content that online marketers are looking for (see my link to my SMART IM Lead Magnet Kits)…

      You could also add in some contests or giveaways or a survey to find out what people are looking for and then giving it to them. Note the free membership training sites I have added in the resource section of the post. Take a free course or two from me and see what ideas you come up with…

      Lastly, come back here and let’s see how we can charge your program up for 2019! I feel sure that you can do it, you took the time to drop a comment here, so I know you are motivated! I look forward to hearing from you!


      Dave : )

  8. Thank you for this excellent post.  You’ve done a lot of research, saving me a lot of time.

    I really appreciate the passive income stream ideas you’ve compiled.  I may pick up on a couple of them this year.

    Thanks again for also providing a great list of training resources.  These will definitely come in handy!

    I’m looking forward to your Smart IM announcement.

    1. Good Day, Merlyn…

      Good to have you come by and take the time to leave some feedback on this post on passive income streams and why we should pursue them.At the start of 2019, or any new year, it is often a great time to look back and look forward to what was and what could be. 

      I am a believer in working to put in place multiple streams of income, even with online business, as when you have a downturn in one or the other streams or have a personal issue get in the way of your work, you can continue to earn…

      The SMART IM Tools program has generated a huge amount of interest and I am happy that is so. We have put a lot of effort into planning for the brand itself and all the products that we will roll out under that brand. Right now the first two are launching and the next 3-5 are set to go shortly.

      It is not just the tools and brand either. We are in the final stages of adding a membership site option where the subscriber can tap into ALL the tools at a lower cost. Plus we are rolling out an affiliate program where people can earn commissions promoting the products and the membership site.

      As you can see, I am practicing what I preach, in that I am building passive streams of income that will help me scale and grow the online marketing business over the coming year. I wish the same for you and hope that SMART IM tools will be a part of that growth!


      Dave : )

  9. Great article and really good ways to create another income. I like the different choices of how to create it and then you have options. I have been thinking about creating my own book and post it to Amazon but I am just lazy I guess. Like you say with a second income you can have a different kind of freedom and have some security just in case. 

    1. Hey There, Alexandra…

      Glad that you got some value with the post on 12 passive online income streams you can get in place quickly in 2019. It was designed to provide some concrete examples, and also generate the creativity in readers so they start taking action to get one or more additional streams of income in place.

      As an investor, over the years I have learned the power of spreading risk to several asset types versus putting all your money into one. This way you have some chance of making money even in the down times, or at leat losing less.

      That same principle holds true in online marketing. There is no doubt that you will have ups and down with your marketing, no matter how good your product may be, If you have worked to have several sources of income, one source may drop, but the others will continue…


      Dave : )  

  10. Hi Dave, thanks for this insightful article. There are couple of suggestions you made that I find very useful in my case, such as Evergreen email campaign, eCourse and specially hosting already established bloggers in a niche. I believe passive income is very important from “freedom” point of view to emergency money. Happy new year! 

    1. Hello, Katya…

      Happy New Year to you as well. It sounds like you have some good ideas in mind for getting some additional sources of passive income in place. The evergreen email campaigns, an e-course, and the specialty hosting all will work.

      If you add one or more of these to affiliate marketing or whatever else you may be doing now, it can really help and provide that ‘freedom’ you mention in so many ways. I am doing the same if you notice with our new SMART IM Tools brand and line of products.

      I wish you the best of luck and please do stop by again. I am adding some more content on the SMART IM Tools brand (new products plus an affiliate program) so maybe you can use the tools or perhaps add the affiliate program as an additional source of passive income!


      Dave : )  

  11. Hello David,

    I am a stay-at-home mom trying to find ways to earn some income while still be able to tend to my kids. The information you have here is in abundance. A bit hard for me to digest more so with some ‘alien’ words here and there. However, reading through the comments section, with your detailed reply to your visitors, I managed to understand and pick up some words too – IM means internet marketing, AR means autoresponder among others. Rarely, I come across a site owner replied in such a detailed manner. You are the best!

    Being new to all this, what would you suggest I start off with? And how much time will it take? At least, for me to build a decent website with some decent earning?



    1. Hello, Sharon!

      First of all, thanks so much for stopping by, plus spending the time to look through not only the post but also the comments. I often find that there is as much information in comments as in the post itself. That tells me you are truly interested in creating an online business that will work for you.

      As a stay-at-home mom, I know your time is limited and creating some passive sources of income that do not require too much work once you have them set up is just what you need. Some of the methods I explain may or may not work for you depending on your experience.

      But there are some gems that will work for you. I suggest that you stand up a website most definitely, and add content as possible using the time you have, but not all the time. I would take a bit of each hour or hours to work on a secondary source of income.

      I am not aware of all your skills, but I have no doubt that you can tap into whatever they are to come up with something. It could be a book, maybe some training, or perhaps a digital product that you can offer to others in your niche.

      What is the niche you are focusing on, by the way? That would make it a lot easier to make some suggestions on how to get something in place. The key is to put something in place where you will only have to take care of customer support and any delivery issues that you may have once you start selling.

      Can you add some info as a reply to this comment and we can work something out – in the meantime, you can also have a look at some of the resources I have added at the bottom of the post – there are some free training sites I have links to where you can gain some valuable ideas from.

      I will give you some examples of the areas of online marketing I have entered over the past 4 years: Affiliate marketing, training courses, selling my own products (via e-commerce stores or on making money online websites), and selling other’s products via e-commerce stores (drop-shipping).

      This has not all been done in a day, a month, or even a year. It takes time and as time passes, you get more and more in place. But starting out, it was hard to make money on a consistent basis. It is better to focus on one or two things, get them working, then branch out to the next thing.

      Over time, you will have a number of streams of income coming in on a regular basis, and that is when things can snowball (scaling via using your extra available time to build even more). You can also choose when to do the scaling work and when to spend more time with the kids and family. 

      Especially for someone who already has a full-time job handling the kids and household, this online marketing is attractive and works. It will require some planning and then executing that plan on a regular basis. If you can do that, even if it is 1-2 hours a day, it will not be long before you have a successful business up and running!

      Please do add your thoughts below mine, and let’s get you started! Also have a look at the free training and resources I have added to maybe give you some pointers and ideas! I look forward to hearing from you and have a great day!


      Dave : )    

  12. Hi Dave

    Lots of excellent information in this post. Your reasons why you need passive income streams makes a lot of sense.

    I have to admit my only real success with generating passive income has been with a Kindle book I wrote, which has and continues to generate monthly income since it was published. It’s a great feeling to know that work I did two years ago is still making money.

    I have found affiliate marketing via blogging not as easy and far more time consuming than book writing. The problem with blogging is you have to continue writing so much content that it never ends and yet there seems to be little return. Maybe the process with website building takes longer than book writing?

    As an an ex corporate trainer I am thinking about adding an E-course to my blog later this year. Do you have any advice on which platforms are best for this?


    1. Hi, Mark!

      I most certainly agree with you on the length of time it can take to start making money with a blog only. It also is much more front end and constant work to add new content on a regular basis as many recommend. Have you considered outsourcing the content creation (it can be tricky to find a good writer that meets your standard)…


      Congratulations on your success with the Kindle book, this is EXACTLY what I am talking about. The work you did a couple of years ago is still making sales and money for you. I really appreciate you sharing this, it can provide some motivation for readers to get started too.

      On the idea for adding training to your blog, I think it is an excellent move to make. This way you can capture the traffic and get leads (add a lead magnet for the training) and also make some sales of the training. Do a little marketing, and it could very well be like your Kindle book.

      The platform you currently likely are using will work, as long as your website theme works with WooCommerce. If not you might see if the easy digital download plugin will work. Alternately, you could set up a sales page separate from the website to send people to from your website (likely will look better/more professional).

      If you decide to go off your website for the pages/upgrade from a WooCommerce product page (which works well for e-commerce, BTW)…

      The platform for the sales page, legal pages, thank you page and delivery pages could be hosted anywhere. There are also WordPress plugins that you could use for the sales pages, and store/deliver the products I use one called Profit Builder that works well. 

      Other more expensive platforms are out there, but why buy a Mercedes when a Volkswagen will do? Later you may want to buy that fancy page-builder, but to get started save the money for other things. 

      For the delivery of the training, I would have a look at the WordPress premium theme Coaching, available on the ThemeForest website. That theme has all the bells and whistles you would ever need, but of course, it can be complicated and overwhelming starting out to set up.

      I have tried a variety of themes like Kleo, Coaching, and even the basic membership plugins that are free. I am using Coaching now for my training website. I like it. 

      Alternately, you could just package the whole training course into a series of modules with accompanying support materials, and zip it and add it to a site like DropBox or pCloud. When someone buys it, they get the download link and can access it through their home computer (cheapest)… 

      You do bring up some great questions, and based on them I will be adding some content here with links to some resources I have that will help online marketers get through the sales funnels and delivery process. I also have the SMART IM Checklists, one volume covers some of this as well…

      Thanks for the great comment, there have been so many so far, and I really am enjoying the discourse. I am getting a lot of valuable feedback from everyone. Have a great 2019 and let me know how things are going!


      Dave : )


      1. Hey Dave

        Thanks for the speedy and meaty reply. I see all your replies are. I appreciate your response since I also know from experience how time-consuming it can be to write long responses.

        I agree completely with you that comments from readers help one a great deal to know what readers need which means you can tailor your content accordingly.

        Outsourcing content writing is a good idea although I do enjoy writing except for its time-consuming nature. I am probably too attached. Obviously, I need to think about what’s best from a business angle rather than hanging on to what I like doing but which is to the detriment of growth and progress.

        Your tips are really useful and I now have some ideas with which to work so thank you again.


        1. Hi Mark…

          I enjoy having a discourse with readers and it helps all I think…I do have something you should take a look at that may help you a bit with content creation…It is a tool that I have (I have not used it that much yet) bought as well, and it seems to help with the mass production of content we all are looking for…

          It is called Content Constructor…Basically, you type in keywords, is scrapes the internet and pulls in the latest content published, formats it for you, and rather than starting from scratch, you can edit/make it unique quickly, and publish…There is more to it than that, but that is what it does.

          I am all for writing my own content, but I do have VAs that write articles for me with the e-commerce stores (and create videos), and this tool does help to get a lot done fast. It depends on the angle you are shooting for, of course, and the tool may not be for everyone. This is not like the old spinner tools that created crap articles that often made no sense…

          have a look and see what you think: Here is the sales page through a colleague (Barry Rodgers, a good guy in the online marketing world)……I bought the FE and OTO1 which offered the ability to use more keywords for pulling in content…This is not an affiliate link for me, BTW, no skin in it at all…

          Here is the training video link:

          Let me know what you think!

          Dave : )

  13. In this economy it is very important for anyone who is an online business to have a passive online streams of income. This article is great because it has got 12 great implements almost anyone could use and succeed. It was really easy to understand and read the explanations.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    1. Hello, Sujander…

      Thanks for stopping by and having a look at this latest post on potential sources to develop passive income for 2019. The 12 methods I mention are just a few of many potential ways to get started, there are probably 100 more! But these are some of the fastest and easiest ones…

      You can most certainly help yourself using one or more of these methods. I am thinking of the many people that are now being affected by the Government shutdown in the USA at the moment. Just think if they had the business acumen to be involved in online marketing.

      They could tap into the skills to provide that income missing from their normal paychecks and would not have to worry so much about waiting for the politicians to do their jobs. This is a perfect example of why I recommend getting one of these streams set up.

      You just never know when something might happen. It can be your fault, maybe a medical condition, or perhaps a family crisis, or even a natural disaster (hurricane, fire, storm, etc.). Having the peace of mind knowing that some income is coming in really can help.

      Have a great day best of luck in the new year with your online marketing business!


      Dave : )

  14. I must say that this article is very informative and helpful. I always wanted to earn online and make a better life for me and my family. I agree with you that online passive income has great benefits but it is not that easy to achieve it. I don’t want to tell that it needs years to establish an online presence but it really takes time.

    1. Hi, Daniel…

      I do agree that it takes time to establish authority and trust when you start out. How long that takes really depends on a lot of things. The content you publish, your personality (outgoing, introvert, etc.), and even a bit of EQ (emotional intelligence, plus some old-fashioned business skills.

      As with most careers, there will be those that combine all of these and get a fast start, while others are not quite as quick to have success. In all cases, I think that the basic skills can be learned by almost everyone, and over time, success attained.

      This is where communities, tools, sites, forums, and good old-fashioned work comes in (two times old-fashioned in one comment!). One of the reasons I like to read comments is that I learn so much. Who is doing what, how they are doing it, why it is working, what is not working, and so on…  

      The many methods (there are more) I mention here can work, but will not be for everyone, I think the best is to select one or at maximum two and work them. If you have the time and the desire, you can add more as time goes on. That makes it all digestible and not overwhelming.

      I appreciate your perspective on this article on 12 Passive Income Sources for 2019, and do hope that people will use it to think about what they may be able to do that relates to their skill set. How important that can be is borne out by the current situation that the USA Government workers who have been furloughed through no fault of their own…Such a thing can happen to all of us.


      Dave : )  

  15. The idea of passive income is like music in my ears I have been trying to get that income but it didn’t work befor antill I had a friend who told me how I can work online and earn some extra money  that will boost my income that is how I joined wealthy affiliate affiliate and as they say the rest is history.

    1. Good Day, Charles…

      Yes indeed, talk is easy but the execution of that talk is the hard part for most people I think. It is not enough to talk, action needs to follow. It sounds like you have done that, and I commend you. I like “the rest is history” part of your comment.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a platform where you can learn the ropes and get a solid start. From there, you can branch out into any number of market segments as mentioned in the post. Passive income streams are not that hard to develop, and once you have the work done, can generate income month after month.

      It is like investing in yourself. Rather than putting money into real estate or the stock market, take an investment of time and effort to follow through on one of these 12 methods I have covered, or do something outside of them. Get the programs in place, and then watch your income grow.

      Thanks for your insight and all the best for a fruitful 2019! 


      Dave : ) 

  16. Thanks for writting such a brilliant article on passive income im so impressed with what you have done here i must say you are on point on this article and explaining how its gonna help us in different ways like providing emergency incomes and building our online business faster,Thanks for this please bring us more info to motivate us.

    1. Good Day, Seun!

      No issue with publishing this, I really want to help people realize just how many ways they can boost their income with a little extra work to put in place some streams of passive income. Many people have a skill that they can leverage to get this in place. 

      Of course, what I have added is just the ideas, but it will take some additional planning and effort to get them up and running. It can be done though, and just adding in an extra 20 minutes or more as possible to your workday will get it done. 

      Those that have more time can achieve these additional passive income goals quicker, but even the ones that may not have a lot of time can do it with persistence and tenacity. It will just take a little longer. But as with affiliate marketing, it builds on itself.

      As you do get one additional source of passive income in place, it frees you up a little bit to add another source, and that, in turn, opens the door to yet another, and so it goes. When you look back at the end of the year, you see just how far you have come, and things are looking a lot brighter.

      Best of luck and appreciate the feedback!


      Dave : )

  17. Passive Income streams! That is really something that I am sure we all aspire to!

    So I was really interested to read your post. You have some really great ideas, and having taken in your post, my very modest immediate aim is to implement at least one of them as soon as I can. I think I may well concentrate on adding some training modules to my site. I will certainly be looking to you for some advice there.

    Also, I will definitely be checking on your SMART IM Tools Academy when it comes available.

    Thank you so much for this valuable post.

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hi There, Chrissie!

      Thanks for popping through today…I am glad that you found the article useful, most certainly passive income is something to strive to get in place, and the more streams of such income you can develop, the better. I like your idea of adding training to your website, if you have the skills, why not get paid to help others learn what you know.

      Most definitely if you need any advice on setting up these courses, ask away. I have done many over the years while in the military, for colleges and universities as a teacher, and of course also online. I think these kinds of passive income work well, and they often are evergreen in nature, as in they will always be in demand depending on the subject, of course!

      Great to hear about your interest in the SMART IM Tool Academy and it should be open for business very shortly. I am adding more and more content, plus getting the LLC completed as I write this. I am hoping that we will be open for business before the end of the month.

      I have been asked to open for sales the products we have rolled out to now, and I may do this using my other business accounts if there are any more delays getting the new office opened and all the rest completed (we are locating in the town I grew up in, International Falls, Minnesota). 

      Please stop by again soon and I will be making a big announcement about our grand-opening here. Oh yes, also there will be an affiliate program, so there is another chance to earn some good commissions. 


      Dave : )   

  18. Hello David,How interesting and attractive it would be for everyone to generate passive income. 

    They are recurring income that we will have every month, every year, working fewer hours and being able to spend more time where we need it. 

    We can achieve this by creating membership sites, selling our own digital books, collecting royalties, etc.We must be prepared for any contingency that may occur, it would be a great idea to be able to make it happen.

    In this I find myself working. Thank you!Claudio

    1. Hi, Claudio!

      Glad to hear that you are working to get passive income streams in place. It just makes sense to tap into the work you are likely already doing i.e. building a website and filling it with valuable content that people are looking for…If you can find other ways to entice the traffic you are attracting to spend money for something else that is valuable to them, why not?

      I do hope you are able to use one or more of the 12 passive online streams of income I have added here, but in no way should you limit yourself to just these 12. There are so many ways to generate some streams of income that tap into what you are currently doing.

      I wish you all the best in your quest to build more passive income streams into your business, and let us know here how things go. I have seen some really great ideas and know there are more out there!


      Dave : )

  19. Wow, Dave…this article ROCKS! You’ve offered some amazing ideas and resources for implementing passive income streams, and many I hadn’t even considered. Some appeal to me more than others (and I feel I’m more “qualified” to implement some rather than others), but what a phenomenal list. You really have provided ideas for everyone, no matter where in their development of passive income they may be, and your “free membership” offers…well, they are truly PRICELESS! Thanks for your insight and for helping us all find our way to online/passive income success.

    1. Hi There, Cheri!

      Thanks for the compliments, they are appreciated and tell me that the team is headed in a direction that we want to be heading. There are just so many ways to generate some additional streams of passive income that you can implement with little additional work…

      Yes, I hear you on the fact that some appeal more than others. The reason I added 12 was to give enough ideas so that maybe 1 to 2 would appeal to every reader. These are all possible to get implemented, of course, but in reality, most will stick with one or more.

      That even makes sense. Rather than trying to get all 12 or more additional passive income streams in place, starting with one will make it a more measured and likely successful process. Get one up and running, then as you gain more income and time, build the next.

      Please have a look at some of the resources as well if you’d like, and they include a litany of training and tools that may help you leverage your efforts to get some additional passive income streams in place. The membership training sites are free and have top-quality training, and the SMART checklists may help to get things done too.


      Dave : )

  20. Hi Dave. Your post is full of lots of great ideas. I have just started getting into affiliate marketing myself and have found that to make money online you really need to set up a number of passive income streams as you have suggested. All the ideas are great. While they are all achievable, I would say they will all take quite a bit of work up front to put in place, and some will take a bit of work to maintain. Having said that, what I find particularly good about internet marketing is the flexibility. You are not required to work certain hours, but you can fit your work hours around your other commitments and priorities such as family.

    Thanks again for the great post.

    1. Hi, John…

      Thanks and I am glad that you got some value out of the post on 12 passive online streams of income I suggest to consider to build your business faster in 2019. Especially when starting out, it can all be a bit overwhelming, as there is a lot to learn, in spite of what people may have heard.

      Therefore, I really do understand your points. I would suggest parceling the online work into bits and pieces, digesting (absorbing and acting on the tasks) each one after the other over time. This way it will get done, step-by-step, and you will have success.

      One of the advantages of building more passive sources or streams of income is that it frees up time for family and working to build the business more, as you may wish. It seems counter-intuitive, I know, especially when you are wringing every last minute of production with the time you have to attend to the online business, but it really is this way.

      There are some streams I mention that may take less time for you, depending on your skill set. I do recommend sticking with something that you are not starting from absolute zero with, especially for the first or second additional streams you work on.

      Later, as you may have time or desire, you can work on the nice to know things where you will have to put in a lot more work on ti get the stream up and running. Let me know how things are going in any case, and have a look at the resources too – perhaps there are one or more that can help leverage your efforts!


      Dave : )

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