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Before We Get Started On The 10 Reasons This SMART $1K+ Project Is The Best…

To put the 10 reasons into context, it is necessary to understand what you get with the SMART $1k+ Project. Then the reasons provided will make more sense to the reader.

The page that explains the program in detail can be found here:  Opt-in Page SMART $1k+ Project

There you will find a much more expanded version of the information provided in this short article. Below I describe a bit about the program in case you do not have time to go to that opt-in page.

Here is a sales video for a promotion we recently ran over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale period:

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An Introduction to the SMART $1K+ Project

This program is an all-in-one business support platform with a ton of elements and features and it comes with a structured curriculum that spans a 6-month period.

During that time, students can tap into vital business-building features that will help them leverage their efforts into planning and building a profitable online-focused business.

The program is designed to enable students to do it faster, better, and easier than any competing platform that I have seen out there to date.

That is a bold statement, and I make it as an insider, the head coach, and the developer of the program.

I am writing this report from the first-person perspective, as I am intimately involved in how this program came to be, what it is now, and what it will be in the future.

Hearing about the program from the source will help you understand what you get with this SMART $1K+ Project program.

Why Build Yet ANOTHER Business Building Platform?

This program was developed out of a need that new and seasoned online marketers have for a truly all-in-one platform to save time, money, and effort as they build an online business.

Many are in a work-from-home setting as they try this.

Most “solutions” out there in the market do NOT provide everything needed, they only claim to do so.

These days especially, with the “Great Resignation” that is happening, people are looking for and need such complete and effective solutions as what the SMART $1K+ Project offers.

OK, How Much Is This Going To Cost?

I am sure this is one of the first things that came to your mind. Let me put you at ease on this point right now…

Pricing was the main factor outside of getting students to earn quickly in the development of the platform.

I and the team wanted to have something that was within the budget of a large number of people that may want to venture into a work-from-home business.

Rather than focusing on maximizing profits, we approached the project from that perspective, and I am pleased to say we are priced WELL below the close (but not equal) competitors that are in the market.

Depending on when you have a look at our opt-in page, you will see a sale price listed that is literally hundreds less than other options out there.

Rather than listing a specific price, I will tell you that this program is regularly priced at $299 for the six-month access and that will rise as we flesh out the road map (it has to so we can stay in business!)…

Right now and for the foreseeable future we will keep pricing at a much lower point than that. Sales can save students $100, $200, and even more if they are lucky enough to be one of the early adopters that get in using the special coupon (limited to 200 students).

Here is another sales video that gives an overview of the program:

Check out our opt-in page by clicking on the text below…


What Is The SMART $1k+ Project All About?

More than just a training site with a single business model focus, the program provides training on a number of viable business models that students can use to build their own businesses.

They go through a step-by-step process on how to plan and build their work-from-home business, and the project combines lessons, courses, and activities with a hands-on approach that allows them to implement the lessons they learn.

The student can focus on one or perhaps two business models if they are shoulder-type activities (i.e. work on one business model is helping to advance the other model simultaneously) immediately.

The idea is that they immediately apply what they are learning and start earning as quickly as possible.

This, along with the regular coaching, the community, and having all the resources, means that students increase their chance of success by a factor of 4, 5, or more compared to other programs we have been a part of or read about.

The above statement is made based on beta testing that we have conducted over the last year.

What Features Does The SMART $1k+ Project Include?

There are many moving parts in the SMART $1K+ Project program.

There are shop sites, training sites, community sites, and even a reference library they can use as they plan and build out their business.

These sites have 80+ tools, 1000’s of resources, many tutorials, some case studies, and more that come with the 6-month membership.

Essentially, the student has everything they need starting out, and many of the assets are provided as “Done For You (DFY) and “Ready To Go” (RTG).

How Many Students Are In Each Class?

We also limit class sizes to 100, and new classes start weekly right now.

Fewer students mean more one-on-one attention, critical especially in the early phases of the work-from-home business build.

This approach shortens the period from start to actually earning an income.

This earning goal is one of the main focuses of the program,

The Process Or “Making The Sausage” Behind the SMART $1K+ Project

Students are onboarded and have a series of steps to take to get started.

DFY and RTG Websites:

They request 2 DFY websites with products loaded and ready to sell (RTS). These websites are hosted on dedicated servers that the SMART brand has secured for all members of its various programs and services.

The websites are WordPress-based, and they come loaded with premium marketing and tracking tools, cutting-edge SEO and review plugins, and page builders. Students can make minor design changes add in their payment gateway links, and they are RTG (ready to go).

To help students get to earnings, they also come loaded with courses that can be sold or given away for the lead providing their contact information (so they can be a lead generation tool)…

Automation & Marketing Tools

To avoid overwhelm, students are provided the essential tools that they will need to implement the content and marketing plans they develop in the training portion of the program.

There are a large number of other premium tools that they will need later on as they flesh out their business too. Page builders, marketing software, research tools, tracking software, etc. will be there when needed.

The Business Build Process

Students will begin to build their unique business plan with the training and templates provided right away from week one.

A key to this portion of the training is that they factor in their own unique situation as they create their business plan, There are worksheets and exercises to go through that help them focus and drill down on what will work best for them.

They also go through a lesson that provides an overview of the many options for business models to use as part of the process.

They can note which are of the most interest/potential, then take drill-down courses/classes to learn more.

Once they have an idea of what is possible and achievable they start building their plan, We help them in that process and review results, providing feedback.

The end result is a business plan that they can use to map out a series of tasks and objectives over the coming months they are in the program.

Note that this plan is not for banks nor for investors, it is for their personal use. It does not have to be as fancy as a professional multi-paged document that these parties will require.

It is essentially their own personal road map to success.

What Comes After The Business Plan?

Of course, early on in the curriculum we also provide an introduction to everything they have access to and where to go to get access.

There are shops with resources, tools, lead magnet kits, PLR (private label right content), plus community and forum sites, and even a reference library for their use.

The training is broken down into phases. Getting started, business models, core competency courses, case studies, tutorials (for tools and resources),

Starting out in the program there is a structured set of classes and activities over an 8-week period,.

Subsequently, they have access to a huge inventory (and growing) library of courses that will help them gain proficiency with core competency skills they will need.

What About The Coaching Offered?

We then throw in live coaching and Q & A sessions on a regular weekly basis. These are conducted in line with the published schedule students have access to, and the sessions are archived for later viewing if needed.

In these sessions, students will have a chance to get questions answered and learn outside the video, text, or course activity formats.

They can ask questions, interact with one another, and grow their knowledge base.

Generally, we have found this coaching to be an extremely effective way to keep students motivated. They will be more apt to keep pushing forward with their business.

Why Is There A Community Included?

Having an active and supportive community helps the student keep motivated, get questions answered form other students at times, build relationships, etc.

This is another important element that helps success rates for our students and it is a feature that not all similar progtams that claim to be an all-in-one platform have.

There are a number of ways students can leverage the power of the community. They can team up with other members, they can ask for feedback, they can learn new skills, they can get sources from others, etc.

Why Limited Class Sizes?

By limiting the class size to 100 for each iteration of the class, students can more quickly get to know one another, they can help each other in many ways.

The coach and SMART support team can hone in on student issues and give them more personal attention.

This program is not about mass indoctrination, rather it is focused on the individual and the smaller class sizes helps the student get the full value out of their investment.

How Does The Training Curriculum Work?

Over the first 8-weeks, the student is led through a series of courses that build on one another, as well as they are coached to start realizing earnings with the hands-on side of the program.

The expectation is that the student will start earning no later than by the 3d month of membership in the program.

If they do the requisite work and make an ongoing effort during that initial 8-week period, there is a high likelihood that will be earning.

From month 3 to month 6, the student builds out and scales their work from home business to the point it can largely replace another main source of income.

At this point, the student has some latitude to make other decisions as to how to continue to scale their business or broaden the focus to related income streams.

What Happens At The End Of The Program (After 6-Months)?

Subsequent to the 6-month class, students can then make a number of moves:

  • They can extend their membership in the SMART $1k+ Project program.
  • They can move their membership to the SMART sister program called the SMART Affiliate Network
  • They can move their websites to another host and procure the needed tools and resources to continue their online business elsewhere.

Of course, I and the team want our students to stay with us long-term, so you can bet that we will be doing our best to provide unmatched levels of value and service!

Note that with the transition to the SMART Affiliate Program platform, all their websites tools, resources, and etc. go with. There is nothing required on the student’s part other than to complete payment. Our admin team takes care of the rest.

What Else Does The SMART $1k+ Project Curriculum Consist Of?

The overall 6-month program contains literally hundreds of courses that the student can tap into on the training side of things.

As mentioned, the initial 8 weeks are rather structured with a LOT of courses on the class schedule (over 30 and growing).

But once the 8 weeks of structured classroom activities are completed, the student has a number of elective courses they can complete.

Students can decide which of the elective courses they need to advance their knowledge base and skill set to further their business operations.

The Training Process/Progression Reasoning…

Because of the number of courses offered, it can be overwhelming. That is the reason for the structured portion during the initial 8-week period.

There is a weekly syllabus for the first eight weeks, and thereafter a general listing of all courses students can access.

Note that as part of the initial 8-weeks, students are concurrently provided training and advice on how to use the tools and DFY websites to quickly start earning an income from their efforts.

This means they can actually get started quickly with the tasks that will help them earn money. Between the DFY and RTG aspects, they have the core knowledge needed to do this.

Why This Approach?

Joining the coursework with that hands-on approach along with the other steps we have implemented has proven to raise the success rate 4 to 5x the average (while that is good, we are tweaking our system to raise those numbers even higher).

Note that our approach will continue to be refined as we learn more from students’ needs and results they are getting. We believe in constant improvement for students and we live that ourselves with this program.

What Tools Does The Student Get With the SMART $1k+ Project?

As mentioned, there are well over 80 tools that students get access to.

Some are introduced right at the onboarding stage, as mentioned, while others will be useful as students build and scale their businesses.

In general, the idea is for us is that students will have everything they need in one place as they get started.

Note we also provide training on some free external tools that we recommend. Most tools are found within the SMART program however.

What Do The Tools Do?

They cover online business tasks such as keyword research, copywriting, SEO (search engine optimization)…

Also, marketing approaches (i.e. email, video, social, content, etc.), data tracking, lead generation tactics, and resources are included.

There are tools such as sales funnels software, automation software to get more done in the same amount of time, etc.

The student will have literally $1000s of dollars worth of tools at their fingertips.

Students get free access to the SMART Business Tools Shop, where they are available for purchase to non-members as well.

That site is located within the SMART brand line of websites and can be reviewed using this link: SMART BUSINESS TOOLS

What Resources Are Provided with the SMART $1k+ Project?

Literally, there are thousands of assets students can tap into.

A few of many resources are included in the list below:

  • Lead magnet kits,
  • PLR (Private Label Rights),
  • Planners,
  • Journals,
  • Templates,
  • Checklists,
  • Images,
  • Infographics,
  • Isometric graphics,
  • Sample headline/title lists,
  • Sample keyword lists,
  • Marketing banners,
  • Sales videos and templates for videos,
  • Video backgrounds, and
  • much more…

Because there are so many resources, the SMART team has developed three resource shops that students get access to as a part of their tuition.

In these shops, they can pick and choose what they need and at no cost, download and use the resources.

This is a timesaver, and when combined with such free tools as Canva (graphics design website) or OpenShot (video editing software), students can quickly get things done and published.

The three websites within the SMART $1k+ Project can be reviewed at the following locations

  • A PLR (Private Label Rights) shop at Dave’s PLR Shop. On that shop site, students will see they have over 300 products (and growing) that cover a wide variety of subjects. These assets can be used to help build leads, make new digital products, teach, coach, and more.
  • The next shop is the SMART Lead Magnet Kits Shop. That website provides over 100 lead magnet kits and there are another 10 queued for publishing over the coming weeks, In total, there are over 250 to be published, and once they are all online, we will add another 2 new kits each month.
  • The third shop contains the rest of the resources we have for students. This shop is called, appropriately enough the SMART Buziness Resources Shop. Here is where the student will find many other useful assets such as daily, weekly, and 90-day work planners, journals, templates, checklists, etc.

Other Highlights Of The SMART $1k+ Project – A Comparison

To make this report a reasonable length (I could go on for hours writing about this program, I have put so much effort into developing and fine-tuning it to get it to where it is now) I want to add in the comparison charts found on the SMART $1K+ Project Opt-In page.

page 1 1 1030x796 - 10 Reasons The SMART $1K+ Project Is The Best All-In-One Business Building & Support Program

page 3 1030x796 - 10 Reasons The SMART $1K+ Project Is The Best All-In-One Business Building & Support Program


BOTTOM LINE: As you can see, the SMART $1k+ Project is miles ahead of anything on the market presently. There was a new platform launched during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale by a major JVZoo “guru” but the platform does not offer anywhere close to what students get with the SMART $1k+ Project.

Now, for the 10 Reasons The SMART $1k+ Project Program Is THE BEST All-In-One Business Building & Support Platform:

So now that we have an idea of what the SMART $1k+ Project is all about, we can easily list at LEAST 10 reasons it is the BEST All-In-One Platform for people to learn how and actually build their work from home business! Most of the reasons are listed above in the content, but here is a breakout of them:

  1. Price: There is NO platform or program that offers the features, tools, approach that the SMART $1k+ Project offers (see above)
  2. Coaching: There is NO platform or program that provides coaching on a regular basis to the degree that this program provides. Note there are also some 1-1 coaching bonuses provided that will help students really focus in on their business.
  3. Tools: I know of no other platform that provides 80+ tools for automation, marketing, and data tracking/list building for students.
  4. Resources: There is no program that will provide so many assets that can be used in every aspect of the student’s business. These save time, money, effort, and result in earnings quicker for the student if implemented properly (we teach you how to use them!).
  5. Lead Magnet Kits: These deserve a special mention and call-out as they will help the student build their subscriber lists quickly (especially when combined with the other tools we have for them).
  6. PLR Shop: If you do any searching on the internet, you will see that there are shops out there that charge monthly or other fees for access to their PLR content. You get it for free with this program!
  7. Affiliate Opportunities: Not mentioned above (that is a separate blog post/article) but the affiliate program for this program is generous, has chances to be recognized for outstanding efforts (i.e. more paying referrals), plus a robust support site and coaching for the affiliates that choose to recommend/promote the SMART brand of products, tools, resources, and programs.
  8. Early Adopter/Young Program: Some might see this as a disadvantage, but we see it as an opportunity for students and for us as well. We can be very flexible and make adjustments to the program quickly, as we are not a behemoth organization that cannot change without great effort and time.
  9. Multi-Model Approach: This is one of the biggest differences as most programs focus only on their way. For many people it is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole – it will not work for most! IN taking into consideration the situation of the student and building their business plan around their reality, the chances of success skyrocket.
  10. Special Bonus For First-Term Students: This is something that is not found anywhere in any program that I know of. If the student earns $4k in sales during their first 6-month membership we will refund their tuition OR extend them for an additional 6-months AT NO COST!

So there you have it…

Check out our opt-in page by clicking on the text below…


22 thoughts on “10 Reasons The SMART $1K+ Project Is The Best All-In-One Business Building & Support Program

  1. Hi there

    It looks like a pretty comprehensive, well—thought—through home business development program. It seems to offer a wide range of business model concepts that can be utilized. 

    As a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, your program appears to provide more web page writing resources. However, after the initial 6-month course, will I still get Elementor Pro and WP Review Pro Free?

    1. Hello, Steve…

      Yes, there has been a LOT of work and effort that has been put into this program and the SMART branded products, services, tools, and programs in general. It has taken us over 1 year to test, refine, tweak, and turn it into what it is now. We are not done, but we are to the point where people will get 10x the value for what they pay for the program. 

      People are not all the same. They each march to their own drum so to speak, so it is understandable that cookie-cutter programs have a miserable success rate. It is the nature of the business. That is why we decided to approach the whole work-from-home niche from an entirely different angle. 

      The focus was on the students and members as opposed to just what all we would include in the program. I am sick of seeing partial solutions being offered, often at nose-bleed prices, and the vendors know very well that the buyers will not be able to have success overall just with that one piece of the puzzle  – but they market what they are selling as an all-in-one solution.

      It would seem that either you watched the videos or perhaps tool a look at the offer/opt-in page based on your questions regarding the WordPress Premium plugins and Page Builder that come with the DFY websites that are provided. 

      A student can keep the pages produced and move the site if they do not extend membership, but the premium plugins are licensed to our company so new pages would not be able to be created as the Pro licenses would no longer be valid.

      Incidentally, there are a number of other premium plugins that you get with the DFY websites too. Things such as RankMath (highest-rated SEO plugin in the market), a Pretty Links replacement that does much more (called SMART Links), and video pop-ups, etc. 

      Long term the advice we provide in the training is that students should plan on moving their DFY sites to their own domains (our webmaster and WordPress team can help with this)  for the long term. Once they are comfortable with the inner workings of WordPress they likely will want to create their custom website using Elementor Pro and the Ultimate Addons they also get.

      But at the start, we do not want them to have to spend any money and we want them to get a fast start. Providing the websites in an RTG state means there is no need to slow down the roll-out of their main reason for being in the program, which is to build out their work-from-home business.

      One of the bonuses that is part of the program is having the ability to extend once your membership at the same price that you came in on. Since we have a special Early Adopter offer in place, those 200 students are going to be able to get a full year of access for less than $120!

      This pricing will only last for a short time, but we do have specials that will be launched monthly with limited numbers of coupons. In these scenarios, students will save $200 over the regular price! The cost of $99 comes with the guarantee also that they can extend once at that price.

      Many more details that is likely too much for this reply, but I do hope you get the idea that we mean business and we intend on helping as many people as possible make achieving their dreams possible. It starts with financial freedom, and we help then get on that path fast.

      Check out my next post as well, I will be expanding on the affiliate program we have for this program. There are more ways to make money than learning a new business model with the SMART $1k+ Project! 


      Dave : )



  2. The smart 1k project is indeed really nice, I have never heard of anything as nice as this before. I’m definitely signing up for this program. Thank you so much for sharing this here, this seemed like a blessing going through this. I would share this with my family and friends definitely.

    1. It is truly an all-in-one platform for sure. You get structured training during the first 8-weeks that will help students get started on their paths. Part of that is learning to build a business plan, and also an introduction to the mindset necessary to have success, but there is much more. It starts with the business models that students can dive into. We recommend sticking with one or a maximum of two (if related)…

      The business model training covers a variety of business models such as (1) Affiliate Marketing, (2) KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for low and medium content books, (3) Drop Shipping, (4) Teaching Online, (5) Coaching, (6) Virtual Summits, (7) Membership Sites, (8) YouTube Channel Monetization, (9) Digital Products, and a few more right now. 

      We are adding more over time and at the built-out stage likely will have up to 40 different models that students can select from… These go along with over 40 Core Competency courses on tap now, and at the built-out stage there will be well over 150 courses available. 

      Beyond training, the tools and DFY and RTG (done for you and ready to go) websites that are loaded with premium plugins and features will ensure that students can get a quick start. Based on my experiences and watching would-be entrepreneurs, often they get snagged up just in designing a site. That wastes time, those skills can come later as part of the core competency courses (we have a WordPress academy with over 200 lessons they can tap into!).

      I could go on and on, as there are many components to this program. The coaching, the community. the 4 shops students get access to with tools, resources, and content alone is worth much more than the cost of the program even if they paid a regular price for the program. 

      Basically, add all this together, and once a comparison is done, ut is easy to see that there is a tremendous amount of value provided. That is exactly what we are going for. The students still have to put in the effort and that over time, but they will have everything they need.

      Right now we have an Early Adopter Special in play and all this comes with 6-months access for the measly price of $59.95. I challenge you or anyone to find a better deal when you consider all that you get. We also have an affiliate program, do come back as a report on that is in the final stages of prep right now.

      There is an opportunity to earn as a student through building a work-from-home business, but also affiliates can earn some good recurring income. It is not just this program they can promote. There are SMART Services, Tools, Resources, etc, as well.

      Glad you found this article useful and please do spread the word and also have a look at our affiliate program. We want to help as many people get started with a work-from-home business as possible. So many categories of peopel could use this. 



  3. Before I continue can I just say how clean your website looks. It’s very presentable and easy to the eye. I will look into joining this program, it seems like something that will definitely help me grow my business. Thank you for this review. I will be sure to share it with my friends and family 

    1. Hi, Daniel…

      Thanks for the kind words, they are appreciated. I was left with a sense and bit of confusion as I read your comment. I am not sure that you read everything or just were adding some sentences to get some kind of word minimum requirement block checked? 

      In any case, I do hope that you take the time to really have a serious look at this program and compare it to whatever else you may have been offered or are using at this moment to build a work-from-home business. All too often people tend to shy away from a long text-based post these days.

      I do understand but also I know that decisions such as which program to use as you try to get your business off the ground are crucial. Many people spend years trying and getting little done, as they are following a path that perhaps does not fit their situation.

      This program uses several features and tools to get around that barrier. We offer a smorgasbord set of business options that students can pursue, teach them how to implement those businesses, and then provide support throughout their journey as they actually build their business out. 

      Great that you will share this with family and friends. What about you? Are you satisfied with the program you are currently working with? Have you been able to earn substantial amounts of income from the program? How much have you had to spend outside the membership cost for whatever program you are involved with?

      These are all questions people should ask themselves as they decide on which of the 5 to 6 so-called all-in-one systems and programs that are out there. Most take your money, and you have access to whatever they are focusing on, but you are on your own to plan & implement their rigid system.

      The problem with that approach is that these systems only work for some people (a few). Most people would likely have a greater chance of success if they were able to design a plan of action that is based on their situation, their skillset, etc.  

      OK, I think I have expanded enough with this comment, do have a look at the other comments and also do have a look (really – have a look!) at what is offered with our program and compare it to other options out there. You decide, and when you are ready, we will be here for you and your family!


      Dave : )

  4. I have been trying to learn affiliate marketing for over a year. I have joined a couple of programs. But so far, I haven’t seen results. I am working hard to produce content. I started writing one article a week. I am now publishing three articles a week and yet people do not seem to convert. It may be something about my writing style, but I feel lost. I have reached out to my mentors, and no reply. So, I would like to give SMART $1K a try. I went over to their site. I will read what they have to offer. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Paulo…

      You are just the person that we hope to help get their successful online business journey started. Your situation is not atypical – I know hundreds of people who are experiencing the same thing. It is very frustrating I know, I have been there.

      The issue is that one size does not fit all when it comes to these platforms and systems vendors offer to prospects. Often what I have seen is that they just want to make the sale and move on to the next prospect. They do not really care if you make it or not.

      That is what we are changing and what will make this program work. We care. There are a number of approaches to an online business that you can work from home or anywhere, and with this program, we introduce you to these options.

      Based on your situation (time available, skill set, passion, end goals, etc.) we help you build a personal use business plan then assign objectives and tasks to the plan. Next you plugin in dates for completing the tasks and set them up in a 90-day planner that we provide.

      Remember this is your own plan and list of tasks that you have determined is your path to actually earning money and eventually having the business you build replace (or augment) the income from other sources you may have. Because this is something you yourself have designed (with our ongoing help via community, training, team support, and coaching) it raises the success rate considerably.

      It could very well be that some adjustments are needed as you proceed down your path, but that is okay and normal. We are with you every step of the way. The coaching can help seal the deal. Of course, the work has to be done by yourself or it won’t happen so this is not some magic pill to print money.

      But as opposed to what you are experiencing with these other programs, it offers you tons of flexibility to really have a chance at making your dream reality, whatever that may be. Dreams are great, and having the will to follow through is a necessary attribute, but if you are trying to fit your skillset into a somewhat rigid cookie-cutter system, the chances of failure are much higher. 

      Right now the special we have going on is for Early Adopters. As we morph from beta testing to scaling up, we want to help people like yourself who can use what we have designed to finally have success with their online business. The cost after using the coupon is $59.95 for 6-months access, and you get to extend membership 1x at your entry-level cost, so essentially your cost would be 2x the tuition or $119.90 (that is LESS than $10 a month!)…

      Based on everything that is included that is truly a bargain, and you are saving $$478.10 over the regular price for a year of the program ($299.95 x 2) – we can’t go much lower than this and stay in business, quite frankly. We are doing this to get the initial group of students in and help them succeed.

      On our side, we hope to get feedback and eventually testimonials from these early adopters, and use these to further improve the program and get the word out through affiliates, articles like this, via social media, etc. The bottom line is we would welcome you and I am sure e can change that outcome you have had to now! 

      I think you will like the coaching aspect of the program as well, it sounds like that is something you particularly will tap into with our program. For the record, there are many like you out there, and that represents an opportunity for you once you get settled in to earn some commissions either on the side or as the main focus.

      We can talk about that during the coaching sessions…

      Thanks for being so honest and forthright, and I look forward to working with you!


      Coach Dave 


  5. This definitely looks like a very comprehensive business program.  It can be overwhelming with all the options out there and work form home opportunities.  Many as you know are scams unfortunately.   The structure of this course and the step by step plan is helpful for those who may need more guidance.  I am not clear on the exact type of business that will result from this training course?  Is it strictly affiliate marketing?  Being able to sell products? Thanks for the clarification. 

    1. Hi, MIsty Outdoors (love that nickname handle!)…

      Yes, this is very comprehensive and structured in some ways like the college and university courses I used to take.

      I have gleaned the best of those years (about 13 in total!) teaching and time in the classroom as a student and combined that with the hands-on in-the-trenches experiences I have had over the decades in the military and thereafter to put something together that I feel is the best of both worlds for students.

      The structured course portion of the curriculum lasts about one-third of the total time the program runs (2 months) and after that, over the next 4 months, students can select which of the core competency sources we have based on their skill set and business requirements. 

      We are adding more courses to these regularly. Right now are focusing on the top 40 or so of the most important skills business owners need. There are well over 100 additional courses that are queued to be added over the coming months as we flesh the program out.

      Now on to your question about the businesses that will result for students… 

      First of all. a great question. The businesses that students build out vary according to their situations, skill sets, passions, need for income, and a number of other factors. We help them work through all of this at the start, then we coach them s they implement their unique business. 

      Let me clarify this a bit more for you and anybody else that may stop by to read through the article. Right now we present and teach a total of 12 different business models that students can potentially pursue. 

      In some cases and for some people, they may be able to work two at once (if the work they are doing can advance both models). There are some niches and angles to approach the business that lend themselves to such an approach.

      The 12 models we teach are just the beginning, we have a bunch more queued up to add over the coming months. At the end of the build-out point of our program, we will have likely over 40 for students to peruse and select from.

      Right now we are focusing on what we feel are the top 12 that can be implemented most quickly and wherein the students can start earning from fairly quickly. 

      One reason that people give up is that they do not get early “wins” – i.e. they are making sales, commissions, etc. Our selections are models that can create an income fairly quickly, while longer-term students may be working on other models that meet the end goal(s) they set for themselves.

      Starting out especially, walking people through the various options(just overviews initially, or it would be too much) that are out there will help them determine which will fit for them and their coming endeavor. 

      Our approach is that as opposed to presenting just one angle (i.e. KDP or Coaching), providing a smorgasbord-like overview will help students make the right choice(s).

      But it is more than having more options for building a business…

      Of course, each student has their own set of circumstances, so the business plan they develop will incorporate the model(s) that fit with their situation. Every student will have a business plan that addresses their needs and capabilities and that plan will be different and tailored to them.

      Our thought process…

      Right off the bat, as students are starting out, the solution to get their work-from-home business started is shaped (by them)  to enable them to succeed as fast as possible. 

      Going through that process, they become “invested” in their effort, develop their plan using the business models that most likely will work and fit.

      So What Business Models Do We Present?

      The 12 business models are as follows: (1) Affiliate Marketing, (2) Selling Digital Products, (3) Teaching Online, (4) Freelancer Services, (5) KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) low and medium content books, (6) Coaching, (9) Membership Sites, (10) Drop Shipping, (11) YouTube Channel Monetization, (12) Seminars/Summits (Virtual and In-Person Events).

      There are a bunch more coming over the coming months. 

      These days there are many ways to earn online. Students need to assess which match up best to their passions and situation, then create and build their plan around one or two related models (i.e. affiliate marketing and digital products, or KDP books and summits, or drop-shipping and digital products (and later a membership site), etc.).

      What We Have Found Using This Strategy…

      Trying to fit people into one model and them having to try to adapt and make it work even if it might not be the best solution often sets the stage for failure. 

      If it is a model such as an affiliate marketing business, which takes some time in most cases to make work (i.e. start earning from), they may get frustrated, they will get pressure from those around them, and many will quit.

      If we take that person and have them start with say freelance work as they build their affiliate business, they can see results very quickly, albeit not what they are looking for long-term. That is okay, as the wins will help keep them in the game, and the pressure will be less from those around them.

      The above is just one possible scenario from many. There are as many scenarios as they are people though, so it really depends on a number of factors as to what the business model and goals might be for the students. 

      Points of difference for this program  compared to others out there in the market:

      (1) We are NOT a scam.

      (2) We provide many DFY and RTG solutions so the student does not have a sharp learning curve, overwhelm, and a single solution they must adapt to – somehow

      (3) The weekly coaching, community interaction, small class sizes, multi-business model approach, and early wins for the student have lowered failure rates for our beta testers by a factor of 5 and we believe we can improve that over time.

      (4) Our pricing is extremely reasonable compared to all other programs in the market now, This is by design, as we want to build our reputation and help as many people as we are doing so. The focus on students versus profits will pay off in the long run we feel.   

      (5) We have some VERY unique bonuses for students. One is where, during their initial class enrollment period, if they can show they have earned $4k USD from our work with them, we will refund their tuition or extend their membership for 6-months at no cost! We want them to be motivated, to get the work done, to build their business, and earn. This is just one example of how we are backing that wish up.

      (6) We are also using some unique teaching and support methods. These include but are not limited to a reference library for students,  the use of Flip Books (Kindle-like digital textbooks that students can open like a real textbook but with embedded videos, CTAs, audio, etc.).

      (7) Students can extend one time at the same price they initially paid, whether on sale or regular-priced tuition. Then they can extend at $199 for 6-months OR transition to the sister program SMART Affiliate Network. There are several options with that program (price-wise) and they can continue to use all the tools, resources, etc. 

      There are more points of difference, but I did not want to veer too far away from your comments and questions…If you have any more, please do add them here and I will get back to you ASAP.


      Dave : )


  6. Hi there, this sounds like an interesting alternative to the program that I am currently following. When one starts online, it can be very overwhelming and difficult to know which program to follow. 

    You mention there is more than one business model one can follow. But can you give me more details about the different business models? Is it essentially affiliate marketing training? But you also mention DFY systems, so I feel a bit confused. 

    How many hours a day or week does one need to have available to follow the training? My biggest challenge I am facing at the moment, is traffic to my website, so are you teaching specific methods to get organic traffic? (not solo ads or paid advertising?)

    To be edited: personally I find the man in the yellow shirt very annoying and I cannot get rid of him and the “tap for sound icon that is hovering”. He is very distracting and I find it difficult to actually read the post. It would be better if one can turn him off or he disappears after a certain time on the page.

    1. Hello Line!

      I had to laugh at your describing the issue with shutting the guy in the yellow shirt down. There is a button to get the audio activated as he goes through his spiel, and if you look in the upper right area of the chatbox, there is a an “x” which will close the widget.

      You are the first to have such an experience, but if it has happened to you, likely it has happened to others as well. I can switch to an icon that has to be clicked to load the widget and my do so. At this point, it is worth a try to see what the differences might be.

      Now on to the questions that you mention in your comment. I do appreciate them as it gives me a chance to expand on details (I did not want to drill down too deep in this overview). Let;s start with the business  models we teach our students.

      Affiliate marketing is certainly one model and an important one. When it comes to DFY that is where we can get the students started quickly, as we provide a premium themed secure hosted website that is SEO optimized (and has the number one SEO plugin called RankMath – check that out if you have not heard of it) plus a host of other premium plugins.

      Rather than learning how to create and design a website, and spend inordinate amounts of time doing so we provide the site RTG (ready to go). A few tweaks and the student can focus on what is going to make them successful – content.

      But that is just the beginning and one potential business model they can pursue. We also have courses on coaching, teaching, membership sites, KDP books (low and medium content as they are fast to create and publish), YouTube monetization, dropshipping shops, digital product sales, summits, and seminars (online or in physical locations), freelance work, and more.

      As the student is on-boarded, they go through a phase of determining what it is they want to do, look at overviews of the options that are out there when it comes to a work-from-home business, and then they create a business plan that is unique to their situation (i.e. skillset, time, need for cash, passion, interests, family situation, etc.).

      No person is going to have the same situation as another (likely not, anyway), so this allows the student to plan for and build a business that is suited to them. It could be any of the business models (or a combination of models). Because they have put the work in to create their personal business plan, they are more likely to follow through, as opposed to a cookie-cutter approach that most similar platforms provide.

      Regarding core competency courses, of which your question on getting traffic to your website, yes we have that for students as well. There are three categories of training we have. The first is getting started courses, the next are the business models and lastly, we have core competency courses.

      The last group is a set of courses that will teach skills that every online business owner will need to successfully stand up, operate, and scale up their business over time. These include basic skills such as copywriting, building email lists, and sales funnels, etc.

      Right now we have 40 published, but there are many more coming. The students now have the basics that we think are most important to get started with, but we have more coming that will address the lesser-known but important skills needed.

      To avoid overwhelm, we take the students through a structured 8-week phase where the courses and curriculum is laid out for them, starting from beginner leve courses and advancing to the point where they are earning or at least prepared to earn.

      Following that 8-week period, they can access any of the core competency courses at any time as they need them to further their business. Of course, this is not the only point of support they have. Not at all. 

      There are the weekly coaching sessions (throughout the 6-month class period), the weekly Q&A sessions (also throughout), the community platforms (we have our own community website, plus a private Facebook Group plus a forum site for by-course feedback/chats…

      What makes this approach we have designed unique is that there are few platforms where you have everything you need. Websites (DFY and RTG plus space for 2 niche websites), tools and resources to get your leads, sales, data tracking, and so much more to include traffic.

      In your case, I would recommend implementing a lead-capture system on your website. Use lead magnets (something of REAL value that the people stopping by would be willing to pay for normally) and start email campaigns to build a relationship/eventually sell or promote your offers…

      A rather long-winded reply to your questions, I hope this has helped. If you have more questions, drop them below and I will get back to you…


      Coach Dave : ) 


  7. Hi Dave,

    I must admit I was very tempted to click a few times on the CTA buttons to one find out the pricing and two see what this was all about.

    I did instead read the whole article and it really does sound like a really good program, however is it really any different or any better than the current program I am doing with Wealthy Affiliate?

    How do you differentiate in your training approaches? Is the support there for people relatively new to building an online business?

    As I said you have definitely peaked my interest.

    Thanks for a really great read.


    1. Hello, Mark…

      Please feel free to have a look at the opt-in page (a sales page) – there you will get a more complete picture of what all is included with the program. 

      On that opt-in page, you will see some charts where the SMART $1k+ Project program is compared to a few different programs, one of which is Wealthy Affiliate.

      There are some similarities, but some important differences as well. Let me list just a few:

      – Weekly coaching by myself, who has developed the program as opposed to a team member.

      – There are 80+ tools for automation productivity, marketing, and data collection that will help students get their business off the ground and then scale it.

      – There are 1000s of resources such as graphics, images, templates, checklists., journals, planners, email swipe files, lead magnet kits, PLR, and more…

      – Students get 2 DFY and RTG websites (these are subdomains but can be quickly edited lightly and the student can get to work). Obviously, as they start having success our advice would be to spend some money on a domain and move the content to the new website. 

      – When we say DFY, we mean these are SEO optimized, using premium themes and plugins (i.e. Astra Pro, ECom from MyThemeShop), plugins such as WP Review Pro, RankMath, SMART Links, Cache plugins, and Elementor Addons to go with the Elementor Pro package that is loaded.

      – Students also get space for adding two more websites for niche efforts or other activities depending on what lne of business they may choose to pursue.

      – The curriculum consists of 8-weeks of structured courses, then 4 months of elective courses. Students can learn more about the various business models, they can further their education with core competency courses (skill courses to teach students more about online business).

      – Part of the getting started portion of the first 8-weeks of the class is having the students go through a series of short courses to get an idea what might work for them, then they get an introduction to the various business models that are viable.

      – Through the process of getting started, they then write their personal business plan based on their findings and unique situation. This plan is something they can completely buy into as they are the one that developed it.

      – There are 12 business models that they get introduced to, everything from affiliate marketing to pubishing KDP low and medium content books. 

      – The focus on our part is doing everything we can do to help the students start earning quickly. That is important in so many ways…It keeps the students’ heads in the game, it can allay the noise around them (i.e. “YOu are wasting your time…”), it can lead to more success down the road…

      –  The community aspect is similar, the forums for the classes are similar, and that is about it. Perhaps some of the training overlaps, but what we have goes well beyond what is offered within the Wealthy Affiliate program 

      – Students can get training from courses, tutorials, and case studies versus from other students. Things change quite quickly in this business, and it can be tough to keep up, but having the information from the people that are responsible to track these changes helps.

      There are more differences (to include price – a BIG one) with the bonuses we are offering versus any other program out there (i.e. earn $4k in your first 6-month class using our tools and training courses, and we will extend their membership for 6-months at no cost or refund their tuition!).

      We also are trying some new ways of teaching as in using FlipBooks with embedded video and associated workbooks, mind maps, etc. This is more the way I learned how to do things when I was in college and we are trying to bring back the tactile aspects that are very effective when it comes to learning new things.

      Note we also have an affiliate program and that is going to be explained to readers in my next post on this website. Please do come back and have a look. There may be something there for you since you are into affiliate marketing.


      Coach Dave : )   

  8. So far so convincing. I am seeing that this website is about helping students ,people to build a business in easy steps ,it is a way that you can make money from home. For all those who want to start building its own business i think here we can take that information.

  9. Hi Dave,

    Did I see mention of two prices at least? 59.95 and 299.00. What is the total cost of the program for a year commitment, when I say total I’d like to know all the extras added in too, please? Also, does the 1k program have affiliate promotion offers, like if I were to advertise your program and someone signs up, would I get a commission? 

  10. You have a very comprehensive website. The program you lay out is very extensive. If I may ask, how many do you have working on your team? If you limit the class size to 100 and add a new class every week, do you have mentoring to help those who are just learning the ropes? Is this a program for someone who knows very little about the online world, or does it take for granted that you are a techy person?
    I am very eager to succeed online, as are many others in this day and age.

  11. Business support platforms are great places to develop your own business, and above all learning and education about it, because these are things without which we simply can not start absolutely anything that has to do with business. First of all, people must be aware that quality business platforms are not free, because they have value and therefore their price. This platform offers really great features that are a great breeze in the back of students. The business build process is very interesting, and I really like the fact that automation and marketing tools are included, which are very important to us digital marketers. Coaching and a community built around everything are also great things. And what about the value of the tools and resources the student received? It really leaves all of the above without text. In the end, the chance to be noticed through Affiliate Opportunities is a really great opportunity to take advantage of.
    Good luck and all the best.

  12. Thanks for a great read. If I weren’t already a Wealthy Affiliate member, I have to say I would be tempted click the CTA button in order to figure out the pricing.  Honestly, this feels gimmicky – kind of like another work from home get rich quick scam.  I think it promises too much too soon.  How is the support?  WA offers comprehensive support. I’m wondering if this other program has comparable support – especially for beginners?

  13. Dave,

    Thanks for that review of The SMART $1k+ Project Curriculum.  I appreciate the detailed way you explained it.  I’m also impressed that they have so much available on one platform.  The price is significantly lower than I would expect as well. I think coaching is a very effective way to help students make progress.  

  14. Hi, the Smart $1k+ program looks very impressive. I can see that it is an extensive training program and I am very impressed by the promises that you make about how quickly a student will start earning if they apply what your program teaches. But I am surprised that you did not include any success stories or testimonials from people with actual websites they have built as a result of your program. Maybe you have that somewhere but I didn’t see it.

    I wish you the very best of luck

    Best regards, Andy

  15. Thanks for an interesting and comprehensive description of what is on offer. I think it is extremely good value and I especially like the student bonus motivator! In these strange times, it is great to have so many opportunities to work from home and the opportunity goes hand in hand with the progression of technology. 

    Is there plenty of general support for those who are not very ‘techy’, or do you recommend that a student needs to have a good background in online skills before joining? I’m particularly thinking of people who have not got much experience of the online world, and lack confidence in this area. 

    Similarly, would the program be suitable for someone with no previous business skills and who wants a complete career change, or to venture into a career from home duties for example?

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